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Welcome to the Cubieverse Wiki Buddy Quest Page. Here, we hope you will learn all you need to know to become a Pro Hunter at completing Buddy Quests! All you have to do is find the seesaw near your Headquarters, at the same time your buddy does. In theory, a buddy quest can be accomplished in ~5 minutes if both players are available and near their own headquarters!

Buddy Quests can only be completed once per friend in your friend list. Deleting and re-adding a friend does not allow you to re-complete a buddy quest. To find more friends to add to your list, check out 'How to find a new buddy' below.

Video Tutorial

Credit: LeifTheImpaler


Picture this, you open Cubieverse, prepared to go on an epic hunt, and you get an in-game message stating a Buddy Quest has spawned for you and one of your buddies on your friends list; this is one of your in-game friends that you added, or approved! (As a friendly reminder, your buddy can be anywhere in the world!)

When you close the message, you will notice red pings emanating from the direction you must travel to find the buddy quest location. As you follow the red ping, you will find the orange seesaw, where you will complete your buddy quest! You will notice that this seesaw has replaced a Blue, or Green Vault somewhere within 2-22km (no closer than 2km, but no further than 22km) of your Headquarters.

Pro Tip:
You do not have to be close to the seesaw as you would for a normal POI; as long as the seesaw is visible on your screen you can tap on it to interact with it. The Interaction Radius for it is 500m. You do not need to go right up to it to click it.
Buddy Quests always spawn on vaults and are typically between 2km (1.2mi) and 5km (3mi) from your Headquarters, unless there are no nearby Vaults. Then, it could be as far as 22km away. Buddy Quests cannot spawn closer than 2km (1.2mi) from your HQ.

Which brings us to the most important part of your quest - connecting with your buddy! Once you’ve noticed the buddy quest has spawned, you must be able to contact your buddy in real life and arrange a time to complete the quest. You need to coordinate with them to ensure each of you are present at your respective seesaw locations at the same time. We highly recommend using Discord/Twitter/Reddit/Facebook to find, add, and connect with other active hunters! Once both players click on the seesaw at the same time, you will see your buddy’s Cubie jumping on the seesaw with yours! Upon successfully completing a Buddy Quest, you and your buddy are awarded 5 Green Keys each! Buddy Quest completed!

  • Your Green Keys reward will either appear in a box at the end of the seesaw animation, or if you are interrupted, your keys will be waiting at your Headquarters

Additional information

  • Buddy quests are a randomly generated task given to players who have added each other as friends.
  • Buddy Quests last seven days before expiring.
  • You can only have one Buddy Quest active at a time, so you may want to keep only active users on your friends list!
  • At the moment, you may only complete one Buddy Quest per friend
  • You have up to 3 chances per friend to complete a Buddy Quest. So if a quest is assigned and not completed, you may be paired with that same friend again in the future.
  • New buddy quests show up typically about 7 days after the last one is completed. However, this is an approximate. Some players have reported having only a 5 day rest period between quests, while others have reported longer than 7 days.


The current loot contains 5 Green Keys for each player in addition to 50 leaderboard points.

Help! The Buddy Quest glitched and I didn't get my keys!

Don't worry. If the buddy quest page closes on you in the middle of doing the quest, your keys will be at your Headquarters. This still counts as completing the quest. This happens if either you or your buddy moves (walks away, drives off, etc.) while the cubies are bouncing about on the See-Saw.

How to find a new Buddy

  • Discord has a channel called "Buddy-Quests". This is the best option to find other active players. Most players match their Discord user name to the Cubieverse user name for easier communication. Join Discord to find active players to add as friends. Keep in mind that a lot of players will not accept friends who are not on discord (as it is difficult to communicate when a buddy quest spawns and the friend is not on discord)
  • Template:Reddit has a "Monthly Buddy Quest Megathread" pinned to the Subreddit. Make sure you know the Cubieverse user name of the other person.
Pro Tip: check your friends list often and remove any inactive players (i.e., not active for >7 days) to avoid losing a Buddy Quest. You can always try contacting them and re-add them if they are still active!

Buddy Quest when Traveling

If the Headquarters is removed while the player has an active Buddy Quest, the quest gets cancelled.

For travellers:

  • Disable the Buddy Quests in the Settings before you get a quest.
  • Remove the Headquarters and place it in a new location.
  • Enable the Buddy Quests in the Settings again if you want a quest to spawn in the new location.