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Printshops are locations where you can craft Cubies from Cubie Blueprints. They are normally located in major centers of commerce, such as large malls.

Printshops are now located at every Walmart, Target, and Canadian Tire across Canada and the US!

Printshops in the UK are located at Tesco's.

In some rare instances, extra Printshops are placed on the map. One example is in Downtown Boston, where there is no nearby Target or Wal-Mart. Instead, there had been a printshop placed at the Boston Public Garden.

Video Tutorial

The section that explains printshops starts at 4:08

Credit: LeifTheImpaler

How to Print

  • Drag a blueprint on the conveyor
  • Drag all required resources into the input fields
  • Hold down the "Print" button for a few seconds
  • Pick up the finished Cubie after the print time expires (You don't have to wait there, the Cubie will wait forever in the Printshop)

Interaction Radius

You need to be within 130 metres of a Printshop in order to interact with it.