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About Cubieverse

Cubieverse (CV) is a free-to-play mobile geolocation game fully released on Android and iOS. Players explore their real-world area earning White Keys or Blue Keys by doing Walking Quests, which are then used to open White Vaults or Blue Vaults. When a Vault is opened the user is prompted with a trivia question. If answered correctly within the given time limit, the user is rewarded. Currently users are rewarded in CubieCoins as well as in-game items such as Cubies and Resources.

Game Availability

The game is currently available in the USA, Canada, UK, El Salvador, Philippines, and Malaysia. India is now in a soft launch.


Click "Play Now", install the game and use a wiki-contributor's in-game name (e.g. "Marlov") as referral to receive 2 bonus Mystery Boxes once you upgrade your Headquarters to level 3.

Play Now

How to Play Cubieverse

If you want to learn how to play Cubieverse you found the right place. The Cubieverse Wiki has all available game information and some of the top global players are sharing information here. Read through the Cubieverse Guide below and make sure to follow the Cubieverse Wiki on Twitter at @cv_wiki.

First Hunt

If you want to plan ahead, use Coin Hunt Map to look for nearby White Vaults or Blue Vaults. If you don't see anything on the map, that just means nobody has mapped your area yet and you'll have to explore on your own.

Walk towards the nearest commercial/built-up area. Main Streets, malls, plazas, parks, and high foot traffic areas are the places to go right now. As you walk, each step will count towards reaching your first Walking Quest goal. Collect the Prize Box that pops on top of your Cubie to get White Keys or Blue Keys and solve White Vaults, Blue Vaults. To open Green User Vaults you will have to Forge your keys. See "Forging a Key" below.


White Vaults, Blue Vaults and Uservaults respawn at fixed times (noon UTC and midnight UTC for Blue Vaults, noon UTC for Green User Vaults and Yellow Vaults reset once every month for each player.

Collecting Keys

There are two ways to collect Keys. The easiest way is to open the app daily and receive 50 White Keys just for logging in. You can also do a Walking Quest in your neighborhood to reach walking goals. Each time you complete a goal, you receive a Prize Box with the amount of key given for the achieved goal.

Forging a Key

Forge a Key by tapping on the key at the bottom right of your screen, that's your inventory. Click on the key tab then the key at the bottom. Click on the color you want to forge. Then drag the key to forge. If you don't see any keys when clicking the forge, you likely don't have 10 keys of any color. For additional details see the Forge page.


Level 1 HQ in-game.

The Level 1 Headquarters (HQ) will give access to the Mail Box and Chat Settings. You can upgrade your HQ further to gain access to additional functions, including Uservaults at Level 2, Shop and Auction House Buy Menu at Level 3, and Auction House Sell Menu at Level 4. Please see the Headquarters page for additional info on Leveling your HQ.

  • Constructing an HQ is free, but demolishing it will require a Green Key.
    • Place your HQ near your home, or somewhere you frequent daily.
    • During placement, the HQ will be put on the map at the user’s location.
  • An HQ can be demolished on-site or remotely but always costs 1 Green Key to do.
    • On-site: Click on your HQ and hold down the Demolish HQ button and pay the fee.
    • Remotely: Open your settings menu (Cubie icon in the bottom left), then select "Remote Demolish HQ" and pay the fee.
  • Each user is allowed one HQ.
  • Other users will not be able to see your HQ, and your HQ will not conflict with other HQs.