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Triva Questions
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A core feature of Cubieverse is answering Trivia questions to solve a Vault and win a Prize Box reward containing CubieCoins and the possibility of Resources. Each tier of Vault has increasingly challenging questions. There are over 10,000 different Cubieverse questions and answers in the database (As of August 26th, 2021) Trivia Data. Visit our Anki guide for help studying the trivia.

Submit Trivia Questions

Seen Trivia that isn't on this page? Submit it in the #? trivia-submissions channel on the Coin Hunter Community Alliance Discord server.

Coin Hunter Community Alliance Server -

All questions must be typed out exactly as written in Coin Hunt World to avoid having duplicate questions in our community server. See example formats below:

  • $tq Green|Cinema|To whom is the quote: "Houston, we have a problem." mistakenly attributed to?|Jim Lowell
  • $tq Blue|Science|What animal is this? <Picture of a Fox>|Fox
  • $tq Blue|Toys and Games|Musical Chairs is a:|Physical skill game

Got Screenshots instead? Add it by submitting it to or #?gallery-submissions for any picture trivia.

Download the full list of Trivia using Anki.

Active Trivia Categories

When you put a Key into a Vault you are given a choice between three randomly selected Trivia Categories. During Hunters Lodge 5 it was announced that beginning in late July 2022, the three randomly selected categories will be drawn from a subset of "active categories". Each month, out of all the trivia categories in the game, only 10 will be "Active" that month.

Beginning May 2023 Heritage Trivia will always be active, focusing on a specific heritage each month to celebrate their contributions and influences around the globe!

If you're looking for which categories were active on past dates, that list is here.

Currently Active Trivia Categories

On October 4, 2023 the following Trivia Categories were activated, and all other categories were deactivated:

Trivia Categories

Other Trivia Categories

New Categories

The Cubieverse devs have added Picture Trivia to certain categories in update 1.0.2. These picture questions and answers are not listed below or elsewhere on the Cubieverse Wiki.

Categories Coming Soon

In the Second Hunters Lodge, Illusionweaver announced that new categories would be coming to the game. The following list of categories have not been added to Cubieverse yet.

  • Business & Economy
  • Law and Justice
  • Mythology & Beliefs
  • Personalities
  • Politics
  • Religion

Old Categories

Cubieverse first cleaned up their Trivia Categories on August 1st, 2022 after mentioning the idea in Hunters Lodge 5. Sport (US) Trivia was merged into Sports Trivia and Films Trivia was merged into Cinema Trivia. More recently in Discord the developers confirmed that Cryptocurrency was retired.

Categories with Picture Trivia

There are currently two types of trivia questions: Text and Picture. When the game first launched, it had only text based questions, and most of the trivia in the game is text based. More recently, they added added Picture Trivia to certain categories in update 1.0.2. These picture questions and answers are not listed below or elsewhere on the Cubieverse Wiki.

Vault Types

Purple Vaults and Red Vaults are only available during certain Special Events.

Purple Vaults

Purple Vaults are only available during certain Special Events. Called Coin Hunt World Trivia, these questions typically relate to Coin Hunt World history.

Red Vaults

Yellow Vaults

The first Trivia Question at a Yellow Vault is always about the location of the vault. If a player visits the same vault again, it will have a random yellow level trivia question.

Before you go to a Yellow Vault for the first time, check out the first question and correct answer at the Yellow Vault Location page. Click on the vault name to get to the detailed page of the finished yellow vault.

Green Vaults

Blue Vaults

USA State Questions

Trashtoob and Template:Khag made a nice overview of all States and their capital and food which are all questions in the game.

State Food Capital
Alabama Pecan Pie Montgomery
Alaska Smoked Salmon Juneau
Arizona Sonoran Hot Dog Phoenix
Arkansas Chocolate Gravy Little Rock
California Avocado Toast Sacramento
Colorado Rocky Mountain Oysters Denver
Connecticut White Clam Pie Hartford
Delaware Scrapple Dover
Florida Key Lime Pie Tallahassee
Georgia Peach Cobbler Atlanta
Hawaii Loco Moco / Spam Musubi Honolulu
Idaho Ice Cream Potato Boise
Illinois Deep-Dish Pizza Springfield
Indiana Tenderloin Sandwich Indianapolis
Iowa Sweet Corn Des Moines
Kansas Burnt Ends Topeka
Kentucky Bourbon Balls Frankfort
Louisiana Gumbo Baton Rouge
Maine Lobster Roll Augusta
Maryland Crab Cakes Annapolis
Massachusetts Clam Chowder Boston
Michigan Coney Dog Lansing
Minnesota Tater tots Hotdish Saint Paul
Mississippi Biscuits Jackson
Missouri Gooey Butter Cake Jefferson City
Montana Huckleberry Everything Helena
Nebraska Runza Lincoln
Nevada Buffet Carson City
New Hampshire Apple Cider Donuts Concord
New Jersey Salt Water Taffy Trenton
New Mexico Green Chile Santa Fe
New York Bagels Albany
North Carolina Fried Green Tomatoes Raleigh
North Dakota Hotdish Bismarck
Ohio Cincinnati Chili Columbus
Oklahoma Onion Burger Oklahoma City
Oregon Marionberries Salem
Pennsylvania Philly Cheesesteak Harrisburg
Rhode Island Stuffies Providence
South Carolina Lowcountry Boil / Frogmore stew Columbia
South Dakota Fry bread Pierre
Tennessee Hot Chicken Nashville
Texas Smoked Brisket Austin
Utah Fry Sauce / Funeral potatoes Salt Lake City
Vermont Maple Syrup Montpelier
Virginia Peanuts Richmond
Washington Rainier Cherries Olympia
West Virginia Pepperoni Roll Charleston
Wisconsin Cheese Curds Madison
Wyoming Chicken Fried Steak Cheyenne