Advanced Printshop
Advanced Printshop
Advanced Printshop Image
Advanced Printshop Image
Tier Basic
Abbreviation APS
Structure Type Functional
Requirement None
Max per Player 1
Blueprint Base Cost ¹ 500 alt= Crystal KeyCrystal Key
Build Resources 5000 alt= White PaintWhite Paint

5000 Blue Paint

5000 Green Paint

200000 Resin

Unique Stamps 1
Days to Build 25
Same Structure Radius 3000m
Any Structure Radius 10m
ReleaseDate 2023-11-07
Tag Compatibility
Category Commercial
Tag Store
Type Any
Association Any
Staffing Requirements
Cubie Rarity Any
Cubie Class Worker
Cubie Element Any
Cubie Zodiac Any
Cubie Affinity Any

¹ Crystal Key base cost has to be multiplied by the Country Modifier.


  • Printing Cubies like a Printshop
  • Advanced printing Cubies. For the costs of 1 Green Key, your cubie print will print faster, at least twice as fast, but a higher level cubie staffing the Advanced Printshop will cause printing to go even faster.
  • Stamping Structure Blueprints


Advanced Printshop's (APS) are base structures that can be built on any Yellow Store Tag. This Structure's blueprint requires being stamped at either a Printshop or an Advanced Printshop.

Higher tier structures can only be stamped at an Advanced Printshop and require more unique stamps, but base structures like White User Vaults and Advanced Printshop can be stamped at a regular Printshop