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Adventure Road is a month-long quest chain that helps enhance the Coin Hunt World experience for Hunters.


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Adventure Road was originally announced on July 15th, 2022 during Hunter's Lodge 5. With an original release date of September, which was then pushed to October, it wasn't released until November 1st, 2022.

Adventure Road is a free month-long question chain that provides hunters Daily Challenges to complete and earn in-game rewards. 3 Daily Challenges are presented each day at 00:00 UTC for players to complete within 24 hours, with each challenge providing 100 Adventure Road Points (also known as ARP). For every 300 Adventure Road Points earned, players will complete 1 tier in Adventure Road.

For the month of November, a total of 9000 Adventure Road Points are required to complete the month-long quest chain.

Please note that Adventure Road and the Adventure Pass are both currently in Beta.

How to Earn Adventure Road Points

Daily Challenges

A total of 3 Daily Challenges are provided; Easy, Medium, and Hard. Some of these challenges include

  • Completing Walking Quests (3, 6, and 8).
  • Solving Vaults (5, 15, and 50).
  • Equipping specific Cubies.
  • Printing specific Blueprints.
  • Solving Vaults under specific Categories.*
  • Auction House Actions (make a bid, put up an item for Auction).*

*These challenges were added during the middle of the first month of Adventure Road. Due to Adventure Road being in Beta, Daily Challenges will be added or removed by the developers based on player feedback (see: Criticisms).

Solving Vaults

Players earn 2 Adventure Road Points for every vault they solve, regardless of vault color or score.

Leaderboard Points

Regardless of the difficulty, each Daily Challenge is worth 100 Adventure Road Points but provide Leaderboard Points.

  • Completing and claiming an Easy Daily Challenge rewards a player the same amount of points as solving a Blue Vault.
  • Completing and claiming a Medium Daily Challenge rewards a player the same amount of points as solving a Green Vault.
  • Completing and claiming a Hard Daily Challenge rewards a player the same amount of points as solving a Yellow Vault.

Adventure Pass

Due to the difficult nature of completing Adventure Road, players are able to purchase an Adventure Pass (also known as PAR for Paid Adventure Road) for an increased buff and to earn additional rewards.

Adventure Pass Buffs/Perks

  • Adventure Pass holders earn 4 Adventure Road Points for every vault solved, instead of 2.
  • 10 Adventure Road points will be rewarded for every Walking Quest completed, effective December 1, 2022.
  • An additional set of in-game rewards are provided for the majority of tiers completed, including a Headquarters Skin Blueprint and Cubie Display Case.
  • An Achievement Cubie if you complete Adventure Road.

How to Buy An Adventure Pass

To purchase an Adventure Pass, players are required to purchase 200 Crystal Keys from the Coin Hunt World Shop for $19.95 USD. You are able to use either in-game crypto or purchase with fiat through the Google Play Store. Due to the game still being in TestFlight, Apple users do not have the option to pay with fiat currency.


  • Adventure Road is unavailable outside of the playable region. The button will not display preventing quests from being completed. For Adventure Pass holders, Adventure Road Points earned from walking quests do count however. It is speculated that vault hits should count as well, if you encounter a User Vault.

Monthly Tiers and Rewards

For the month of November, a total of 30 tiers and 57 total Adventure Road Rewards available.

Reviews and Criticisms

Daily Challenge Task Criticisms

Many players have provided their feedback regarding the difficulty of the Daily Challenges, an example being an Easy Daily Challenge to print an Anu Tiki Cubie since there is a 1/27 chance to print it from the Tiki Warrior Cubie Blueprint. The developers have promised to remove any task to print a specific Cubie from a Randomizer Blueprint and to not include any tasks to print any 1-time print Blueprints (such as the Cat Cubie Blueprints and the Golden OG Cubie). Mid-November, the developers also added solving specific trivia categories and Auction House actions immediately for all players, and will be providing Adventure Pass holders an additional 10 ARP for every Walking Quest completed effective December 1.

On November 27th 00:00 UTC, the Easy Daily Challenge was posted as "Print a Blue Cubie" in error. The Blue Cubie is one of a few Cubies that do not have a Blueprint. This was corrected 16 hours later to "Print a Green Cubie. Due to the incident, IllusionWeaver announced 100 free ARPs would be distributed to players for the November Adventure Road.

On November 30, 2022 an article was released on Medium which included changes that were being made to the Daily Challenges.

No additional changes have been made since.

Pricing and Fiat Payment through iOS

Apple iPhone users have provided criticisms regarding the lack of purchasing options for Crystal Keys, as they do not have a fiat option available. The developers are unable to provide a fiat option until the game is out of TestFlight for iOS users; however, iOS users are able to use in-game crypto to purchase Crystal Keys.

Players have stated their disappointment for how expensive the Adventure Pass is. There has been no response back from the developers regarding any changes to the pricing structure; however, they have announced in the past that they will be providing rewards of Crystal Keys for contests and events (see: World Cup Event).


A blog post titled I’m on my Way… My Love/Hate Relationship with Adventure Road was written by Fullofdumplins with her thoughts and opinions of the beta launch.

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