Bitcoin Miami 2021 Event

The famous yearly Bitcoin conference is almost upon us and this year it is being held at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center in beautiful Miami!

We think this is a great reason to turn Miami into a Coin Hunt World super juicy Hotspot during the event! If you are a local hunter or if you are visiting the conference, you might want to listen up!

Here is what we are going to do: Juicy Hotspot The area around here is pimped into a Hunters Paradise!

During the event (June 4 and 5th) the whole area around the Mana Wynwood Convention Center will be boosted into a juicy Hotspot. If you want to do a couple of solid hunts, Miami style…this is your chance!

Bitcoin Cubie


The Bitcoin Miami Floating Vault

Once you get close to the convention center you will spot the Bitcoin Miami floating vault. You will see this in the air at the convention center!

As soon as the Bitcoin Miami 2021 conference starts (June 4th 9am EDT) hunters will be able to enter a Green Key into the Floating Vault. Once 100 players have entered a Green Key, the vault will open and each of these 100 players will receive $10 of Bitcoin and the rare Bitcoin Cubie Blueprint!

But beware! If we do not get 100 hunters to insert a Green Key by the time the conference ends (June 5th 5pm EDT), the vault will not open! So invite your friends and colleagues because taking down a Floating Vault is always a group effort!

Purple Vault deployed in Miami!

Bitcoin Miami 2021 Purple Vault Event

But wait there is more… This one is not for the novice hunters, only seasoned veteran hunters should attempt this one: the legendary Purple Vault is making another appearance! do you have what it takes to conquer the Purp?

During the conference somewhere in Miami a Purple Vault will appear. It requires a crazy-hard-to-get Purple Key and it will ask a crazy hard question that will challenge your knowledge of the game. But if you manage to solve it…. $1000 worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum is yours…Yay!

So if you are a Bitcoin Maxi or not… doing a little hunt during the Bitcoin Miami 2021 conference will be well worth your time!

Happy Hunting!