Biteeu was founded in 2019 and is a fully licensed and compliant virtual currency exchange in the European Union that works in collaboration with Bittrex. For more information, check out the official website:

UK Players

Biteeu is the Export Partner available to players in the UK.

Create Account

Getting started with Biteeu is free. You DO NOT need to deposit any money into Biteeu to enable withdrawals from Coin Hunt World.

Signing up

You can create an account on Make sure to sign up for a Biteeu account before paying 10k Resin to unlock the export in-game. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to ask on Discord.

KYC verification

KYC stands for know-your-customer and is required to avoid certain nefarious things (such as money laundering). It involves providing Biteeu with valid identification and some personal information. Coin Hunt World does not have access to anything you submit to Biteeu through the KYC process. Doing the KYC is required to enable exports from Coin Hunt World to your Biteeu wallet.

If you are not receiving your Biteeu payouts on payout day, make sure you have completed KYC! It is required to receive a payout. Furthermore, make sure you are not below the minimum amount per cryptocurrency required for export.

Link Coin Hunt World!

After signing up, the next steps are:

  • Collect 10'000 resin
  • Unlock Biteeu from the crypto tab in the inventory
  • Type in the email you used for your Biteeu account (do not type in your Biteeu password)
  • Type the same email again to confirm (once again, do not type in your Biteeu password)

That's it! Assuming you have successfully completed at least one Photo Quest, your in-game cryptocurrency will be automatically transferred to Biteeu.

If you have questions or need support, please contact the developers through the Discord.

UnLink Coin Hunt World!

As of the Apr 18, 2022 update, you can now unlink your Biteeu exports.

  • Tap the Connected to Biteeu button from the bottom of the crypto tab in your inventory. Hold the UNLINK button on the next screen.
  • The 10,000 Resin you originally used to Link Biteeu will be returned to you.
  • If you decide to re-link Biteeu, you will need to pay the 10,000 Resin again.
  • If you decide to re-link Biteeu, you will need re-enter your Biteeu email address. You can link a different email/Biteeu account at this time.
"In future updates we will add structures that require a certain balance of in-game collected crypto rewards, so for the hunters that want to prepare for these structures, you are now able to unlink the weekly exports." -IW (CHW v1.0.15.197 Patch Notes)


Is there a minimum amount of crypto I must have for a transfer to happen?

To be confirmed.

Can I link more than 1 Coin Hunt World Account to the same Biteeu Account?

No, this is not allowed. Only 1 CHW account can be linked to your Biteeu account.

When is CHW paying out to Biteeu?

To be confirmed.

What about other Exchange Options?

The Developers mentioned on Discord that they are working on adding other options to payout the earned Cryptocurrency.

What's the age restriction for Biteeu?

For Biteeu you have to be 18+ to do the KYC (know-your-customer) verification. Coin Hunt World can be played 16+, you can keep the collected Cryptocurrency in-game.