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Cauldrons were first seen in Halloween Event 2021 and have returned for every Halloween Event since. They spawn somewhere near the player after they solve any Vault during the Halloween Event. Depending on the rarity of the Cauldron, the player may get different Resources and items from them.

Spawning a Cauldron

A Cauldron has a chance of spawning after a player solves any Vault. The availability of certain rarities of cauldrons depends on if certain in-game parameters are met. In the Halloween Event 2023 these parameters were met after a certain amount of time has passed and the player has successfully reached the required level in the Quest Chain.

When a Cauldron spawns they will receive a pop-up in-game saying, "An unusual smell is hitting your nostrils... looks like it's coming from somewhere close. Maybe you should go investigate!" The player will then have a radar ping show up similar to that which shows up during Buddy Quests. This pings colour depends on the rarity of the Cauldron. Yellow for Common, Red for Rare, and Purple for Epic.

Any player can see and interact with any Cauldron however only the player who spawned it will be notified and be pinged towards where it is. This makes playing with others and interacting with your local community extremely important during the event.

Only one of each type of Cauldron can be spawn at one time for a single player. When being pinged for a Cauldron, if the player spawns a more rare Cauldron, that ping will take over.

The lifespan of a Cauldron depends on its rarity.

  • Common Cauldron - 4 Hours
  • Rare Cauldron - 6 Hours
  • Epic Cauldron - 8 Hours

According to Illusionweaver, the lead developer, speed is a factor when spawning Cauldrons and users are not intended to be able to spawn them if they are exceeding a certain speed. However this has been disputed in-game on wether this factor is entirely true or not. It is recommended for best spawn rates to walk.

Interacting with a Cauldron

Once locating a Cauldron the player must be within 30 meters of it to interact with it, similar to a Vault.

Certain requirements must be met to continue to activate a Cauldron.

  • Common - No requirement.
  • Rare - Must have a Cubie from any Halloween Event equipped.
  • Epic - Must have a Rare or Epic Cubie from any Halloween Event equipped.

If the above requirements are met, the user can continue to interact with the Cauldron and must “Stir the stew.” This is done by doing a clockwise circular motion over the Cauldron.

Once the player has stirred for enough time they are prompted to enter a Key. The Key requirement is dependant on the rarity of the Cauldron.

Halloween Resources

After a Key is deposited into the Cauldron, they will receive a Halloween Resource Box. The Resource Box’s contents change from year to year but will always include some of the required resources for the new Halloween Cubies released in that year, including a chance at the new Blueprint itself.

Different rarity of Cauldrons drop different resources. Often the resources for the Rare and Epic Halloween Cubies are locked behind their own respective Cauldrons.

The amount of Resources dropped has changed over time and can even change throughout the event. As of the 2023 Halloween Event, it starts dropping in amounts of 100.

Common Cauldron
Rare Cauldron
Epic Cauldron