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Blue A video on YouTube, which has over 10 million views, stars 2 year old Makena singing a song by which British singer? Adele
Blue Actor Jason Momoa married what 'Cosby Show' star in 2017? Lisa Bonet
Blue Adam Levine appears on which US TV reality show? The Voice
Blue Amal Alamuddin got married to what actor in 2014? George Clooney
Blue Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt first met on the set of what movie? Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Blue Aubrey Graham is better known as which rapper? Drake
Blue Avril Lavigne married the lead singer of what band in 2013? Nickelback
Blue Ben Affleck was married to which actress between 2005-2018? Jennifer Garner
Blue Brian Austin Green married which actress in 2010? Megan Fox
Blue Cardi B got into a fight with which other artist at New York Fashion Week in 2018? Nicki Minaj
Blue Catherine Zeta-Jones married which actor in 2000? Michael Douglas
Blue Jennifer Aniston famously married which actor in 2000? Brad Pitt
Blue Jennifer Lopez married which singer in 2004? Marc Anthony
Blue John Lennon's second wife was an artist from which country? Japan
Blue Justin Bieber fell out with which actor over texts sent to Miranda Kerr? Orlando Bloom
Blue Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker fell out when both were starring in which TV show? Sex and the City
Blue Late night star Jimmy Kimmel dated what comedian before breaking up in 2008? Sarah Silverman
Blue Lea Michele fell out with Naya Rivera, her co-star on which show? Glee
Blue Liam Payne is a member of which popular boy band? One Direction
Blue Macaulay Culkin dated what star of 'That 70's Show'? Mila Kunis
Blue Marc Anthony got divorced from what actress/singer in 2014? Jennifer Lopez
Blue Marshall Bruce Mathers III is better known as who? Eminem
Blue Michael Jackson owned a chimpanzee named what? Bubbles
Blue Miley Cyrus was christened with which first name? Destiny
Blue Miley Cyrus was engaged to which of these actors? Liam Hemsworth
Blue Model Iman was married to which famous musician? David Bowie
Blue Muhammad Ali was christened with which name? Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.
Blue Nicki Minaj fell out with which fellow American Idol judge? Mariah Carey
Blue Nicolas Kim Coppola is better known as who? Nicolas Cage
Blue Pamela Anderson used to date which rapper? Kid Rock
Blue Rapper Snoop Dogg has which birth name? Calvin Broadus
Blue Robyn Fenty is known to fans as who? Rihanna
Blue Sarah Silverman is both a US celebrity and a what? Comedian
Blue Singer Brandy duetted with which singer on 'The Boy is Mine' then fell out with her? Monica
Blue Steve Irwin was better known by what TV moniker? The Crocodile Hunter
Blue Taylor Swift's song 'Bad Blood' is about her falling out with which singer? Katy Perry
Blue What 'Iron Man' star married Susan Levin in 2005? Robert Downey Jr.
Blue What 'Step Up' star married his co-star Jenna Dewan in 2009? Channing Tatum
Blue What country singer is married to fellow country singer Tim McGraw? Faith Hill
Blue What former Mrs. Michael Jackson married musician Michael Lockwood in 2006? Lisa Marie Presley
Blue What is Lady Gaga's real name? Stefani Germanotta
Blue What is the first name of Sofia Coppola's famous father? Francis
Blue What is the name of Ice-T's wife? Coco
Blue What is the profession of George Clooney's wife Amal? Lawyer
Blue What is the real name of Marilyn Monroe? Norma Jean Mortenson
Blue What is the second part of 'Iggy's' name? Pop
Blue What is the second part of 'lggy's' name? Pop
Blue What member of the Spice Girls is married to athlete David Beckham? Posh Spice
Blue What musician did Heidi Klum divorce in 2014? Seal
Blue What musician married Pamela Anderson in 2006? Kid Rock
Blue What phrase did Paris Hilton trademark in 20047 That's Hot
Blue What rapper is married to Beyonce? Jay-Z
Blue What rapper remarried Kim Mathers in 2006? Eminem
Blue What singer married Nick Cannon in 2008? Mariah Carey
Blue What sport did Marilyn Monroe's husband Joe Di Maggio play? Baseball
Blue When is American actor Orson Welles' birthday? May 6, 1915
Blue When is Canadian actress Grace Park's birthday? March 14, 1974
Blue Where was the actor Keanu Reeves born? Beirut, Lebanon
Blue Where was the actor William Shatner born? Montreal, QC, Canada
Blue Where was the actress Charlize Theron born? South Africa
Blue Where was the actress Pam Grier born? Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Blue Where was the guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen born? Stockholm, Sweden
Blue Where was the wrestler John Cena born? West Newbury, MA, USA
Blue Which 'Jersey Shore' star was born in Chile? Snooki
Blue Which 'Sopranos' actor died in June 2013? James Gandolfini
Blue Which actress did Ryan Reynolds marry in 2008? Scarlett Johansson
Blue Which actress was married to Bruce Willis then Ashton Kucher? Demi Moore
Blue Which American actress married Donnie Wahlberg in 2014? Jenny McCarthy
Blue Which British actress married Rory Keenan in 2019? Gemma Arterton
Blue Which Canadian actor married Jen McMahan in 2018? Zack Ward
Blue Which Kardashian did Kanye West marry in 2014? Kim
Blue Which rapper did Taylor Swift call 'two-faced' after a long running dispute? Kanye West
Blue Which Royal did Meghan Markle marry in 2018? Prince Harry
Blue Which singer has a daughter called Lourdes? Madonna
Blue Who did Brad Pitt leave to marry Angelina Jolie? Jennifer Aniston
Blue Who did Jessica Simpson marry in 2002? Nick Lachey
Blue Who did Kanye West marry in 2014? Kim Kardashian
Blue Who did Kate Middleton marry in 2011? Prince William
Blue Who did Kristen Stewart cheat on in 2012? Robert Pattinson
Blue Who did Tom Cruise marry in 2006? Katie Holmes
Blue Who is in a band called 30 seconds to Mars? Jared Leto
Blue Who married actor Ryan Reynolds in 2008? Scarlett Johansson
Blue Who married actress Portia de Rossi in 20087 Ellen DeGeneres
Blue Who married Blake Fielder in 2007 four years before her death? Amy Winehouse
Blue Who played Batman in the 'Dark Knight' trilogy? Christian Bale
Blue Who played The Joker in Tim Burton's 'Batman'? Jack Nicholson
Blue Who played the tenth Doctor Who? David Tennant
Blue Who plays Claire in the TV show Modern Family? Julie Bowen
Blue Who plays Wolverine in the 'X-Men' movies? Hugh Jackman
Blue Who starred in the movie 'Minority Report'? Tom Cruise
Blue Who starred in the title role in 'Forrest Gump'? Tom Hanks
Blue Who was the first female judge on *American Idol'? Paula Abdul
Green Actress Blake Lively married what actor in 2012? Ryan Reynolds
Green Actress Mila Kunis got engaged to who in 2014? Ashton Kutcher
Green Adam Shulman married what actress in 2012? Anne Hathaway
Green Anjelica Huston was in an on/off relationship for 17 years with which Hollywood star? Jack Nicholson
Green Calista Flockheart is married which actor in 2010? Harrison Ford
Green Candice Accola married a member of what rock band in 2014? The Fray
Green Carla Bruni married what French president in 2008? Nicolas Sarkozy
Green Cesar Millan is better known by what TV moniker? The Dog Whisperer
Green Courteney Cox broke up with what actor in 2014? David Arquette
Green Dax Shepard married which actress in 2013? Kristen Bell
Green Denise Richards used to be married to what actor? Charlie Sheen
Green Diane Lane married what actor in 2004? Josh Brolin
Green Dresden Dolls singer married what best selling author in 2011? Neil Gaiman
Green Dwayne Johnson fell out with which fellow actor while filming 'The Fast and the Furious'? Vin Diesel
Green Earvin Johnson Jr was known as who to sports fans? Magic Johnson
Green Edson Arantes do Nascimento is known throughout the world as who? Pele
Green Elton John's first real name is what? Reginald
Green Fenty Beauty is a line by which celebrity? Rihanna
Green George Michael's first solo hit was what? Careless Whisper
Green Georgios Panayiotou is best known as whom? George Michael
Green How many times was Elizabeth Taylor married to Richard Burton? 2
Green In what month was Drake born? October
Green In what year was pop singer Shakira born? 1977
Green In which year was Ben Stiller born 1965
Green In which year was the actor Ed Begley Jr. born? 1949
Green Jason Sudeikis married what House star? Olivia Wilde
Green Jesse James used to be married to which movie star? Sandra Bullock
Green Jessica Biel is married to what actor in 2012? Justin Timberlake
Green Jim Carrey was once in a serious relationship with what Playmate of the Year? Jenny McCarthy
Green Kaitlin Olson married what 'lt's Always Sunny Philadelphia' co-star in 2008? Rob McElhenney
Green Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is known by what name to her fans? Katie Perry
Green Kerry Washington's husband Nnamdi Asomugha plays what professional sport? Football
Green Kevin Federline married what singer in 2004? Britney Spears
Green Lady Gaga has a longrunning feud with which of the Osbourne family member? Kelly
Green Lauren Parsekian married what TV star in 2013? Aaron Paul
Green Lisa Marie Presley used to be married to what movie star? Nicolas Cage
Green Maria Shriver used to be married to what action movie star? Arnold Schwarzenegger
Green Marrion Morrison is the real name of who? John Wayne
Green Megan Mullally is married to what 'Parks and Recreation' star? Nick Offerman
Green Melanie Griffith was married to which actor between 1996-2015? Antonio Banderas
Green Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is a footballer known as who? Neymar
Green Nicole Appleton married what former Oasis frontman in 2008? Liam Gallagher
Green Onika Maraj is better known as who? Nicki Minaj
Green Paris Hilton fell out with which actress over a former boyfriend? Lindsay Lohan
Green Patricia Arquette married what 'Punisher' star in 2006? Thomas Jane
Green Peter Sarsgaard is the husband of what movie actress? Maggie Gyllenhaal
Green Prince Charles married which of these women? Camilla Parker Bowles
Green Rachel Weisz married what James Bond actor in 2011? Daniel Craig
Green Rebecca Romijn was married to what TV star before breaking up in 2005? John Stamos
Green Robert Matthew Van Winkle was a well known 80s rapper known as who? Vanilla Ice
Green Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima was known as who to sports fans? Ronaldo
Green Sarah Michelle Gellar is married to what movie star? Freddie Prinze Jr.
Green Steveland Morris changed his name to what? Stevie Wonder
Green Tea Leoni was married to what actor until 2014? David Duchovny
Green The Secret is a fragrance by which celebrity? Antonio Banderas
Green The singer-songwriter Lorde is from which country? New Zealand
Green The Teutuls of 'American Choppers' are from where? Orange County, NY
Green To which of these celebrities has Tyra Banks not been linked romantically to? Nelly
Green What 'SNL' star married 'Mad Men's' Elisabeth Moss in 2009? Fred Armisen
Green What actor was married to Jennifer Esposito for just four months between 2006 and 2007? Bradley Cooper
Green What beauty title does actress Eva Longoria hold? Miss Corpus Christi USA 1998
Green What ex-wife of Jack White served as the maid of honor for his wedding to Karen Elson in 2005? Meg White
Green What is Matthew McConaughey's real name? Matthew McConaughey
Green What is rapper Dizzee Rascal's real name? Dylan Mills
Green What is the name of Jeff Bridges' older brother? Beau
Green What is the name of Julia Roberts' famous brother? Eric
Green What is the name of singer Lily Allen's actor dad? Keith Allen
Green What is the real name of David Bowie? David Robert Jones
Green What is the real name of the rapper variously known as Biggie Smalls, Big Poppa and The notorious Big? Christopher Wallace
Green What is the real name of Tom Cruise? Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
Green What is the real name of U2 singer Bono? Paul Hewson
Green What is Tiger Wood's real first name Eldrick
Green What movie made Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling a brief couple in the 2000s? The Notebook
Green What name was Sting christened? Gordon Sumner
Green What prince married Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005? Princes Charles
Green What singer announced his engagement to Tameka Foster while receiving a Spirit Award in 2007? Usher
Green What type of champion was Kate Bosworth? An Equestrian Champion
Green What was Buzz Aldrin's real first name? Edwin
Green What was Elvis Presley's natural hair colour? Blond
Green What was the name of Prince Charles first wife? Diana
Green What was the name of the cat became a celebrity for saving Jeremy Triantafilo from an angry dog in 2014? Tara
Green What was Victoria's last name before she married David Beckham? Adams
Green Where was the singer Andrea born? Sofia, Bulgaria
Green Which actor married Jennifer Garner in June 2005? Ben Affleck
Green Which actor was Fernanda Montenegro married to? Fernando Torres
Green Which American singer dated January Jones, Kat Dennings, and Michelle Trachtenberg? Josh Groban
Green Which Amreican actor dated Maddie Cyrus, Jessica Bridgeman, and Ayla Kell? Sterling Knight
Green Which British actor dated Emma Roberts, Dianna Agron, and Marloes Horst? Alex Pettyfer
Green Which British actress dated George Dugdale, Gary Numan, and Judd Hamilton? Caroline Munro
Green Which former model was married to Mick Jagger? Jerry Hall
Green Which late night host was the target of a #Cancel campaign in 2014 over a joke on his Twitter account? Stephen Colbert
Green Which model and former winner of the season 7 became a new co-host of 'Dancing with the Stars' in 2010? Brooke Burke
Green Which of these celebrity children is the oldest? Brooklyn Beckham
Green Which of these famous rappers was born in 1972? Eminem
Green Which Oscar winning actor has a son named Levi? Matthew McConaughey
Green Which pop superstar's real name is David Jones? David Bowie
Green Which singer calls their fans their 'Navy'? Rihanna
Green Which singer famously dated the rapper Puff Daddy? Jennifer Lopez
Green Which singer showed up to the VMAs in 1999 with a dress that left one breast almost completely exposed? Lil' Kim
Green Which US celebrity homemaker was jailed in 2004? Martha Stewart
Green Who became engaged to her ninth husband in 2011 when she said 'Yes' to talent manager Jason Winters? Elizabeth Taylor
Green Who claimed he funded an investigation into President Obama's birth certificate only to produce nothing? Donald Trump
Green Who did actress Anna Faris marry in 2009? Chris Pratt
Green Who did actress Kate Winslet marry in 2003? Sam Mendes
Green Who has Drake been dating off and on since 2009? Rihanna
Green Who is actress 'Isla Fisher' married too? Sacha Baron Cohen
Green Who is known as 'Love' by family and friends? Jennifer Love Hewitt
Green Who is Liza Minelli's mother? Judy Garland
Green Who is not one of the famed Gabor sisters? Matilda
Green Who is the mother of actress Isabella Rossellini? Ingrid Bergman
Green Who married Kevin Ferderline in 2004? Britney Spears
Green Who performed the Bond theme for Goldfinger? Shirley Bassey
Green Who starred in the 'High School Music' series? Zach Efron
Green Who was married to British musician Gavin Rossdale? Gwen Stefani
Green Who was signed to Jay-Z's record label in 2009? Rita Ora
Green Will Arnett got a divorce from what SNL star in 2014? Amy Poehler
Green Willard Carroll Smith, Jr is known to movie fans as who? Will Smith
Green Wouter De Backer is better known as who? Gotye
Yellow 'Ring' star Rachael Bella married what actor in 2006? Edward Furlong
Yellow 'True Blood' and 'Dexter' star Courtney Ford married what superhero actor in 2007? Brandon Routh
Yellow Actor Oliver Martinez married what actress in 2013? Halle Berry
Yellow Camila Alves is the wife of what Oscar winning movie star? Matthew McConaughey
Yellow Elvis Costello was born with which name? Declan McManus
Yellow Emma Heming married what movie star in 2009? Bruce Willis
Yellow Eric Marlon Bishop is better known as who? Jamie Foxx
Yellow Famous 1960s model Twiggy was known as what? Lesley Hornby
Yellow Hugh Dancy married what co-star from the movie 'Evening' in 2009? Claire Danes
Yellow Javier Bardem is married to what movie actress? Penelope Cruz
Yellow Jermaine Dupri is married to what singer? Janet Jackson
Yellow Motorhead rocker Lemmy's real name is what? lan Kilmister
Yellow Natalie Hershlag is better known as who? Natalie Portman
Yellow Nicole Kidman married what country music star in 2006? Ketih Urban
Yellow Richard Starkey is better known as who? Ringo Starr
Yellow What aging rockstar married Penny Lancaster in 2007? Rod Stewart
Yellow What athlete used to be married to actress Halle Berry? David Justice
Yellow What is Demi Moore's real name? Demetria Guynes
Yellow What is Ginger Rogers’ real name? Virginia McMath
Yellow What is O.J. Simpson's full name? Orenthall James Simpson
Yellow What is Reese Witherspoon’s real first name? Laura
Yellow What is the real name of Doris Day? Doris Von Kappelhoff
Yellow What is the real name of Meat Loaf? Marvin Lee Aday
Yellow What is the real name of Roy Rogers? Leonard Slye
Yellow What is the real name of Whoopi Goldberg? Caryn Johnson
Yellow What is Tom Cruise's real name? Thomas Mapother IV
Yellow What member of N'Sync was spotted with Tara Reid at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards? JC Chasez
Yellow Which of the actresses below isn't American? Kiera Knightley
Yellow Who did Oliver Martinez marry in 2013? Halle Berry
Yellow Who got divorced from Carmen Llywelyn in 2001 and remarried Ceren Alkac in 2008? Jason Lee
Yellow With what name was Judy Garland born with? Frances Gumm