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Regarding cheating in general

A quote from IllusionWeaver: "For clarification, our policy has updated regarding cheating; there is 0 tolerance for cheating and that applies to creating a new account on our system after a ban. If we can detect it, we will ban the new account."

Regarding the Auction House

The statement was made in Discord: "it is now possible to real world trade keys for real money" And IllusionWeaver responded: "we are collecting vasts amounts of data with the AH.. any shenangans will get detected and dealt with" Much discussion has occurred in Discord since then about what was meant exactly by "shenanigans." Since then, he has clarified, relating to obvious key transfers between accounts using the AH: "we'll flag your account if you abuse the AH for this and increase your listing fee every time you keep doing it, so if you wanna start paying a red for each listing, keep doing it"