The #CoinHuntWins contest was put on by players Template:Zach and Template:Korkio in September 2021 to award some players with keys for sharing their stories. The responses were read by Zach on a live stream and a winner was chosen. Entries were made via a channel on the Community Discord server.

Contest Entries

  1. joecoolnyc

    CHW makes work more fun for me. I walk around NYC all day and now I can earn as I do so!
  2. mitche

    Love the game. It gives me a good excuse to leave the house and make a couple buck at the same time. Love collecting new Cubies.
  3. Suspext

    I made my own daily vault run on the way to and from the gym! It’s my favorite part of the day. I definitely agree with a different wallet though being from NY.
  4. Frog-E

    I don't have a huge emotional story but this is giving me a very easy and fun way to build some investment for my wife and kids as we watch crypto value go up. I'm hoping that the coins I'm collecting via the game will be able to help with stuff they will need years later down the road.
  5. MyWaifuDontLoveMe

    Happy to have a fun game to motivate me to get off my butt everyday and outdoors as well as up my trivia skills :D
  6. Gnomey Homey

    This game is pretty neat, really dig the fact it makes crypto fun and cubie is awesome. Keep up the hard and awesome work yall are on to something big in my opinion. Thanks for the chance to win something as well.
  7. Bizcoin

    CHW has encouraged me to walk more and discover more of the city with my friends!
  8. HarryDlight

    My cousin stayed with me for a week as she was touring colleges in Los Angeles. I used CHW as a map to show her around the city. It brought us to amazing places and we both had a great time playing the game while experiencing fun things irl as well!
  9. Jjason J

    Let’s see, I will throw in my story. I was longing for something to take away my boredom. I just got in to crypto and was have a lot of fun watching everything go up and down. Then I found CHW. It has helped my explored the world around me. I have lived in my city for over 15 years and have seen things for the first time in the last several months, that I would have never seen without #CHW! I love it. I got my wife and daughter into play, but not as much as me. I also talked my sister in to it. I’m still working on other family and friends and it will be easier when it get the green light from iOS. THANKS for everything Coin Hunt World. Oh, did I mention the free crypto?
  10. Warbuk

    Getting out of the house everyday has had a major positive impact on my depression and my daughter likes to come along too which is good exercise for both of us!
  11. Johnny Rotten

    Thanks to coinhunt I've learned about crypto and bitcoin. It's helped me lose weight connect better with friends through hunting together, I live in a small town so to see vaults popping up that aren't ours is awesome plus did I mention the free money?!
  12. FATALsoul

    Can't wait until the game is available in the Netherlands. Collecting the keys and Cubies. Great to be outdoors with the kids, now we can both play!
  13. Momlovesu

    Last year was a year like no other. I started playing CHW as a distraction from loss, pandemic, politics and isolation boredom. Within a week or two I was hooked and playing to earn Coin. Within a month I was playing to win. After I while I've learned to balance work, family and CHW (except at month end). Thank you CHW!
  14. stoned wpg man

    Work didn't release a vacation day and my check was $300ish short. Decided to bit the bullet and drain the $200 someodd I had in crypto thanks to the few short months of the game. Nothing takes the stress away like a fridge full of food. . . And weed
  15. charby

    This game has got me out of the house almost every morning for the past two months to walk/jog around my neighborhood. I've literally turned 15 pounds of fat into hundreds of dollars worth of #bitcoin/#ethereum.
  16. EDS9

    During these tough covid times, Coin Hunt World has actually brought my friends closer together as we enjoy being outside, spending time together, going on long coin hunt runs. Who would of thought this was possible! Thank you!
  17. Jables

    Great game started playing about 3 months ago. Got me hooked! Can't wait to see the future updates
  18. DiscoGodfather

    This game has done more to engage me in cryptocurrency than months of staring candle charts and forecasts could have. Indelibly cute, easy and motivating, this game is a wonder.
  19. DeMoN-FoX

    Coin Hunt World has basically made it so that I leave my house everyday 2x a day and walk around my neighborhood. I get to enjoy the outdoors and hopefully get closer to that lambo. I can't wait till my foot fully heals again so I can go back on my daily walks! (When Lambo?)
  20. westbeachmusic

    Coin Hunt World helped me to kick some bad habits and encourages me to live a healthier lifestyle daily. Instead of bar hopping around downtown all weekend, I'm hopping around the city collecting satoshis and getting exercise It's a great way to help me bring down the average net cost of my investments, and it has helped to take away the frustration of not having very much money to invest into cryptocurrency in the first place. Nothing but exciting times ahead for all of us Coin Hunters, I Love you all.
  21. InitForTheMoney

    I get paid to go on walks now. Stacking sats has never been healthier
  22. rudyt00ty

    Coin Hunt World! Discovered while recovering from back surgery. Motivated me to finish UVs for my daily walks to gain strength! Created a spark of competition with my entire family! Taught me useful knowledge I would otherwise never care to learn! Met unexpected friends! Discovered new places in this Tiny World! Earned the most valuable asset of our future! 100% Earnings will be HODL for my kids education! Coin Hunt World to the Moon!
  23. AurynOAK

    CHW got me started in crypto! It’s been a fun way for me to gain some crypto and learn more about it. Additionally, I’ve been able to make friends and learn more about my town and neighboring towns. CHW has helped me explore my community and try new things - and for that I am grateful!
  24. westbeachmusic

    And last but not least, I'm very thankful for all the wonderful people I've met through this community.
  25. nkripted

    In February of this year, I decided to get a little healthier and started walking 4-5km a day. Within a month, I had dropped 10 pounds. I kept on walking and walking during the Canadian winter until Spring arrived and I read a post on reddit about CoinHuntWorld. At first, I thought it was a scam. Who would give away crypto for free?? but after reading up on it, joining the discord channels and downloading it on my phone, I gave it a try!! And boy oh boy what a journey!! My walks have turned into 10km walks as I do the loop that one of my neighbours and I have created with our UV's and now I've included a 10km bike ride to go along with it!! All in all, I've lost 35 pounds and this is helping me to keep on trying to get healthier and at the same time have fun playing a game that pays me to walk Our city community is awesome, and I would say that we're I to spend an entire day running through user vault's I'd be hitting over 200 easily! but that is too much walking for me one step at time I guess
  26. Spectre1776

    CHW was my first real exposure to crypto. Since beginning to play, I have set a goal of using my crypto gains to pay off my house. I’m still a long way from that but I’m closer than I would have been without an introduction to crypto.
  27. ron

    Coin hunt world has gotten me more active and gives me something to do on my walks. It is a unique game and one of the best on mobile.
  28. JoeSchmoeCrypto

    CHW has given me and my wife a fun activity to do, especially with the quarantine blues setting in. Some nights we just go out together for a walk or drive and have fun answering questions (we compete!) and collecting crypto. She even converted our brother-in-law, his first crypto foray
  29. Keyster

    Moved away from the city to a very rural area a year ago only to discover CHW about 2 months ago. I work in the city, so now I find myself spending more time there...I love this game that tests my knowledge and gets me outside and being more active all while earning crypto. Thanks to the DEVS for such a great game!! Looking forward to what they have in store for us.
  30. slurpindirt

    I rode my bicycle into a parked car playing this game #winning
  31. Raynstorm

    I started using coin hunt world from an ad on another games i was playing and I love it. I get out moving and got my wife and daughter walking with me. We have been adding our UVs as we can and we update on
  32. Eucalyptus

    Fantastic game, it has encouraged me to be more active and has helped me educate myself on crypto, great job guys, just hope it gets picked up on Apple soon so my wife can get involved and stop giving me crazy looks when I run out the door for HH, thanks for yalls hard work and cheers to all of the coinhunting community
  33. Falizar

    Love the game. It has brought a light to the world at the moment to allow people to connect even when we are dealing with a pandemic. We really needed something like this game and I’m very excited to see how big it will become!
  34. Nechezhd

    This games has gotten me riding my bike and collecting keys, setting up UV's, and meeting other players to get the cubie crane filled with resin. Lost weight and gained crypto - a win / win!
  35. Yohe

    CHW has been a wonderful experience. When I'm acting solo, I ride around on my bike and get a nice workout in. Sometimes my girlfriend joins me and we have trivia battles. I select the topic and she must answer. I may lose a few more keys here and there, but it's fun watching her struggle to answer that art question. Then we laugh and learn together. I always reply with "I totally knew that answer, I would have gotten it correct". She knows I'm lying and just rolls her eyes. It's always fun hanging out with her and playing a game I'm passionate about. Thank you CHW!
  36. Beatsmebydre

    I don't have any real life friends, so opening up discord to messages from people or getting a "wow it's you!" From a buddy quest matching is heartwarming. I love how the game brings people together, especially the idea of building up an area or filling a crane for community use. Thanks for letting us share!
  37. Beamo

    I stumbled into CHW randomly because I was looking for ways to generate additional crypto gains alongside making positive choices for exercise. as a result, I just reached a goal of losing 15 pounds that I had gained being sedentary during covid. I feel better physically, and I feel more optimistic for my financial future due to the benefits CHW pushed me to take advantage of.
  38. Prototype

    Before playing CHW, I would play Pokémon Go and just sit in my house catching Pokémon. I was exposed to CHW by my brothers when I visited my older brother. We walked around the city and started gaining keys and hitting vaults. Ever since, I have made CHW a part of my daily routine. My twin and I would walk on a certain route when we were free and visit the various businesses along our path!
  39. Alter Ego

    I got into crypto earlier this year to have a shot at becoming debt free in the short term.Since getting into crypto I’ve created a Facebook group to help serious investors learn and share experiences together.One of my crypto friends as I call them invited me to play this game.Since I drive a lot for work, with the occasional traveling out of state this game is perfect for me.However,it’s not nearly as fun as when my wife (or my son) join son (5 years old and who thinks my wife’s account is his…lol).since playing my son has learned what BTC is and loves when he opens presents and gets it.he has since counted all the money in his piggy bank and we purchased BTC,ETH,ADA,DOGE for him. This game has given my son and I a bonding experience, and my wife an idea of what I’ve been investing in. Crypto is thé the future and CHW gives people free exposure and for that I’m thankful. My wife never got it before this game. Watching the gains helps her see the potential!
  40. Mitocondwia

    Coin hunt game has me going to places I would never go on my own accord ! It's made me twice as adventureous
  41. TracksOnWax94

    I discovered CHW from a Reddit thread and right as I was moving to a major city. It has been a great way for me to get out and explore my new are while earning a little extra on the side
  42. iSpeakNerd

    Coin Hunt World has given me several things: a fun incentive to leave my apartment and exercise, relief from needing to check the markets and my portfolio constantly, and a diverse community in crypto. I'm now contributing to the community wiki, run a CHW server for my local area, and am trying to help other folks enjoy the community as well! It's funny, we all start caring about the crypto; but stick around long enough, and we start caring more about the other stuff -- competition, collectibles, and community.
  43. surfklutz

    I got let go of a job that I loved for 40 years and forced into a reluctant retirement. This has given me something to do and look forward to everyday. And when people ask what I do, I say “I deal in Cryptocurrency”.
  44. bmann

    After starting CWH I went from just a .25 mile walk to take my dog to the bathroom to now walking at least 5 miles a day getting out during the box recents. My wife, two year old daughter and dog all love joining me on the walks/sometimes even a slight “yog” slight “j”. The CWH trivia questions keep my wife and I on our toes especially when we don’t know the answers and we laugh at our wrong answers. CWH even helps me when I drive around at 1 am when my daughter is unable to sleep. The girls sleep in the back while daddy hunts from 1am-3am. With the BTC and ETH I have been earning I plan on HODLing and hopefully to be able to take my wife and I to a well deserved vacation next summer after my daughter recovers from her brain surgery in October at NYU. Looking forward to all the future updates with CWH.
  45. MarkoMarko

    CHW gives me an opportunity to save up for whatever life brings, have fun, collect future NFTs, explore the historic POI’s that I normally take for granted and meet great people. It also gives me a sense of importance knowing that I’m helping build something great.
  46. bk1689

    CHW is great, gets me out more and helps me with my weekly DCA
  47. CryptoKeeper

    Me? You want to know what Coin Hunt World did to me? *Scoffs Where do I even begin... Monday. Wake up. Shower. Drive to the coffee shop. Drive to work. Tuesday. Wake up. Shower. Drive to the coffee shop. Drive to work. Wednesday. Wake up...well, you get the idea. Then I downloaded this app on my phone with a blue bar of soap as it's logo...Coin Hunt World. That was it. That is when my life changed... Enter arch-nemesis in this tale. You see, the once dreaded drive to my coffee shop has now become an early morning treasure hunt leading to a final escape room located inside the lobby of a Dunkin Donuts. The task may seem simple enough, answer a simple multiple choice trivia question, but the game often provides an RNG where you may encounter Trentasaurus inside this dungeon. Here's some background about Trentasaurus: She always orders a trenta-sized Dunkin Donuts...and has the following attributes. Attitude: 9 Hair: 1 Grumpiness: 10 Kindness: 3 And as a true demonstration of her villainy towards cryptonians, she drives a Fiat. No additional loot is given upon defeating this raid boss, but the daily raid drop provides me with enough crypto to pay for my coffee each day. I often look back on the life I once had before I began this daily adventure, and although Trentasaurus may not know it...I am grateful she is now an integral NPC in my life.
  48. Vixvl

    CHW in a COVID world... when we were all huddled inside, some of us alone, dealing with the world being turned upside down this was the one thing that got me outside again. Can’t see your friends? No worries! Here’s a happy faced blue cubie that gives you monies!
    It got me moving which was so good for my headspace at the time. And CHW, I believe, is so different from a lot of other crypto games that have a win / lose structure. With CHW there is only positive reinforcement, (aside from answering a question wrong) there is no beat down, no “you lose” it’s you pick up some crypto or you don’t and at no cost to you! Just some exercise. Anyways, appreciate you Coinhuntworld
  49. stormy_skies_ahead

    Working the pandemic response has been exhausting and has definitely taken a toll on so many people. CHW has been helpful in providing me with breaks where I have something fun to do that takes my mind off of work. My husband usually joins me so it is also helping both of us get out and healthy. My dog definitely doesn't mind the extra walks.
  50. AmyX

    CHW has gotten me back into running. I’ve even gone into the city for the first time since 2019. I found parts of my local suburbs that I never knew existed. And I am making friends as an adult, which is actually very hard to do!
  51. SeaWorm

    CHW helped push me farther than I ever thought I could go. My dog Mango is happier than ever to go on long walks. She was adopted from a homeless dog rescue. She means so much for me and she helps my depression and anxiety. Mango was facing being put down for being reactive to dogs. We ended up rescuing each other. CHW is not only free, but profitable.
  52. 2theMoon

    I discovered CHW at a time when I wanted to look into other ways to invest in my young son's future. Although crypto is volatile, CHW gives me an opportunity to stack and stack and stack, regardless of the volatility... CHW isn't for me, it's for my son.
  53. SuperVillain

    I live in a popular tourist spot so summers are usually insane. I normally try to avoid crowds but my dog Kiro loves them. CHW has gotten me out in public despite my hate for it and Kiro has been having the time of his life meeting all sorts of people and dogs. I can guarantee without this game there's no way I'd be out in public until at least October. This summer has taught me that most of the people that come here aren't as bad as I think they are. I've met some awesome people being out and about. So thanks yall for making an awesome game.
  54. ArtAkulyan

    This is one of the Best things happened lately to this planet. After the Pandemic a lot more people coming out for walks on the fresh air and just drive around with friends. and the trips are more interesting. even my 7year old daughter loves to answer the questions. her favorite subject is Lifestyle tnx Coin hunt.
  55. AHunt

    CHW gave me a reason to get back to one of my favorite places during the pandemic. There's a lovely trail around the lake downtown, close to my office, and I'd be there pretty much every day until covid hit. I decided to put some of my user vaults there for when I'd get back to work and do my walks. That has been delayed further but now I have a reason to drive into town, get some exercise, and take in the views.
  56. brown recluse

    Before Coin Hunt World I was a raging alcoholic! Seriously. I love hunting early in the morning, and the consistent exercise is paying dividends in so many aspects of my life. I like the idea that one day I can give these coins to my son. In no small way has this helped provide a sense of purpose in my life.
  57. CryptoOwl

    This game has been the best thing since, yup sliced bread. Gives me and the family time together outdoors, creates friendships virtual and in person, works the mind, the body and soul. No other game can offer these traits or fundamentals. The trivia part is the dopest! I come from a line of trivia peeps. We are constantly running trivia Q's by each other. Lol. To the devs I say thank you! Thank you for your time, funds, and passion invested into this game. To the players I say way to go good champs! Way to go for getting outdoors, getting together wither virtual or in person, and for supporting this awesome game!!!!
  58. Takealap

    I look after my great grandma she’s 102 years old , I’m not able to get out much other than the grocery store at the mall. But with chw it gives me something to do while I walk to the mall. While making a little bit of crypto I’ve made 200 Cad now walking to get groceries !
  59. kattack333

    I was looking for ways to hussle for money, while out of work during Covid. I hit some luck with NBA topshot. Hit a few stock swings(yes, GME was one). Then was researching the best ways to get into crypto, when I came across CHW. I didn't really see any better/cheaper way to accumulate crypto. The dogecoin event was so perfectly timed, right before it hit it's huge jump! I really wish I had hussled harder during that event!
  60. Boneguru

    great family activity, love the conversations this starts
  61. King Thermos

    I'm a gym rat but I hate cardio. Chw has me out biking my route of 4.5km a day. Got me biking enough to use most of my July funds to help raise money to fight children's cancer. (Over $400) I tried to bike 100km this month (August) but the wildfire smoke and being asthmatic has really stopped that from happening.
  62. JTKK

    I have been interested in crypto currency for a few years now and have invested a very small amount but was never comfortable in doing it. My family and a couple close friends were even less familiar with anything crypto than I was. Even as adults, my kids have been relying on me to manage their assets. I have been looking for a fun way to get them involved. Coin Hunt World has been a great way for everyone to join in and have fun while doing it. Now I find we are talking about crypto currency pretty well every day whether it be the price fluctuations, new crypto currencies or strategies for playing the game. They are so much more knowledgable and starting to take control of their own funds. We also tend to go coin hunting as a family so are spending quality time together. Lastly, we often bike or walk so the exercise is a great added bonus!!
  63. littlepenguiy

    Picture this. A mom weaving in and out of businesses, with a wide-toothed grin and unkempt hair in her face, as she stealthily collects keys and opens vaults on her little bicycle. Every single morning. I wouldn’t be surprised if I showed up on my local Facebook community group as a “suspicious character”. After all, I am stopping at exactly the same places, at exactly the same time every single morning. I was an avid cyclist pre-kids, riding upwards of 300-1000km a month. However, time and responsibilities made it impossible for me to resume riding following the birth of my first. Or, at least, that’s what I had myself convinced of. All it took were these cute little cubies and the burning desire to want to collect as many as I can to wake up at 5am so that I could ride again. Who would’ve thought!?
  64. Keke

    I had started a fitness journey last year but when I came across Coin Hunt World things really got going. I walk way more than I used to and have gotten to a point where I walk every day whether I do a workout or not. I’ve just recently completed all of my UV’s and look forward to my lunch break walks at work and my evening walks at home. I have gotten my husband into it and he is so much healthier now as well. I am at just over 60lbs lost. Overall as a family we are healthy and have a fun way to do it. We also have a lot more knowledge now!
  65. Hans

    Hiya, a friend put me onto CHW right before the crypto event. I take that as a good omen:) I’m very happy building a small yet growing stream of income. I plan to use this as a passive income to enjoy, invest and bless others with! CHW has made me really explore my neighborhood and nearby ones too. The trivia has also given me another fun activity to do with my s.o (they’re a bit skeptic but will be downloading the app soon to support me !) and inspired more of my bike rides which in turn gets me out there and working out! A special shout-out to the community too- it’s nice to talk to others who share similar viewpoints and interest in crypto:) Update! S.O downloaded the app
  66. ughhhnames

    I started biking after I got back from vacation due to this game and a while later I started going to the gym and overall I’ve felt so much healthier just by doing a little bit of exercise and I’ve made hundreds of dollars playing a simple trivia game! I’m trying to spread awareness for CHW I’m going to be putting up some posters
  67. Raynstorm

    CHW has put a spark back in my step. I tell everyone about it. Can't stop boasting about the benefits of joining this community both in game and this discord channel. Many changes have been happening but the devs do everything in their power to keep the game interesting and rewarding. Each UV that I help build gives me great pleasure knowing I am helping to build something great.
  68. Raynstorm

    Someone told me I should post this over here. I felt I should elaborate on my story. I more or less have dedicated my life to coin hunt world. Nothing better to do for a disabled veteran around here. And I have been more social and active than I have for a long time. I try to pay it forward by using my coin hunt proceeds to help people who can't help themselves. What is the point of building a community if we can't help one another. Pay for homeless persons meal, hand the lady in front of you the $1 or 2 she needs for her purchase instead of letting her choose the one item she needs the least. Buy an old couple on a fixed incomes meal. And when they thank you, tell them Coin Hunt World made it possible. My wife and I are the only hunters around here so the help we can offer is limited right now but as we grow our team it will give us more helping power.
  69. khag

    I moved to Reading PA in April. I don't know the area, the roads, what stores are where, or just generally how to get from A to B After a few months now of planning out and driving routes, I'm finally comfortable with how to get from point A to B. It's not the best "feel good" story, but CHW has made me comfortable in a new city by forcing me to learn how to get around.
  70. j5d

    Little win: finished building my first User Vault.