The Coin Hunt World WikiPod is a podcast created and hosted by Template:ISpeakNerd on Decemeber 6, 2021. Each episode features updates from the CHW WikiTeam on the state of the Wiki, WikiTeam member introductions, Bitcoin Crypto Ethereum Education 📚, and 🧶 Dubious Speculation on changes for the Coin Hunt World game.

List of episodes

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Latest episode

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01🔷December 6, 2021🔷"Teaser"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷Alriad🔷🔷🔷WikiPod Teaser 02🔷December 6, 2021🔷"Smart Contracts"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷Alriad🔷🔷Pat Morita Event🔷Smart contracts 03🔷December 9, 2021🔷"Wikinews - December 9 2021"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷🔷🔷Pat Morita Event🔷3rd Hunters Lodge 04🔷December 14, 2021🔷"Play to Earn"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷posp🔷🔷🔷Play to Earn game scene 05🔷December 19, 2021🔷"KYC - Part 1"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷Korkio🔷🔷Christmas Event 2021🔷Know Your Customer 06🔷December 27, 2021🔷"KYC - Part 2"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷Korkio🔷🔷Christmas Event 2021🔷Know Your Customer 07🔷January 14, 2022🔷"Crypto Exchanges"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷Fullofdumplins🔷🔷Suku Event🔷Crypto Exchanges 08🔷January 21, 2022🔷"Tokenomics"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷Label.🔷Alriad🔷🔷Tokenomics 09🔷January 23, 2022🔷"Wiki Community Call"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷🔷🔷🔷Community Call 10🔷January 27, 2022🔷"Crypto Wallets"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷MarvinsMama🔷🔷🔷Crypto Wallets 11🔷February 7, 2022🔷"Open Source Coding"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷khag🔷🔷🔷Open Source Coding 12🔷February 11, 2022🔷"Taxes"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷Korkio🔷🔷🔷Taxes 13🔷February 14, 2022🔷"CHW Trivia"🔷Marlov🔷ReneeVdB🔷🔷🔷CHW Trivia 14🔷March 4, 2022🔷"ETHDenver 2022 miniseries ep1"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷Joyce Chin🔷🔷ETHDenver 2022🔷Defi concepts, GRO Protocol 15🔷March 10, 2022🔷"ETHDenver 2022 miniseries ep2"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷Humpty Calderon🔷🔷ETHDenver 2022🔷Reputation in web3, Orange Protocol 16🔷March 17, 2022🔷"ETHDenver 2022 miniseries ep3"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷Tap and Cosmo from POAPathon🔷🔷ETHDenver 2022🔷Design contests, paying artists, running DAOs 17🔷March 24, 2022🔷"Making NFTs"🔷iSpeakNerd🔷billybrkr🔷🔷🔷Making NFTs 18🔷April 7, 2022🔷"DAOs"🔷Korkio🔷iSpeakNerd🔷🔷🔷DAOs