The Cubieverse Community Map allows hunters to track and share the location of in-game structures, including Uservaults, Keybooths, Printshops and more. The map was created by Template:Anakura in July 2021 and currently provides the location of over 140,000 POIs all over the world.

Link to the Cubieverse Community Map

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Video Tutorial

Credit: LeifTheImpaler

The Community Map costs about $65 per month to host and maintain. Without donations, the map website would be forced to shut down. Please consider donating:

Community Development

The map was built by Anakura to show all discovered keys, vaults and print shops and other Points of Interest (POI).

Please help by adding locations you know so other players can benefit from it. This is NOT an opportunity to add POIs IN GAME, this was created to allow hunters to track and share the location of POIs that already exist in the game.

Adding Points of interest is very easy and quick on Desktop and Mobile.

  • Zoom in on the location you need to add the POI
  • Right click (desktop) or long press (mobile) on the map at the approximate location of the POI
  • Select the appropriate POI from the options provided.

Other players might visit your Uservaults when they see them on the map.

POIs not on the list - Some POI are not available to place for all hunters. Higher tiered vaults need to be added by developers of the map.

The Cubieverse Community Map Discord Server

Reasons to Join the Discord

  • Follow for announcements about the map
  • Contact the developer
  • Report bugs
  • Inform the community about higher tier vault locations so the devs can add them to the map

Coin Hunt World map overview as of November 13, 2023.