Cryptocurrency used to be the main reward within CubieVerse. With the previous reward system, the player had a very high chance at getting a Prize Box from any Vault. See Vaults for more information.

Icon Name Drops From Notes
Bitcoin All Vaults Awarded as alt= SatoshiSatoshi, the smallest fraction of the Bitcoin. 100 million Satoshi = one Bitcoin.
Ethereum All Vaults Awarded as alt= GweiGwei, a fraction of the Ether. 1 billion Gwei = one Ether.
Dogecoin Green "dog houses" during the Doge Event -
Veriblock Veriblock Green Vaults during the Veriblock Event -
Suku Suku Green Vaults during the SUKU Event -

For more information about Cryptocurrency, please visit the Wikipedia page about Cryptocurrency or our Cryptopedia page.