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Blue 'Dumping' crypto means: Selling
Blue 'While it began as a misspelling of 'hold,' over time HODL has come to mean __' Hold On for Dear Life
Blue A blockchain is what type of computing system? Distributed
Blue A blockchain with one or a small number of nodes is said to be what? Centralized
Blue A collection of digital assets bundled together as a single asset is called what? basket
Blue A crypto wallet that is connected to the internet is called what? Hot wallet
Blue A crypto wallet that is not connected to the internet is called what? Cold wallet
Blue A currency that only exists digitally is called what? Digital currency
Blue A public blockchain that has distributed nodes is said to be what? Decentralized
Blue A wide variety of investments in a portfolio is called what? Diversification
Blue An 'middleman' between two parties is known as what? Intermediary
Blue An app that allows you to view details on a blockchain is called what? Block explorer
Blue An app that runs on a decentralized network is called what? DApp
Blue An automated teller machine to buy or sell Bitcoin is called what? Bitcoin ATM
Blue An increase in value of an investment is called what? Gain
Blue Belief that a cryptocurrency price will go up is called what? Bullish
Blue Bitcoin is a: Cryptocurrency
Blue Bitcoin/Ethereum (BTC/ETH)) is an example of what? Trading pair
Blue Chainlink is an example of: Blockchain Oracle
Blue Cryptocurrencies sold to the public to raise funds for new projects are known as what? ICOs
Blue Decision making power in a cryptocurrency project is known as what? Governance
Blue Decline in purchasing power is known as what? Inflation
Blue Ethereum and Solana are examples of: Layer-1 blockchains
Blue Exchange without the need for a centralized intermediary is known as Decentralized exchange
Blue HODL is crypto slang for: Hold On for Dear Life
Blue If a coin or token is interchangeable with another identical coin or token it is Fungible
Blue If anyone can participate in a network, it is said to be what? Public
Blue If someone trades an asset based on private information it is called what? Insider trading
Blue In crypto slang, someone who holds crypto during dips has what? Diamond hands
Blue Legal tender by a government decree, not backed by any commodity, is known as what? Fiat Money
Blue Purchasing an asset with the belief that it will increase in value is called Investing
Blue Reduction in prices in an economy is known as what? Deflation
Blue Storing your crypto offline is called what? Cold storage
Blue The belief that an asset price will go down is called what? Bearish
Blue The first block on a new blockchain is called what? Genesis Block
Blue The highest price a cryptocurrency has ever reached is called what? All-Time-High
Blue The lowest price a cryptocurrency has ever reached is called what? All-Time-Low
Blue The number of crypto coins that are circulating in the market is called what? Circulating Supply
Blue The percent of the overall cryptocurrency market held by Bitcoin is called what? Bitcoin dominance
Blue Trace amount of cryptocurrency in a wallet is referred to as what? Dust
Blue Trace amount of cryptocurrency in a wallet is reffered to as Dust
Blue Uniswap and Chainlink are examples of Layer2 protocols
Blue What are crypto coins other than bitcoin commonly called? Altcoins
Blue What aspirational automobile is most popular among crypto enthusiasts? Lambo
Blue What crypto slang word means 'price drop'? Dip
Blue What does 'burning' a crypto token do? Removes from circulation
Blue What does 'Buy the dip' mean? Buy at low prices
Blue What does a Bitcoin miner get if they solve the cryptographic problem? Block reward
Blue What does DeFi stands for? Decentralized Finance
Blue What does DEX stand for? Decentralized Exchange
Blue What does double spending mean? Money spent twice
Blue What does FUD stand for? Fear Uncertainty Doubt
Blue What does KYC stand for? Know Your Customer
Blue What does the state of New York require for a business to engage with virtual currency? BitLicense
Blue What hypothetical event does ETH overtake BTC in market cap? Flippening
Blue What is a digital currency that is secured by cryptography called? Cryptocurrency
Blue What is a marketing campaign to distribute crypto tokens called? Airdrop
Blue What is a person who strongly believes in Bitcoin called? Bitcoiner
Blue What is another term for a blockchain split? Fork
Blue What is the absolute maximum supply of a cryptocurrency called? Hard Cap
Blue What is the Binance Coin trading symbol? BNB
Blue What is the Bitcoin trading symbol? BTC
Blue What is the Cardano trading symbol? ADA
Blue What is the Chainlink trading symbol LINK
Blue What is the Cosmos trading symbol? ATOM
Blue What is the Dogecoin trading symbol? DOGE
Blue What is the Ethereum trading symbol ETH
Blue What is the fee to send a transaction on the Ethereum network called? Gas
Blue What is the file containing transactions to be added to a blockchain called? Block
Blue What is the Filecoin trading symbol? FIL
Blue What is the Litecoin trading symbol? LTC
Blue What is the Monero trading symbol? XMR
Blue What is the native currency on the Ethereum blockchain? Ether
Blue What is the number of transactions executed per second referred to as? TPS
Blue What is the Polkadot trading symbol? DOT
Blue What is the Polygon trading symbol? MATIC
Blue What is the process of verifying identity before granting access called? Authentication
Blue What is the smallest unit of computer information? Bit
Blue What is the Solana trading symbol? SOL
Blue What is the Stellar trading symbol? XLM
Blue What is the Tether trading symbol? USDT
Blue What is the Tron trading symbol? TRX
Blue What is the Uniswap trading symbol? UNI
Blue What phrase means due diligence? Do Your Own Research
Blue What process converts encrypted data into readable information? Decryption
Blue What type of algorithm can encrypt and decrypt information? Cipher
Blue What type of crypto wallet allows you to store private keys in a secure physical device? Hardware wallet
Blue What type of distribution gives small amounts of crypto? Faucet
Blue What type of price chart is commonly used on crypto trading platforms? Candlestick chart
Blue What type of public sale happens through a bidding process? Auction
Blue What type of software is designed to protect against cyber attacks? Antivirus
Blue When money is borrowed, who pays interest? Borrower
Blue When money is borrowed, who receives interest? Lender
Blue Which event sees the Bitcoin block rewards cut in half? Halving
Blue Which is an example of fiat currency? Canadian Dollars
Blue Which movement promotes privacy-enhancing technology? Cypherpunk
Blue Which platform is commonly used for open source software development GitHub
Blue Who possesses cryptocurrency funds in non-custodial wallets? Private key owner
Blue Who was the creator of the Bitcointalk internet forum? Satoshi Nakamoto
Green 'In the money' and 'out of the money' are terms used in what type of trading? Options
Green A blockchain that coordinates shard chains is called what? Beacon chain
Green A financial instrument that derives its value from an underlying asset is called what? Derivative
Green A reward that is given to people who improve a crypto project is known as what? Bounty
Green A string of numbers and letters where cryptocurrency is sent to is known as what? Address
Green A system that get stronger when under stress or attack is called what? Antifragile
Green Buying and selling crypto in different markets due to price differences is called what? Arbitrage
Green CBDCs are digital currencies issued by what organizations? Central banks
Green Coins or tokens traded between two blockchains automatically are called what? Atomic Swaps
Green Consensus when some nodes disagree is known as what? Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Green Decentralization, scalability and security are the central issues in: Blockchain Trilemma
Green Events that do not occur simultaneously are called what? Asynchronous
Green Exchange of information between different blockchains is called what? Cross-Chain
Green If a group takes majority control of a mining network, it is referred to as what? 51% Attack
Green In crypto, what is a formal codebase inspection called? Audit
Green Inability to be changed is known as: Immutability
Green Laws designed to prevent laundering money through cryptocurrency is known as? Anti-Money Laundering
Green Layer 1 blockchains typically have a native what? Coin
Green Nodes that validate and maintain the entire history of the Bitcoin blockchain are what? Full Nodes
Green The amount of computational power of a crypto network per second is called what? Hash rate
Green The base layer of a blockchain protocol called what? Layer1
Green The price that someone is willing to pay for an asset is called what? Bid Price
Green What company developed the MetaMask wallet? ConsenSys
Green What does FIFO stand for? First In, First Out
Green What does the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) allow? Changes to Bitcoin
Green What is a set of rule based calculations performed by a computer called? Algorithm
Green What is the 0x trading symbol? ZRX
Green What is the Algorand trading symbol? ALGO
Green What is the Axie Infinity trading symbol? AXS
Green What is the Balancer trading symbol? BAL
Green What is the Basic Attention Token trading symbol? BAT
Green What is the BitTorrent trading symbol? BTT
Green What is the Compound trading symbol? COMP
Green What is the trading symbol? CRO
Green What is the Curve DAO Token trading symbol? CRV
Green What is the FTX Token trading symbol? FTT
Green What is The Graph trading symbol? GRT
Green What is the Hedera Hashgraph trading symbol? HBAR
Green What is the Icon trading symbol? ICX
Green What is the Loopring trading symbol? LRC
Green What is the Maker trading symbol? MKR
Green What is the mathematical relationship between the price and supply of an asset? Bonding curve
Green What is the NEM trading symbol? XEM
Green What is the Paxos Standard trading symbol? PAX
Green What is the Serum trading symbol? SRM
Green What is the Status trading symbol? SNT
Green What is the Synthetix trading symbol? SNX
Green What is the technical standard for NFTs issued on Ethereum? ERC-721
Green What is the technical standard for tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain? ERC-20
Green What is the Terra trading symbol? LUNA
Green What is the Tezos trading symbol? XTZ
Green What is the THORChain trading symbol? RUNE
Green What is the unit of time it takes for a blockchain to produce a new block? Block Time
Green What is the VeChain trading symbol? VET
Green What is the trading symbol? YFI
Green What is the Zcash trading symbol? ZEC
Green What problem do decentralized systems face coming to consensus? Byzantine Generals Problem
Green What test is used to determine if an asset is a security? Howey Test
Green What type of algorithm can encrypt and decrypt information? Cipher
Green What type of attack uses trial and error to crack a password? Brute Force Attack
Green What type of computer hardware is used for the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrency? ASIC Miners
Green What type of phrase includes letters and numbers? Alphanumeric
Green What type of program is used to automate trades on a cryptocurrency exchange? Trading bots
Green What type of reward is given for identifying vulnerabilities in a codebase? Bug bounty
Green What type of reward is given for identifyinig vulnerabilities in a codebase? Bug bounty
Green What word means 'of or relating to money'? Fiscal
Green Which cryptographer pioneered Bitcoin's development? Hal Finney
Green Who publicly claimed to be 'Satoshi Nakamoto'? Craig Wright
Red What is the internet computer trading symbol? ICP
Yellow A security measure where computer networks are not connected is known as what? Air-Gap
Yellow An application-specific integrated circuit is referred to as what? ASIC
Yellow Blockchains with algorithms that prevent ASIC mining are known as? ASIC-Resistant
Yellow Temporary loss of funds for liquidity providers due volatility of a trading pair is: Impermanent loss
Yellow The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) acts as a bank for which entities? Central banks
Yellow The difference between a buyer's highest bid and a seller's lowest ask is called what? Bid-Ask Spread
Yellow What is an application specific integrated circuit called? ASIC
Yellow What is the Avalanche trading symbol? AVAX
Yellow What is the Bancor trading symbol? BNT
Yellow What is the DigiByte trading symbol? DGB
Yellow What is the Kusama trading symbol? KSM
Yellow What is the minimum price a seller is willing to accept for an asset called? Ask Price
Yellow What is the Siacoin trading symbol? SC
Yellow What is the trading symbol for Perpetual Protocol? PERP
Yellow What type of ledger is designed to provide proof of individual transactions? Attestation
Yellow What type of system provides liquidity to an exchange via automated trading? Automated Market Maker
Yellow What's the stock ticker for blockbuster? BBI