Cubie Blueprints are a specific type of Blueprint. They are used at Printshops to craft Cubies from Resources.

Cubie Blueprint Icon

How do I get Cubie Blueprints?

The main ways to acquire Cubie Blueprints are:


  • A player can only receive each blueprint drop from a Vault if they've never owned that blueprint before. From Illusionweaver: "If you owned a specific blueprint (either by getting it from a vault reward, the shop or the auction house) then this blueprint will never drop again from a vault reward. You can, however, obtain it again via the auction house.)"
  • Some Cubie Blueprints are "Randomizer's" such as the Cat Cubie Blueprint. The resulting Cat Cubies such as Missy Cat Cubie and Boba Cat Cubie cannot be printed with certainty at a Printshop.
  • All players start with the Blue Cubie. There is no Cubie Blueprint for the Blue Cubie, so nobody can craft more of them. There are four more Basic Cubies, each a different color, which can be printed at a Printshop from a Cubie Blueprint plus the required Resources. These 4 blueprints can drop any time opening a vault except during Special Events. Once that blueprint drops for a player, it will never drop again for that player.
  • If a player has all the resources available to him/her to print this cubie, a little printer icon will appear on the Blueprint.

Cubie Print Times

Cubies printed at Printshops vary in the time required until completed based on their rarity. Print times are in the following table

Blueprint Print Times
Blueprint Rarity Time to Print
Common 5 minutes
Rare 10 minutes
Epic 20 minutes
Legendary 60 minutes