File:Cubiedozer example.jpg
A cubiedozer spotted in-game.

Cubiedozer (Cubie Dozer) is an in-game objects that players can interact with to supply Resin for the construction of Blue Uservaults.

Fueling the Cubiedozer

Cubiedozers appear after a Requested Uservault Location is Approved. Once approved, any user can interact with the Cubiedozer within it’s 10 Meter Interaction Radius. Interacting with a Cubiedozer allows the user to supply Resin in units of 100 by dragging the Resin icon into the Cubiedozer icon above. Once all 10,000 Resin is supplied to the Cubiedozer it activates and begins to move on the map. This signifies the construction of a Uservault and will be completed in an hour, replacing the Cubiedozer with an active Uservault. After completion the owner of the Uservault will be notified of its completion via an in-game letter.


With the upcoming introduction of Structures and a rework of Uservaults, it is expected that there will be many changes to how Cubiedozers will function in the future. Exact details are currently unknown and will be added when information is confirmed.