Coin Hunt World and Cubieverse development history!

Version 1.x

Version 1.0.x

Version 1.0.13

  • Released on March 10, 2022
  • Headquarters Leveling is introduced
  • CHW is now available fully in Spanish
  • Vaults on cooldown now appear grayed out instead of disappearing
  • You can now filter Auction House listings to show only HQ Skin BPs or NFT BPs
  • The White Cubie was released in White Tier Regions along with the White Cubie BP and White Paint.

Version 1.0.2

Version 0.x

Coin Hunt World is currently in Open Beta on iOS with TestFlight and released on Android.

Version 0.9.x


Dynamic Rewards Tweaks

Two new modes, Hunter and Chill.


  • Crisper, cleaner graphics. Enabled by default, turn off for improved battery life and less heat production.


Dynamic Rewards

  • Question timer implemented
  • Vault crypto rewards will be reduced according to time taken to respond starting Monday 08-23-2021
  • Timer only affects crypto rewards (possibly Leaderboard Points as well, waiting for confirmation), in-game resource rewards are NOT affected.
  • 100% crypto reward if you answer in 3 seconds or less.
  • 60% crypto reward if you answer in 10 seconds or less.
  • 40% crypto reward if you answer in 25 seconds or less.

Map Auto-Rotate

  • Map auto rotate feature now exists, it keeps the map oriented in the direction you're moving automatically.
  • Find the option in your profile by clicking your current cubie in the bottom left corner.

Remote Destroy HQ

  • Pay 1 Green Key to destroy your HQ from afar.

New Trivia Categories & Questions

  • Not sure yet what they are.


  • Ethereum Cubie arriving in the shop soon!
  • Developer mode check at startup removed
  • Uservaults from banned accounts removed
  • Bug fixes and various improvements


  • Bug fixes & improvements


  • Getting all the systems ready to go for Canada Day Event!
  • Bug fixes & improvements


  • Ethereum rewards from vaults are now displayed in Gwei (1 eth = 1 billion Gwei)
  • Your total Ethereum is still displayed as eth in your inventory
  • Players on your friends list now have a “Last Online” indicator
  • Long press on a Blueprint in your inventory now shows extra information about the rarity and print restrictions
  • Tiered resource boxes. Higher tier vaults now drop resource boxes that have much more paint in them
  • Happy Hour added
  • Mystery Box added
  • Pirate Captain Cubie added


New Cubies! Mystery Box! Bug fixes & improvements.


  • HOTFIX v0.9.1 is out, this fixes the Cubie Crane issue


Bugs fixed & Improvements:

  • Players receive an in-game msg when one of their referrals becomes active
  • 5.000 Resin reward for new players their first HQ construction to get them started towards their first UV
  • Create Account & Login are now separate screens
  • Purple Vaults have a longer trivia timer
  • New Mailroom icon
  • Go back when tapping ACCOUNT
  • Disabling BQ's while one is active does not cancel the current active one
  • Cubies are now centered in the inventory
  • Cubiecrane sound improved
  • Cubiecrane pop up on tapping “constructing Yellow Vault
  • Backing out of a friends card should keep you in the position of the friends list you were in, not reset back to the top
  • Add the username of the owner at the top of the Uservault screen
  • Uservaults now accept characters and numbers in the name
  • UV minimum distance changed to 100 meters (328feet)
  • Improvements on QR codes on iOS
  • Various fixes & improvements



Bug Fixes:

  • When you tap on the OK button of any pop-up you also interact with whatever is under the button
  • Map improvements (footpaths) and fixes (water body glitch)
  • Improved process for players to upload pictures (UV and PQ)
  • Cubiecrane building sounds improved


New Developments:

  • Yellow Vaults have been added to the game.
  • We improved our map data significantly. This was a major overhaul from the previous data so please help us out finding anomalies etc. Come talk to us on Discord, feedback wanted!
  • Vaults and Keybooths now Respawn at fixed times. (noon UTC and midnight UTC for blue vaults, noon UTC for green vaults and Keybooths, monday’s noon UTC for yellow vaults)
  • Trivia UI update
  • The Photobox twitter message now automatically includes your referral code.
  • Blue Vaults have a reduced chance of dropping keys and resin
  • Blue Uservaults (UV’s) have an increased chance of dropping keys and resin
  • A lot of bug-fixes and improvements


Uphold export:

   We have been saying coming soon for a while, but it’s finally here!
   In this build we start phase 1 of the feature that allows players to export the tokens they collected in Coin Hunt World to their Uphold account.
   This feature will roll out in 3 phases:

Phase 1 : unlock the export

NOTE: If you do not have an Uphold account yet, download their app and create one first.

Uphold app for Android

Uphold app for iOS

Once you have your Uphold account follow these steps:

   If you go to the crypto tab in your inventory you will see a UNLOCK UPHOLD button.
   When you tap it you will get to the unlock page.
   Drag 10,000 resin into the slot to unlock it.
   You only have to do this once.
   Once unlocked with resin, now you can tap the button again to enter your uphold details.
   Enter the email address associated with your uphold account.


If you enter the wrong email address your cryptocurrencies could be sent to the wrong address and you will lose access to them! There is nothing we can do about this, there is no undo button!!! Phase 2 : test transaction on April 6th

   On April 6th we will send a test transaction to every user that has entered their Uphold details.
   This test transaction will be the reward they received from the very first vault they opened.
   After April 6th check your incoming transactions on your Uphold account to see if you received this. If you entered your uphold details before April 6th and you did not receive anything by April 7th: please use the Bug Report button in the app to create a support ticket.

Phase 3 : remaining balance transaction on April 13th

   Then one week later, if everything worked smoothly, we will export the remaining balance for all players who activated their uphold export.
   From this point on, all tokens players collect in Coin Hunt World will be exported to their connected Uphold wallet on every Tuesday.

Other new additions:

  • Several improvements on Photo Quests and Buddy Quests.
  • When you grab a key from a keybooth it will change into a key {{forge}], indicating to players that there is now a new interaction available with this structure.
  • Something cool is coming soon :P
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.




New Developments:

  • Resource Box drop rate increased on Green Vaults
  • Valentine's event implemented Spinner at login
  • Printshop interaction radius enhanced
  • Zoom in map Is remembered for each player, so when coming back the camera stays the same

Bugs, Corrections & Improvements:

  • Walking away from seesaw goes back to map
  • Solved Monster graphical glitch in leaderboard animation


Unified login system: we simplified the account creation process to email only. You can no longer create accounts using Facebook, Google, ApplelD login.

If you previously used Facebook/Google or ApplelD to create your account: you will be asked to enter an email address on your first login. This will then become the primary email for your Coin Hunt World Account.

If you already used email to create your account: nothing changes for you.

  • Buddy Quest temporarily turned off while we fix some issues with them.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements


Automatic reward calculation & new respawn timers:

  • The Prize Box rewards are now automatically adjusted to the current price of the cryptocurrencies they give out according to the table below.
  • The Respawn Timers on the vaults have been updated as well.

Christmas Event:

  • The Christmas Event will run from Dec 18 till Jan 1st and will include the floating Christmas Vault with $2000 value of Bitcoin inside, the Christmas Cubies crafting challenge and a special Photobox contest!

Boosted Vaults:

Upgraded Photobox system:

  • You now have more control over the picture quality of Photobox twitter pictures
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements