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Blue A seizure is often a burst of what in the brain? Electrical activity
Blue Acquired brain injury refers to brain damage that takes place after... Birth
Blue ADHD can be caused by all of the following, except: Bad parenting
Blue ADHD individuals tend to work well under: Pressure
Blue Alcohol is a known trigger of epileptic seizures. When do they typically happen? During hangovers
Blue All of the following can make mobility with MS problematic except? Flexibility
Blue All of these are covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act except? All of these
Blue All of these are examples of discrimination in the workplace except? Offered assistance
Blue All of these are goals for the care of a deaf-blind person EXCEPT? Gaining sight and sound
Blue All of these are ways to help members of the disabled community except? Touching assistive devices
Blue As of June 2023, how many people in the US are legally blind? 1.3 million
Blue ASD individuals often experience difficulty when trying to understand: Sarcasm
Blue Before helping a person who might appear to have a disability, you should? Always ask first
Blue Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking had which learning disability in common? Dyslexia
Blue Blind people are how many times more likely to have nightmares? Four times
Blue By 2050, WHO estimates that how many people will have some degree of hearing loss? 2.5 billion
Blue Damage to what organ causes cerebral palsy? Brain
Blue Difficulty with numerical concepts and mathematical operations is characteristic of: Dyscalculia
Blue Frank Stephens is an actor and award-winning advocate for which condition? Down Syndrome
Blue Globally, how many people are diagnosed with epilepsy every year? 5 million
Blue How many characters are there in braille? 63
Blue How many types of basic hearing loss are there? 3
Blue If a person tells you they're deaf, the best response is to... Smile
Blue If there is a neural tube defect, that means it... Didn't form properly
Blue If you do not understand what a person with a speech disability says, you should... Ask them to repeat it
Blue In Tourette's, the uncomfortable sensation preceding a tic is called a: Premonitory urge
Blue In Tourette's, tics comprising brief, sudden, rapid, and repetitive movements are called: Motor tics
Blue In what country did Gilles de la Tourette initially document Tourette's Syndrome? France
Blue Instead of diverging creases on their palms, people with Down Syndrome often have what? A single transverse crease
Blue Is epilepsy contagious? No it's not
Blue It is important to learn the language of people with disabilities because...? It empowers them
Blue Most cerebral palsy cases are diagnosed by what age? 2 years old
Blue Multiple sclerosis is considered to be a/an? Autoimmune disease
Blue None of these help with disability pride and awareness except? Use people-first speech
Blue Osteoarthritis is also known as... Degenerative joint disease
Blue Painful sensations coming from part of a limb that's no longer there is referred to as? Phantom limb pain
Blue Photosensitive epilepsy can be triggered by which of the following? Flashing lights
Blue Poor working memory, time blindness and impulsivity are common in those with: ADHD
Blue Regarding motivation, the ADHD nervous system is best described as being: Interest-based
Blue Sensory processing disorder may be present in those with ADHD and? Autism
Blue Sounds at __ or higher can lead to hearing loss if listened to for more the 8 hours at a time. 85 dBA
Blue Spastic cerebral palsy is caused by damage to what part of the brain? Motor cortex
Blue Spina bifida is most commonly found in what group of people? Hispanic females
Blue Synesthesia in which numbers and letters all have specific colors is known as: Grapheme-color
Blue Synesthesia when tasting food is famously portrayed in a scene of which animated film? Ratatouille
Blue The complete congenital absence of one or more limbs is medically known as? Amelia
Blue The debunked theory that autism is caused by lack of 'maternal warmth' is called: Refrigerator Mother
Blue The entrepreneur Elon Musk has openly discussed his experience with which condition? Asperger's syndrome
Blue The most skilled lip readers can only understand what percentage of spoken language? 25-30%
Blue The process of hiding autistic traits in order to fit into social situations is called: Masking
Blue The strange sensation usually felt before a seizure happens is called a/an? Aura
Blue The type of amputation that occurs above the elbow is known by which two letter? AE
Blue Those who are born blind and lose their hearing as adults often continue to communicate... With speech
Blue Those who are born Deaf and lose their sight as adults can continue to communicate... Using sign language
Blue Those who have had an amputation as a result of trauma are more likely to develop? PTSD
Blue What is a common difficulty experienced by individuals with dyslexia? Reading
Blue What is a common misconception about Tourette's Syndrome? All other choices
Blue What is a symptom of Tourette's Syndrome? Tics
Blue What is considered bad etiquette to a person who is blind? Talking louder than usual
Blue What is the most common kind of cerebral palsy? Spastic
Blue What is the most common type of Down Syndrome? Trisomy 21
Blue What is the most widely accepted term to call a person who has hearing loss? Deaf
Blue What is the term for the weak muscle tone often seen in individuals with Down Syndrome? Hypotonia
Blue What kind of seizures are also called 'petit mal'? Absence seizures
Blue What kind of test can help confirm an epilepsy diagnosis? EEG
Blue What part of the body does rheumatoid arthritis mainly attack? Joints
Blue What percentage of blindness caused by diabetes is preventable? 90%
Blue What percentage of Deaf children are born to hearing parents? 90%
Blue What percentage of people with cerebral palsy have an intellectual disability? 30-50%
Blue What songwriter with dyslexia is known for iconic songs like 'Imagine' and 'Hey Jude'? John Lennon
Blue What type of condition is ADHD? Neurodevelopmental
Blue What type of condition is Tourette's Syndrome? Neurological
Blue What's the best thing you can do when meeting up with a person who is differently-abled? Check for accessibility
Blue What's the name of the trained canine that often accompanies a blind person? Guide dog
Blue When communicating, individuals with ASD tend to have difficulties understanding: Nonverbal cues
Blue Where was braille invented? France
Blue Which actor and bodybuilder, who lost 80% of his hearing as a baby, played The Hulk? Lou Ferrigno
Blue Which eye test do optometrists use to measure one's distance visual acuity? Snellen chart
Blue Which famous chef, known as the Naked Chef, openly discussed his struggles with dyslexia? Jamie Oliver
Blue Which group is most likely to develop MS? 20-40 year old White women
Blue Which is not characteristic of ADHD? Impeccable punctuality
Blue Which is one of the two bodies that enforces the Americans with Disabilities Act? US Department of Justice
Blue Which Marvel superhero is completely blind? Daredevil
Blue Which of these can hinder a Deaf person's ability to read your lips? All of these
Blue Which of these does fibromyalgia amplify? Pain
Blue Which of these features on US coins can blind people use to identify them? Ridges on the sides
Blue Which of these is a good practice when communicating with someone who is Deaf? Eliminate background noise
Blue Which of these is a major limitation of spina bifida? Mobility
Blue Which of these is a no-no when assisting a person who is blind? Leave the room unannounced
Blue Which of these is a violation of the rights of a student with a disability? Service animal denial
Blue Which of these is also used to refer to blind people? Visually impaired
Blue Which of these is common in people with MS? Imbalance
Blue Which of these should you keep in mind when helping someone with a disability? Avoid being patronizing
Blue Which of these statements about cerebral palsy isn't true? It's acquired in adulthood
Blue Which of these things can happen during a seizure? All of these things can happen
Blue Which of these US laws covers ALL individuals with disabilities? ADA
Blue Which of these visually impaired musicians became blind at 6 weeks old? Stevie Wonder
Blue Which olympic medalist in swimming is a self-advocate for ADHD? Michael Phelps
Blue Which option is not necessary when dealing with someone who is Deaf? Talk very slowly
Blue Which popular singer and actress with Down Syndrome is known for her role in 'Glee'? Lauren Potter
Blue Which should you not use when giving a blind person directions? Go that way
Blue Which statement about MS is false? It's usually lethal
Blue Which statement is unhelpful when speaking to someone with ADHD? All other choices
Blue Which term refers to the individual who experiences synesthesia? Synesthete
Blue Which two limbs are affected in a person with diplegia cerebral palsy? The legs
Blue Who coined the term 'neurodiversity' in relation to autism in the late 1990s? Judy Singer
Blue Who is the patron saint of the blind? Saint Lucy
Green The ADA applies to private employers with __ or more employees. 15
Green When compared to ASL, Black American Sign Language (BASL) is more likely to use... More syntactic repetition
Green Which subtype of sensory processing disorder affects motor skills and coordination? Dyspraxia