Below are the Discord commands available in the Coin Hunt World Discord channel.

Use "." and the command to trigger an answer from Carl-Bot.

Coin Hunt World! Discord Server

Advanced Commands

Command Response
!rank Check your Rank in the Discord Server. Reach Level 5 to unlock the Hunters Lodge Discord Channel!
$hh or .hh Report that it is Happy Hour in-game.
$hhcat <category> or .hh <category> Report the boosted category
$hhyet Check if happy hour has already happened today
$mb For fun, CubieBot will guess the contents of your next Mystery Box
$ws <query> Search the CHW wiki for <query>, returns a link

Basic Commands

Command Response
2021recap Medium Article: "Here is the 2021 Retrospective"
ah See alt= Auction HouseAuction House
airrecipe See alt= Air CubieAir Cubie
anakurasmap See anakura's Community Map
bar The CoinHuntWorld Bar and Chill is a semi-off-topic hangout for CHW players, brought to you by Raynstorm!

Discord: "the bartop" Twitch: "the main event"

bitcoinrecipe See alt= Bitcoin CubieBitcoin Cubie
blackcatrecipe See alt= Black Cat CubieBlack Cat Cubie

Purple KeyPurple KeyPurple KeyPurple KeyPurple Key Are ya ready kids? (Aye aye kookoo!) I can't heaaaar you (Aye aye Illu!)

Ooooohhhhhh who lives in a purple vault on Hawaii Blocboi Coin Hunt! Cubic and blocky and crypto is he Blocboi Coin Hunt! If decentralized finance be something you wish Blocboi Coin Hunt! Then coin hunt the dip and go eat the rich! Blocboi Coin Hunt! Blocboi Coin Hunt Blocboi Coin Hunt Blocboi Coin Hunt Blocboiiiiiiiii Coin Huuuuuuunt Purple VaultPurple VaultPurple VaultPurple VaultPurple Vault

bluerecipe See alt= Blue CubieBlue Cubie
bq See Buddy Quest

I got a buddy quest but I don't know what to do!

Goal of the buddy quest: you and your buddy should be at your respective BQ locations at the same time. Click on the seesaw together to complete the BQ.

Distance to your BQ location: Your BQ location is usually within 5km of your Head Quarters. Your buddy's BQ location will usually be within 5km of their HQ. The max distance to a BQ is 22km, but MOST LIKELY it will be at a cluster of points of interest closer to you.

Don't know what to do? Have no fear! Do this:

  1. Click on the Cubie avatar in the bottom left to bring up a menu
  2. Click on Friends
  3. Click on Manage Friends
  4. The friend with the blue-cubie-white-cubie face next to their name is your Buddy for your Buddy Quest
  5. You have 1 week from the original notification to complete your BQ
  6. You need to arrange a time for you and your buddy to be at your respective BQ locations, to click on the seesaw together
  7. Your BQ location is within 22km of your HQ
  8. Your buddy's BQ location is within 22km of their HQ
  9. When you open Coin Hunt World and a Buddy Quest is active, you should see an orange "wave" or "radar" from the direction of the BQ location
  10. Head to the origin of the orange wave! Make sure to coordinate with your buddy so you're there at the same time
  11. When you're at your BQ locations, click on the seesaw to complete the buddy quest!
  12. Your yellow key reward will either appear in a box at the end of the seesaw animation, or if you are interrupted, your yellow key will be waiting at your HQ
buildtree See alt= Christmas TreeChristmas Tree

You have to be basically merged with your User Vault in order to be in the interaction radius to Build your Christmas Tree!


What's the business model for this game? Our game makes revenue in 3 ways:

  1. we sell some exclusive cosmetic items for your avatar (crafting recipes).
  2. we will charge token teams who want to use our platform to educate users about their tokens.
  3. marketing programs with businesses including brick and mortar ones that can take advantage of our foot traffic.
camera Check out this Template:Reddit "post"
canadarecipe See alt= Canada CubieCanada Cubie
catrecipe See alt= Cat Cubie BlueprintCat Cubie Blueprint

All cats are of Common rarity in terms of Leaderboard Points. Please note a problem was found with Snoozy print rates on Oct 21 2021 and Illusionweaver has confirmed a fix for Snoozy print rates, which are closer to Easy.

Help us find out the true rarity by telling us how many of each cat you got! Check out this "google form". See the gathered cat data "here"

chillrecipe See alt= Chill CubieChill Cubie
chwiki See Main Page
chwwiki See Main Page
coinwiki See Main Page
community The Coinhunter Community Alliance server where hunters can coordinate & organize locally for special events, user vault placements, etc.: [ "Discord Channel"
communitydiscord See above.
constructionrecipe See alt= Construction CubieConstruction Cubie
crane See Yellow Vault Location
cranewhere See Yellow Vault Location
cubiecrane Outdated. Medium Article: "Introducing Yellow Vaults"
dmsafety Want to prevent any sketchy scammers from DMing you on alt= DiscordDiscord? You can turn of DMs from particular servers! Thank you to Template:ISpeakNerd for providing video.

See below to watch a video on how to turn of DMs from a server:

dmsafey video
dogerecipe See alt= Doge CubieDoge Cubie
dragonrecipe See alt= Fire Dragon CubieFire Dragon Cubie
earthrecipe See alt= Earth CubieEarth Cubie
elserver Para obtener ayuda y pedir consejos de otros usuarios que hablan castellano, por favor usar el discord de la comunidad de El Salvador:

Discord: "the bartop"

english Help us make it easy for Illusionweaver to hear your comments, by conversing in English only on this server!

Ayúdanos a facilitar la comunicación entre Illusionweaver y la comunidad hablando solamente en Ingles en este servidor.

Aidez-nous à rendre ça plus facile pour Illusionweaver de prendre en compte vos commentaires en utilisant l'anglais seulement dans ce serveur. Merci!

ethereumrecipe See alt= Ethereum CubieEthereum Cubie
exchange Currently active or planned exchanges for withdrawing your earnings from Coin Hunt World:
exchanges See above.
fantasyfootball Outdated.
File:Discord-Fantasy Football.png
fanwiki See Main Page
faq FAQ

Can't find your buddy when you type their Discord name? Since we have so many members in the server, it can take a bit for Discord to find them. Please be patient:

  1. Type in their tag "@FriendlyCubieFriend#9849"
  2. Wait up to 5-8 seconds for a list of possible users to show
  3. If you still don't see who you are looking for, press backspace a few times and then try again - this will force discord to index more.
  4. Click on your buddy's name to tag them! (make sure their names becomes highlighted in blue)
firerecipe See alt= Fire CubieFire Cubie
forceupdate How to push an update on Android:

Go to the Google Play Store app directly on your phone and type in "Coin Hunt World", click into the search result and the update button should appear for you. Let it update and you should be good to go.

If that did not work and the play store still says there is no update, try clearing your Play Store cache. Instructions for this are "here"

foremanrecipe See alt= Foreman CubieForeman Cubie
gps My GPS is acting wonky and my cubie is confused about where it is in the world. Help!

On Android: Head to your phone settings, go into Location, and in Location services, find Google Location Accuracy - make sure its turned off. Also, turn roaming off in your wifi settings. These steps should fix the issue.

greenrecipe See alt= Green CubieGreen Cubie
halloweenstats See CauldronHalloween Event
hallowpets Outdated. NO TRICKS, JUST TREATS

Hello CHW community! With Halloween just around the corner, the wiki team will be hosting a Halloween pet costume contest! To participate, please post a picture of your pet rockin’ its spooktacular costume on Twitter using the hashtags #CHWPetCostumeContest #CoinHuntWorld, going until November 3rd @ 5pm PST

The top 10 most-liked Twitter posts will be judged by the wiki team, so don’t forget to vote and ‘like’ your favorite pet costume to get them in the running! The winners and their adorable pets will receive 2 yellow keys for 1st place, 1 yellow key for 2nd place and 5 green keys for 3rd place (and wiki page bragging rights, of course)

  • Disclaimer: winner must have sell feature unlocked in AH to receive prize. This is being funded by donations from wiki team members and will be paid through AH
happyhour See Happy Hour. Cubiebot will report whether or not Happy Hour has occurred that day or not.

Each day, one random hour will become Happy Hour. During this time, one trivia category will be boosted. When receiving a resource box from a boosted category, the paint drop will be 500x instead of the regular 25x for whichever colour that drops!

hq To make a Headquarters (HQ), you need 1 green key :KeyGreen: .

When you have a green key, the option to make a HQ will pop up in the top left of your CHW game.

As a new player, you can get a green key in one of two ways:

  1. you can get lucky and get a rare green key drop from a blue vault.
  2. you can forge 10 blue keys into 1 green key at any key forge.

A key forge is the grey diamond that appears after you collect a blue key. Simply click on the grey diamond, and the option to drag 10 blue keys into the forge to make 1 green key will come up. Most people drop their HQ at their IRL home. This is because you get 1 Mystery Box :MysteryBox: for free every 8 hours at your HQ! Your HQ is not visible to other players, so your privacy is protected.

hularecipe See alt= Hula CubieHula Cubie
huntermode See Hunter Mode

When you first download the game, you're in Chill Mode.

In Chill Mode, you open vaults, you get 2 seconds to read and take up to 25 seconds to answer a question, and you always get $0.05 USD for a correctly-answered blue vault. If you tap on your Cubie avatar in the bottom left of your game, and scroll down a little bit, you can select Hunter Mode.
In Hunter Mode, you are rewarded for being faster at getting the right answer on your trivia. You still get 2 seconds to read. If you get the right answer in less than 3 seconds, you score Perfect! and get $0.10 instead on a blue, for example.

Here are the different reward values:

icerecipe See alt= Ice CubieIce Cubie
invitelink alt= DiscordDiscord
ios Apple iOS beta slots are full. Rarely, you can steal a slot from someone who has stopped playing on Apple. The Coin Hunt World beta is downloaded through the Apple Store beta-testing app, Testflight.

Here is how to try to steal a spot:

  1. Install "Testflight"
  2. Check the game's Testflight "AppStore link" FREQUENTLY
  3. If you are lucky, one day it will finally say "Download Now" and you will be able to snag a Testflight slot.
iosreferral See above.
laterregions What can I do if I don't live in the US or Canada?

You are able to answer a trivia question every 24 hours from the game. You will still earn a small amount of crypto for doing this daily, and it will be saved to your user profile. When the game is released in your region, you will have access to your crypto just like the early release regions. Currently users outside of US and Canada cannot export their crypto.


Beginning January 2022, the top five players in the world will receive an NFT of the podium graphic.

Coin Hunt World on Open Sea

Rewards are handed out each month to the leaders of the respective leaderboard according to this table.

Ending Position Global Reward Country Reward Local Reward
1 5 alt= Red KeyRed Keys 1 alt= Red KeyRed Key 50 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
2 4 alt= Red KeyRed Keys 5 alt= Yellow KeyYellow Keys 40 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
3 3 alt= Red KeyRed Keys 4 alt= Yellow KeyYellow Keys 30 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
4 2 alt= Red KeyRed Keys 3 alt= Yellow KeyYellow Keys 20 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
5 1 alt= Red KeyRed Keys 2 alt= Yellow KeyYellow Keys 10 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
6-10 No reward 1 alt= Yellow KeyYellow Key 5 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
11-20 No reward 4 alt= Green KeyGreen Keys 5 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
21-30 No reward 3 alt= Green KeyGreen Keys 5 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
31-40 No reward 2 alt= Green KeyGreen Keys 5 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
41-50 No reward 1 alt= Green KeyGreen Key 5 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys

Leaderboard points can be earned from:

See Leaderboard Points for more information.

leaderboard See alt= LeaderboardLeaderboard
leprechaunrecipe See alt= Leprechaun CubieLeprechaun Cubie
lodge1 Check out Hunters Lodge #1 on "Youtube"
lodge2 Check out Hunters Lodge #2 on "Youtube"
lodge3 Check out Hunters Lodge #3 on "Youtube"
map See anakura's Community Map
mapissue You can copy and paste the below text and put it in the 🌍map-issues alt= DiscordDiscord Channel to report a bad placement.

Please make sure to replace the pertinent details with your report information.
Hi, I am reporting a bad placement. It is a blue key/ blue vault / green vault. It is in an elementary school/ gated graveyard/ police station/ the lion's den at the zoo. Current latitiude/longitude: 12.34567, -89.0123 Suggested latitude/longitude (optional): 23.4567, -89.0123

min10 Have you noticed your crypto export to Uphold didn't happen this week?

It might be because of the new $10 USD per token minimum balance requirement to avoid micro-transactions. Don't worry, your crypto will stay safe in-game until next week. Keep stacking sats and happy hunting!

monsterrecipe See alt= Monster CubieMonster Cubie
morestuff You can add vaults through the User Vault mechanic! User vaults also return 5% of the keys used to the user vault's owner (you).

Otherwise, you can ask in the Discord 🌍map-issues channel to see if the developers might consider adding more things to your area. Just ask nicely and provide your general location in this format (latitude, longitude). For example, (-46.19973, 98.37648)

mummyrecipe See alt= Mummy CubieMummy Cubie
Mystery Box got revealed during Hunters Lodge in June 2021.
newsletter See Newsletter - Sign up "here".
nickname Hello everyone,

Here is how to change your discord nickname, please note that this will only change your nickname for this discord server, your discord name for other servers will be unaffected.

Please change your discord nickname to match your in game name.

nl See Newsletter avove.
nocontent “Why don’t I see a lot of content in my area?”

The answer is that we used as much existing map data as we could to initially populate the game world. We started with every bus stop, then all the fast food chains we could think of, then we looked at the top land marks in every state, etc. Keep playing by going to points of interest around you. You can build up your area with User Vaults to make it a hotspot!

ogcubie See alt= Golden OG CubieGolden OG Cubie
ogrecipe See alt= Golden OG CubieGolden OG Cubie
oxrecipe See alt= Ox CubieOx Cubie
patmoritarecipe See alt= Pat Morita CubiePat Morita Cubie
payout Payout structure depends on whether you are playing in Chill Mode or Hunter Mode. See the .huntermode command above for more detail.
pets Enter your pet into the "CHW Wiki pet project"
photoquest See alt= Photo QuestPhoto Quest
pindrop On your phone:
  1. Drop a pin in google maps as close to the POI as possible by zooming in and tapping on the screen (you may have to zoom/tap a few times). If you are too close to a "named landmark" you may have to tap in an alternate location slightly away since it won't bring up lat/long.
  2. Bring up the pin's info by swiping up.
  3. Find the latitude/longitude and tap it to copy.
  4. Paste the lat/long into 🌍map-issues with a description of why the placement is bad.

At home:

  1. Take note of the approximate location of the POI where you are on your walk.
  2. Go home to your desktop computer.
  3. Drop a pin as close to the POI’s location by zooming in until you can double click to pin. Try not to click on buildings.
  4. Grab the latitude/longitude and paste it in 🌍map-issues with a description of why the placement is bad.
piraterecipe See alt= Pirate Captain CubiePirate Captain Cubie
pq See alt= Photo QuestPhoto Quest
privacy See the official "Policy Statement" on the Coin Hunt World Website.
pumpkinrecipe See alt= Pumpkin CubiePumpkin Cubie
purplerecipe See alt= Purple CubiePurple Cubie
qipaorecipe See alt= Qipao CubieQipao Cubie
redrecipe See alt= Red CubieRed Cubie
referral See Referral
File:Referral rewards.png
reindeerrecipe See alt= Rudolph CubieRudolph Cubie
resume See the .recruit command above.
santarecipe See alt= Santa CubieSanta Cubie
screenrecord Hello! Have you had a bug that cost you a key (especially on a high-value vault)? We recommend that you turn on video recording of your screen whenever doing a high-value vault, so if there is any glitch, we can see what happened on your end! Here are the links to the screen-recording instructions for iOS and Android phones:
sharkrecipe See alt= Shark CubieShark Cubie
snowmanrecipe See alt= Snowman CubieSnowman Cubie
specialevents See alt= Special EventsSpecial Events
sticker See Referral Sticker Template
strategy 5 major strategies for climbing the leaderboards :
  1. play like crazy and just open as many vaults as you can
  2. collect blueprints and print them strategically
  3. help us build out the gameworld by fueling cubiedozers
  4. help us grow by referring new players
  5. add friends to your list and do buddy quests!
suku See alt= Suku CubieSuku Cubie
sukurecipe See alt= Suku CubieSuku Cubie
surfrecipe See alt= Surf CubieSurf Cubie
thanksgivingrecipe See alt= Thanksgiving CubieThanksgiving Cubie
tos See the official "Terms of Service" on the Coin Hunt World Website.
trivia See Trivia Data. CHW Trivia Website:
triviaform Outdated. See Trivia Data
tweet Every Twitter pic (that isn't just a black screen) has a chance to be picked for the daily random winner alt= Green KeyGreen Key and if you try for the weekly theme you could win up to 2 alt= Yellow KeyYellow Keys. The winners are posted daily in the weekly-twitter-contest alt= DiscordDiscord Channel. Not to mention every tweet helps grow the game and gets your referral code out there!
uphold See alt= UpholdUphold
usarecipe See alt= USA CubieUSA Cubie
uv See alt= UservaultUservault

The new Uservault can't be closer than 100m (328ft) to any other Uservault, if within that distance of a normal Vault it will replace it. Blue Vaults get replaced if a Uservault is placed too close.

Would people want to take pictures in this location? If the answer is no, this is probably not a great location for a Vault.

When you place your Uservault the game will ask you to take a photograph and select up to 3 categories from the following list:

  • Park
  • Urban Art
  • Nature
  • Commercial
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Drink
  • Historic Site
  • Tourist Spot
  • View

Good CubieVerse Uservault Locations

  • Tourist spots
  • Interesting Urban Art
  • Beautiful gardens & parks
  • Breathtaking views
  • Commercial areas
  • Food & Drink
  • Entertainment
  • Historic sites

Bad CubieVerse Uservault Locations

  • Fire Stations
  • Police Stations
  • Hospital / ER
  • K-12 Schools
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Residential Neighborhoods
  • Middle of the road

UV Route Planning Tool

Player Lepidoctora created this UV planning tool.

Live version that you can make a copy of and edit to plan and customize your own UV placements.

uv2 What are User Vaults?

Unlike ordinary vaults, user vaults are vaults that can be placed on the map by the players themselves. As the owner of this vault, you will receive 1 Blue Key in your HQ for every 20 Blue Keys used in that vault.

To begin placing User Vaults you have to unlock a slot inside your HQ. Once the slot is unlocked you can travel to the destination where you would like to place it and tap on the icon underneath the scoreboard’s trophy.

Then you name your vault, take a pic to show us why it’s a good place for a vault, add the correct tags (minimum 1) and submit for approval! User vault submission pictures taken from inside cars will be rejected for safety reasons (even if you are the passenger).

Once approved you will need to feed the Cubie Dozer 10,000 Resin to complete the User Vault. Other players can fill in the Cubie Dozer too, and be rewarded with Leaderboard Points.

Would people want to take pictures in this location? If the answer is no, this is probably not a great location for a vault.

uvbad See the .uv1 alt= DiscordDiscord command above.
uvgood See the .uv1 alt= DiscordDiscord command above.
uvmore Medium Article: "Introducing User Vaults"

What are User Vaults? Unlike ordinary vaults, user vaults are vaults that can be placed on the map by the players themselves. As the owner of this vault, you will receive 1 Blue Key in your HQ for every 20 Blue Keys used in that vault.

To begin placing User Vaults you have to unlock a slot inside your HQ. Once the slot is unlocked you can travel to the destination where you would like to place it and tap on the icon underneath the scoreboard’s trophy.

Then you name your vault, take a pic to show us why it’s a good place for a vault, add the correct tags (minimum 1) and submit for approval! User vault submission pictures taken from inside cars will be rejected for safety reasons (even if you are the passenger).

Once approved you will need to feed the Cubie Dozer 10,000 Resin to complete the User Vault. Other players can fill in the Cubie Dozer too, and be rewarded with Leaderboard Points.

Would people want to take pictures in this location? If the answer is no, this is probably not a great location for a vault.

vampirerecipe See alt= Vampire CubieVampire Cubie
vaultinfo Vaults and keybooths respawn at fixed times.

Blue Vault : 00:00 & 12:00 UTC Green Vault & Keybooth: 12:00 UTC Yellow Vault : Monday's 12:00 UTC

vaultsheet Check out Lepidoctora's "Vault Sheet"
vbk See alt= Veriblock CubieVeriblock Cubie
vdayrecipe See alt= Valentine CubieValentine Cubie
veriblock See alt= Veriblock CubieVeriblock Cubie
waterrecipe See alt= Water CubieWater Cubie
whitekey See alt= White KeyWhite Key
wikiblueprint Gives a link to: alt= BlueprintBlueprint
wikibp Gives a link to: alt= BlueprintBlueprint
wikibq See alt= Buddy QuestBuddy Quest
wikileaderboard See alt= LeaderboardLeaderboard
wikipq See alt= Photo QuestPhoto Quest
wikiquest See Quest and alt= Quest ChainQuest Chain
wikirecipe See alt= CubieCubies
wikiref See Referral
wikisuggestion Found something wrong on the wiki that needs fixing, or want to make a suggestion? Click "here" to move to the wiki suggestions channel in the community server:
wikiuphold See alt= UpholdUphold
wikiuv See alt= UservaultUservault
wikivault See alt= VaultVault
wikiyellow See Yellow Vault Locations
witchrecipe See alt= Witch CubieWitch Cubie
yellowdragonrecipe See alt= Yellow Dragon CubieYellow Dragon Cubie
yellowrecipe See alt= Yellow CubieYellow Cubie