Cubieverse was released in El Salvador on November 17th 2021, making it the fourth country where CHW released after the USA, Canada and the UK. El Salvador is the first Latin American country to see Cubieverse become available.

Here are Events, Cubies, and Resources specific to El Salvador:

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Gameplay in El Salvador is pretty different from other countries because the base tier for keys and vaults is White instead of Blue, and will receive Green Keys instead of Yellow Keys when completing Buddy Quests. However, Resource Box still drop the same amount of resources and Uservaults are still blue.

White Keys

White Keys can be obtained by completing Walking Quests by walking around the map in El Salvador and can be used to open White Vaults. 10 White Keys can be Forgeforged into a Blue Key

White Vaults

White vaults can be found around the map in El Salvador and cost one White Key to open. If you answer the trivia question correctly, you will receive up to $0.01 USD in cryptocurrency and (sometimes) a Resource Box.

Higher tier vaults

Blue Vaults and Green vaults also exist around the map in El Salvador and work as usual.

Headquarters, Auction House

The cost associated to creating a Headquarters and unlocking the Auction House menu's are the same as usual, which means these actions are more expensive for players in El Salvador, relative to players in North America and Europe.

Buddy Quests

Completing a Buddy Quest in a White Tier country such as El Salvador or Philippines rewards 5 Green Key instead of 1 Yellow Key.

El Salvador Leaderboard Winners

El Salvador will only have a Country Leaderboard, and will not have a Local Leaderboard as there is currently not enough data to differentiate the local regions.

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Coin Hunt World Fan (El Salvador):

Local Community Groups

Please let me know if you want to see your Community Group here. Mention it on Discord and ping @marlov or send me a message on Discord (marlov#4181).



First Player to put a Vault in El Salvador

Mylordsv was the first Player to put a Uservault in salvadorean soil on December 10th 2021. Mylordsv, Elkary and Bitvizar were together and communicating with Illusionweaver via discord. All three players received a bonus for this achievement.

Yellow Vault Locations Here