Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions (Cubieverse FAQ) from Discord and Reddit users.

Buddy Quest

I was on the see-saw with my buddy but didn't receive my yellow key

Your Yellow Key is most likely in your mailbox in your HQ. This happens sometimes when losing reception during the buddy quest or when walking to far away before the animation finishes.

My buddy quest match won't respond to my messages. What can I do?

Delete them as a friend to kill the quest. You should get another Buddy Quest with another friend within about 7 days.


Are there other Cubies available?

Yes, most of the time you need a Cubie Blueprint to make a new Cubie. Check the blueprint and cubie pages for more info.


How do I build a Headquarters?

A house symbol will show up on the left of your map. Click on the House symbol to build your HQ in your current location.

Can I remote destroy my HQ?

Yes, players can destroy their Headquarters from any location by Clicking on their Cubie icon in the bottom left and then "REMOTE DESTROY HQ". Destroying your HQ will cost a Green Key.

If there is a reward sent to my HQ, but I had to destroy it, will I get it when I rebuild?

Yes, packages in your HQ do not disappear. You can safely destroy and rebuild, the packages will remain safe.

What happens to Uservaults if I demolish my HQ?

Demolishing your HQ does not demolish your active Uservaults and your mail will be in your mailbox after you build a new HQ.

There are almost no vaults in my area

The best way to solve this is to place Uservaults in your area! The more local players, the better. Each player can place up to 10 Uservaults.

I see a pulsing orange signal on my map, what is that?

The orange signal is pointing you to the location of your Buddy Quest.


Referral doesn't work on iOS

Check the page Testflight for more details how to get it to work.

Time limit for Referral linking

After account creation, a new player that hasn't used a referral link to install the game has 7 days to use a referral link. New players must use the referral link before upgrading their Headquarters (HQ) to Level 3.

I referred a new player but it didn't link properly. Can you link the referral manually?

The Moderators in Discord or in-game don't take these requests anymore. The list of referrals will be added in a future update so players will be able to confirm if the referral worked properly and can manually type in user names.


I just downloaded the game but when I open the game I get a question. how do I create an account?

The game is not yet released in your country. Check Release Date for more info.

Can I change my username?

No. The Developers might add an option at some point in the future for players to change the username.

What's the age restriction for CHW?

Coin Hunt World can be played 16+, you can keep the collected Cryptocurrency in-game.

Photo Quest

I ignored the Photo Quests and now I'm banned

Photo Quests are mandatory as an anti-cheating measure. Repeatedly failing or ignoring Photo Quests will result in a permanent ban from Coin Hunt World.

Why does the App need camera permissions?

Granting camera permissions is necessary to be able to send photos when prompted to do a Photo Quest.


My Shop is closed?

The Shop is not always open.


For trivia issues, go to the Discord channel "trivia-issues" and explain the problem. If the question and answer are wrong, the devs will update the trivia and reimburse the lost key.


What is Uphold?

Uphold is a cryptocurrency exchange and hot wallet. You can find more information here: Uphold.

I messed up and made a typo in my Uphold email address

Send an in-game bug report asking for it to be reset.

When do transfers happen?

Transfers happen every Thursday during the day. Sometimes it may take until later in the day. However, the "crypto snapshot" happens the day before (Wednesday). The snapshot locks in the amount that will be transferred to your Uphold account on Thursday.

What's the minimum amount per token for the transfer to happen?

The minimum amount per token is 10 USD, per Uphold's request.

What's the age restriction for Uphold?

For Uphold you have to be 18+ to do the KYC (know-your-customer) verification. Coin Hunt World can be played 16+, you can keep the collected Cryptocurrency in-game.


What is the minimum distance between vaults?

To place a new Uservault it has to be at least 100m (110yd) away from any other vault or uservault.

Uservaults absorb nearby Blue Vaults

Be aware that if you place a uservault closer than 100m (110yd) to a blue vault, the blue vault will disappear. The blue vault comes back if the player removes the uservault at some point.

Can I create a Uservault at the same location as my HQ?

Yes, the HQ doesn't collide with anything in the game. Players can only see their own HQ on the map.

Can I destroy a Cubiedozer before it is finished?

No. Players have to finish building the Uservault before they can destroy it.

My Uservault disappeared on the map

The Uservaults and normal Vaults disappear from the map once solved until the next respawn time.

Tap the yellow flag to relocate a uservault before it's approved

After submitting an uservault, a Yellow Flag appears until the location is approved. During that phase players can relocate the flag by tapping on it.


A vault is not accessible

Go to the Discord channel "map-issues" and explain the problem. The devs will move vaults to better locations.