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Color Question Answer
Color Question Answer
Blue A broad silk necktie is known as a/an? Ascot tie
Blue A casual knee length short pants is called a/an? Bermuda shorts
Blue A circular ornamental headdress worn as a symbol of authority is known as a/an? Crown
Blue A close-fitting rubber garment worn for warmth in water sports or diving is known as a/an? Wetsuit
Blue A close-fitting sleeveless top sometimes worn over a shirt or blouse is known as a/an? Tank
Blue A cotton hat originally worn by athletes, that comes with an adjustable strap is a/an? Baseball cap
Blue A covering for the head worn especially by Sikh and Muslim men is known as a/an? Turban
Blue A covering that one wears on the head is known as a/an? Hat
Blue A device with two rows of teeth-like parts that are brought together is known as a? Zipper
Blue A disc or knob sewn to clothing for fastening or for decoration is known as a/an? Button
Blue A fancy black suit that is worn with a bow tie is known as a/an? Tux
Blue A flat frame with a hinged pin, used to join the ends of a belt is known as a/an? Buckle
Blue A formal outfit for men including a dinner jacket and matching pants is known as a/an? Tuxedo
Blue A garment for the upper part of the body is known as a/an? Shirt
Blue A hat with a broad, sometimes curled brim and a high crown, usually made of felt is A? Cowboy hat
Blue A jacket that's not part of a suit but is appropriate for formal wear is known as a/an? Blazer
Blue A knitted jumper with fastenings down the front is known as a/an? Cardigan
Blue A knot tied with two loops and loose ends, used on shoelaces and ribbons is known as a? Bow
Blue A light pair of sandals with a tether between the big and second toe is known as? Flip-flops
Blue A light sleeveless padded jacket is known as a/an? Gilet
Blue A long dress usually worn at formal occasions is known as a/an? Evening gown
Blue A long formal dress for a special occasion is known as a/an? Gown
Blue A long loose lightweight robe for informal or casual wear is known as a/an: Housecoat
Blue A long loose piece of clothing usually worn while receiving medical care is known as a/an? Hospital gown
Blue A long narrow piece of cloth worn around the neck and the collar of a shirt is known as a? Tie
Blue A long, loose piece of clothing, especially one worn at ceremonies is known as a/an? Robe
Blue A loose flowing outer garment worn by the citizens of Ancient Rome is known as a/an? Toga
Blue A loose-fitting jumpsuit leisure garment covering the torso and legs is known as a/an? Onesie
Blue A piece of clothing worn around their shoulders, for warmth or style is known as a/an? Wrap
Blue A piece of clothing worn on the feet, often covering the ankle is known as a/an? Sock
Blue A piece of clothing, sometimes made of wool, that is worn over a shirt is known as a/an? Jersey
Blue A piece of fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face is known as a/an? Veil
Blue A piece of jewellery worn on the finger is known as a/an? Ring
Blue A protective covering around a child's neck to keep their clothes clean is known as a/an? Bib
Blue A protective garment worn over the front of one's clothes is known as a/an? Apron
Blue A set of clothes in a style typical of a particular country or period is known as a/an? Costume
Blue A set of clothes that are worn to show that one is part of an organization or school is a ? Uniform
Blue A set of clothing, designed to be worn together is known as a/an? Suit
Blue A short coat with sleeves is known as a/an? Jacket
Blue A short fluffy skirt that ballerinas wear is known as a/an? Tutu
Blue A short strip of fabric worn around the neck and tucked inside a shirt is known as a/an? Cravat
Blue A short-sleeved, loose-fitting, open-collar shirt is also called a/an? Hawaiian shirt
Blue A simple slip-on garment made with or without sleeves and usually knee-length is a/an? Tunic
Blue A single piece of clothing is known as a? Garment
Blue A skirt with many folds (pleats) worn by men in Scotland is known as a/an? Kilt
Blue A sleeveless garment for the upper body usually worn over a shirt is known as a/an? Vest
Blue A sleeveless outdoor overgarment that hangs loosely from the shoulders is known as a/an? Cloak
Blue A small, square cloth used to cover the head or tie around the neck is known as a/an? Kerchief
Blue A soft shoe worn for sports or casual occasions is known as a/an? Sneakers
Blue A soft, flat hat, typically with a peak is known as a/an? Cap
Blue A square piece of cloth or soft thin paper use for clearing the nose is known as a/an? Handkerchief
Blue A square piece of cloth worn to cover the head or shoulders is known as a/an? Shawl
Blue A straight cut dress, often nipped at the waistline with no waist seam is known as a/an? Sari
Blue A strip of fabric around the hips, often worn by men in hot countries is known as a/an? Loincloth
Blue A strip of leather or other material worn around the waist to hold clothes up is a/an? Belt
Blue A sturdy shoe covering the foot, ankle and sometimes the lower leg is known as a/an? Boot
Blue A sweater with a high round collar that fits closely around the throat is known as a/an? Turtleneck
Blue A tightly fitting undergarment worn to shape the figure is known as a/an? Corset
Blue A top reinforced with metal or Kevlar, worn as protection is known as a/an? Flak jacket
Blue A top that's usually worn with a bow tie and a dinner jacket is known as a/an? Dress shirt
Blue A two-piece swimming outfit for women is called a/an? Bikini
Blue A type of hard hat that one wears to protect the head is known as a/an? Helmet
Blue A unisex top with short sleeves and without buttons or a collar is known as: T-shirt
Blue A weather-resistant jacket with a close-fitting neck, waistband and cuffs is called a/an? Windbreaker
Blue A wide swing skirt of a solid color displaying a design on the fabric is known as a/an? Poodle skirt
Blue A woman's top, typically with a collar, buttons, and sleeves is known as a/an? Blouse
Blue A women's or girls' garment worn specifically for sleeping is known as a/an? Nightgown
Blue An elaborate full-length dress suitable for fancy social gatherings is known as a/an? Ball gown
Blue An item of clothing that covers the chest or most of the upper body is known as a/an? Top
Blue An object like a ring, etc. that is worn as personal decoration is known as? Jewelry
Blue An object used to protect one from the rain or hot sun is known as a/an? Umbrella
Blue An ornamental band, hoop, or chain worn on the wrist or arm is known as a/an? Bracelet
Blue An outer covering for the human foot, made of leather, canvas, etc. is known as a/an? Shoe
Blue An undergarment worn by women to support the chest area is known as a/an? Bra
Blue Another word for a dress is? Frock
Blue Cardi B's 2019 Thom Browne red carpet Met Gala look featured $250,000 worth of what? Rubies
Blue Cher's black sequin outfit (and matching feather headpiece) was designed by who? Bob Mackie
Blue Clothes that are worn together for a particular occasion or purpose is known as a/an? Outfit
Blue Clothing (like a sweater) that is worn on by putting it over the head is known as a? Pullover
Blue Clothing that covers each leg separately, extending from the waist to the ankle is a/an? Pant
Blue Clothing that covers the hand and has five separate parts for the fingers are known as? Gloves
Blue Clothing worn for swimming is known as a/an? Bathing suit
Blue Clothing worn over other clothes, especially outdoors is collectively known as? Outerwear
Blue Clothing, typically with long sleeves and made from wool is known as a/an? Sweater
Blue Fabric worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection or fashion is known as a? Scarf
Blue Heeled boots, typically with pointed toes and decorative stitching are known as? Cowboy boots
Blue How tall were Lady Gaga's sky-high heels at the 2016 Met Gala? 10 inches
Blue In 1998, Sharon Stone made headlines with her lilac Vera Wang skirt and white shirt from? Gap
Blue In what film did Milla Jovovich's bandage outfit become popular? The Fifth Element
Blue In what video did Janet Jackson and her dancers wear black military-inspired outfits? Rhythm Nation
Blue Items worn to cover the body are known as? Clothes
Blue Kim Kardashian appeared at the 2013 Met Gala pregnant in a Givenchy gown in what pattern? Floral
Blue Knee-length waterproof rubber or plastic boots are known as? Wellingtons
Blue Light shoes of some soft material, for wearing around the house is known as? Slippers
Blue Light shoes that are fastened to the foot by bands of leather or cloth are known as? Sandals
Blue Loose, warm trousers with elasticated or drawstring waists are known as? Sweatpants
Blue Marilyn Monroe wore a pink dress made of what to sing Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend? Satin
Blue Metal or plastic used instead of traditional buttons to fasten clothing are known as? Snaps
Blue Pants that fit tightly over both legs from the waist to the feet are known as? Leggings
Blue Part of an item of clothing meant to hold small items is known as a/an? Pocket
Blue Protective clothes meant to be worn by medical professionals during surgery are known as? Scrubs
Blue Rubber-based material that resumes its shape after stretching or compression is known as? Elastic
Blue Short trousers or pants typically worn by males, especially for swimming are known as? Trunks
Blue Short, close-fitting underpants or knickers are known as? Briefs
Blue Sleeved outerwear, with a length that extends below the hips is known as a/an? Coat
Blue Solange Knowles wore a black latex Iris van Herpen look to the Met Gala. Who chose it? Her fans did
Blue Straps worn over the shoulders for holding up the trousers are known as? Suspenders
Blue The area around a shirt or jacket's neck either upright or turned over is known as a/an? Collar
Blue The latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behavior is collectively called? Fashion
Blue The long back of a coat, skirt or dress that trails behind the wearer is known as a/an? Train
Blue The lower part of a dress is known as a/an? Skirt
Blue The traditional outfit worn by graduates, consisting of a hat and robe are known as a/an? Cap and gown
Blue Thin, skin tight garments covering the body from the waist down are known as? Tights
Blue Tight elastic garments covering the feet to the knees or higher are known as? Stockings
Blue Tightly twisted strands of yarn that are circular when cut in cross section are known as? Threads
Blue Towelling or any other absorbent material wrapped around a baby's bottom is known as a/an? Diaper
Blue Traditional Japanese wear that's like a long dress with wide sleeves is known as a/an? Kimono
Blue Trousers with a marked flare below the knee are known as? Bell-bottoms
Blue Trousers, typically made from denim or a dungaree cloth, are known as? Jeans
Blue Uniforms worn by soldiers and other military groups are known as? Battledresses
Blue Waterproof boots or overalls extending from the foot to the thigh, chest or neck are? Waders
Blue What animal was featured on Cher's 1974 Grammys outfit? Butterflies
Blue What animal was featured on Zendaya's 2017 Dolce & Gabbana Met Gala gown? Macaws
Blue What color catsuit did Britney Spears wear in her video 'Oops I Did It Again'? Red
Blue What color gloves did Julia Roberts wear with her red off-the-shoulder Pretty Woman gown? White
Blue What color was Billy Porter's fringed diamond jumpsuit at the 2020 Grammys? Blue
Blue What color was Lupita Nyong'o 2014 Oscars dress, where she won Best Supporting Actress? Nairobi blue
Blue What color was Marilyn Monroe's famous 'manhole' dress in the film 'Some Like It Hot'? White
Blue What colour was the mankini Sacha Baron Cohen wore to promote his film Borat? Highlighter green
Blue What continent does the beret come from? Europe
Blue What country does the carnival costume come from? Brazil
Blue What country does the fez come from? Morocco
Blue What country does the kilt come from? Scotland
Blue What country does the kimono come from? Japan
Blue What country does the klomp (clog) come from? Netherlands
Blue What designer is famous for their red-bottomed shoes? Christian Louboutin
Blue What is a pair of soft fabric coverings, connected by a band across the head called? Earmuffs
Blue What kind of outfits did Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wear at the 2001 AMAs? Denim
Blue What magazine featured Harry Styles wearing a dress on their December 2020 edition? Vogue
Blue What print was featured in Shania Twain's outfit for 'That Don't Impress Me Much'? Leopard
Blue What record did Lady Gaga break on the Met Gala red carpet in 2019? Most outfit changes
Blue What region does sarong come from? South Asia
Blue What region does the dashiki come from? West Africa
Blue What region does the poncho come from? South America
Blue What show did Rihanna wear a fur-trimmed Guo Pei 'omelette' gown to in 2015? Met Gala
Blue What was Princess Diana's 1994 black Christina Stambolian dress nicknamed? The revenge dress
Blue Which 'Bad Guy' singer wore a black, green and gold Gucci suit at the 2020 Grammy's? Billie Eilish
Blue Which 'it couple' wore head-to-toe denim outfits to the 2001 American Music Awards? Spears and Timberlake
Blue Which actor wore a black Moncler puffer gown to the Fantastic Beasts 2 premier in 2018? Ezra Miller
Blue Which actress caused mass censoring with her sheer beaded dress at the 1998 VMAs? Rose McGowan
Blue Which actress modernized the little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's? Audrey Hepburn
Blue Which cartoon character is known for her figure-hugging, high-slit red dress? Jessica Rabbit
Blue Which couple sparkled in silver at the 2016 Met Gala? Kim and Kanye
Blue Which designer created Kim Kardashian's fitted dripping dress for the 2019 Met Gala? Thierry Mugler
Blue Which eccentric musician wore a sawn dress at the 2001 Oscars? Bjork
Blue Which eccentric musician wore a swan dress at the 2001 Oscars? Bjork
Blue Which heiress popularized Juicy Couture velour tracksuits in the early 2000s? Paris Hilton
Blue Which member of the Spice Girls wore an iconic Union Jack dress? Geri Halliwell
Blue Which network was given a $550,000 fine for the 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction? CBS
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand Vera Wong
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Alexander Chang
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Burryberry
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Calvin Kim
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Ceiling
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Donna Faren
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Eve San Lowrent
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Givenchee
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Gusci
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Huggo Baws
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? LA Costa
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Lissoni
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Loco Chanel
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Lulu Vuitton
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Micky Kors
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Off-Taupe
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Oscar de la Rental
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Rolf Lauren
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Savador Ferregame
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Vera Wong
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Versach
Blue Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Zeezy
Blue Which of these is a synonym for the word clothing? Apparel
Blue Which rocker came to the Met Gala in a red Gucci gown and a wax replica of their head? Jared Leto
Blue Which Sex and the City cast member embraced tartan at the 2006 Met Gala? Sarah Jessica Parker
Blue Which singer recreated one of Marilyn Monroe's looks for her music video Material Girl? Madonna
Blue Which singer was called 'The Purple One' for his loyalty to the color? Prince
Blue Which singer wore head-to-toe Gucci outfits to the 2020 and 2021 Grammy Award shows? Billie Eilish
Blue Which sister duo walked the 2019 Met Gala carpet in feathered and beaded Versace gowns? The Jenners sisters
Blue Who designed Jennifer Lopez's deep v jungle print dress in 2000? Versace
Blue Who designed Madonna's 1990 cone brassiere? Jean-Paul Gaultier
Blue Who designed the dress that Halle Berry was wearing when she won her first Academy Award? Elie Saab
Blue Who famously broke the internet in 2014 with a champagne-popping black dress? Kim Kardashian
Blue Who gave everybody a full-on Cinderella fantasy moment at the 2019 Met Gala? Zendaya
Blue Who had to turn sideways to enter the 2018 Met Gala building after showing up as an angel? Katy Perry
Blue Who wore a Barbie pink Versace cowboy look to the 2020 Grammys? Lil Nas X
Blue Who wore a flank steak dress to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? Lady Gaga
Blue Who wore a form-fitting latex Givenchy dress at the 2016 Met Gala? Beyonce
Blue Who wore a newspaper print Dior dress in season 3 Sex and the City? Carrie
Blue Who wore a very extravagant dress inspired by the Pope at the 2018 Met Gala? Rihanna
Blue Who wore the $30 million Tiffany Yellow Diamond to the 2019 Oscars? Lady Gaga
Blue Why was Michelle Obama's black Michael Kors dress for her 1st official portrait big news? Her arms were exposed
Blue Zendaya wore an Atelier Versace dress at the 2018 Met Gala that looked a lot like? Armor
Green A fastener for clothes which adheres when pressed and separated when pulled apart is? Velcro
Green A felt hat with a broad brim and high crown, worn mainly by cowboys is known as a/an? Stetson hat
Green A rough woven short coat, usually made from wool is known as a/an? Tweed jacket
Green A sleeveless item of clothing with buttons, usually worn over a shirt is known as a/an? Waistcoat
Green A sleeveless, collarless dress worn over a blouse, shirt, or sweater is know as a/an? Waistcoa
Green A tight, one-piece garment, combining underwear and stockings is known as a/an? Pantyhose
Green A tight-fitting strapless top made of stretchy material, like a bandeau is known as a/an? Tube top
Green A waterproof jacket, usually with a hood, that's used in polar regions is known as a/an? Anorak
Green Approximately how many pearls were on Princess Diana’s wedding dress? 10000
Green Clothing that is worn over the clothes to keep them clean are known as? Overalls
Green Flat leather shoes that hold the feet without fastening are known as? Loafers
Green Halle Berry's 2002 burgundy Elie Saab dress featured what kind of skirt? Taffeta
Green Pants made of a smooth wool knit or blended fabric and are worn on dressier occasions are? Slacks
Green Shoes made from soft leather with large stitches around the front as known as? Moccasins
Green The brownish green uniforms worn especially by soldiers are known as? Fatigues
Green The edge of a piece of cloth that has been turned up and sewn is known as a/an? Hem
Green What region does the kanzu come from? Central East Africa
Green What region does the war bonnet come from? North America
Green Which of the following is not a real fashion brand Monclaire
Green Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Dion Fustburg
Green WHich of the following is not a real fashion brand? Marko Jacobs
Green Who designed Princess Diana's first and only navy blue Met Gala look in 1996? John Galliano
Green Who designed the tuxedo dress work by Billy Porter to the 91st Academy Awards? Christian Siriano
Red Who designed Jacqueline Bouvier’s ivory silk taffeta wedding gown? Ann Cole Lowe
Red Who paid homage to the 2017 Met Gala theme in a floral Comme Des Garçons look? Rihanna
Yellow A band worn around the leg to keep a stocking or sock up is known as a/an? Garter
Yellow A sleeveless garment worn as an apron is known as a/an? Pinafore
Yellow A sleeveless top or onesie worn under clothes or for playing certain sports is known as a? Singlet
Yellow A strip of fabric attached at the waist of a dress or blouse to create a frill is a? Peplum
Yellow Men's clothing for the legs, worn from the Middle Ages to the 17th century were known as? Hose
Yellow Protective coverings of cloth or leather for the ankles and lower legs are known as? Gaiters
Yellow The undergarment worn beneath a dress or skirt is known as a/an? Slip
Yellow What region does the pagne come from? Central Africa
Yellow Which of the following is not a real fashion brand? Lanvino
Yellow which of these are not a real fashion brand Praada
Yellow Who made Cardi B's 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination' Met Gala dress? Moschino
Yellow Women's knee-length trousers, cut with full legs to resemble a skirt are known as? Culottes