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Color Question Answer
Color Question Answer
Blue Acropolis is in which country? Greece
Blue Adverts which appear onscreen without the user wanting them to are known as what? Pop-Ups
Blue An Acoustic Engineer is concerned with improving the quality of what? Sound
Blue An endoscope is a flexible tube inserted into the body with what tool on the end? Camera
Blue Aristotle was a philosopher of which ancient civilisation? Greek
Blue At a wedding, who is traditionally said to be 'blushing’? Bride
Blue Bears are the original candies from which manufacturer's Gummi range? Haribo
Blue Canada has two official languages, English and which other? French
Blue Climate change campaigner Greta Thunberg is from which country? Sweden
Blue Elsa Pataky is a famous: Actress
Blue Giada De Laurentiis is a famous: Chef
Blue Giza Pyramid and the Great Sphinx is in ‘which country? Egypt
Blue Glaucoma affects what? Eyes
Blue How many bites are missing from the fruit in the Apple logo? 1
Blue How many deadly sins are there in Christianity? 7
Blue How many digits are there in a Social Security number? 9
Blue How many digits are there in an US Social Security number? 9
Blue How many keys are on a standard piano? 88
Blue How many strings are there on a violin? 4
Blue Ian Gillan is a famous: Singer
Blue If you are awake during surgery you have had what kind of anesthetic? Local
Blue If you worked in offshore drilling, where would you work? Oil rig
Blue In cosmetics, veneers are added to what? Teeth
Blue In DIY, what tool is used to put screws into materials? Screwdriver
Blue In measurement, what is one twelfth of a foot? An inch
Blue In popular Internet chat slang what does the 'F' in 'ROFL' mean? Floor
Blue In stargazing, what is the name given to collections of stars in a pattern? Constellation
Blue In the Bible, who was the mother of Jesus? Mary
Blue In the US a 10 cent coin is called what? Dime
Blue In the US, what is 'dough' slang for? Money
Blue In which city was John F Kennedy's assassin shot? Dallas
Blue In which country could you visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Italy
Blue In which European city can you visit the Acropolis? Athens
Blue In which state was Starbucks founded? Washington
Blue In which US city was JFK assassinated in 1963? Dallas
Blue In which US State can you find Michigan City? Indiana
Blue It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' is based on which comic strip? Peanuts
Blue Justus Baron von Liebig was a famous: Chemist
Blue Karl Lagerfeld is a big name in which field? Fashion
Blue Kremlin is in which country? Russia
Blue Lavazza is a famous brand for making which type of drink? Coffee
Blue Lavazza is a famous name for making which type of drink? Coffee
Blue LinkedIn is a social networking site aimed mainly at whom? Professionals
Blue Machu Picchu is in which country? Peru
Blue Michelle Kwan is a famous: Figure skater
Blue Of which genre is the popular '90s video game 'Tekken'? Fighting
Blue Paul Stanley is a famous: Musician
Blue Romulus and Remus are said to have founded which city? Rome
Blue Sharia Law is the body of which religion’s law? Islam
Blue Someone who is lactose intolerant cannot consume which of the following? Milk
Blue Steven Tyler is a famous: Musician
Blue Stonehenge is in which country? United Kingdom
Blue Taj Mahal is in which country? India
Blue The Kremlin is in which country? Russia
Blue The largest dinosaur was called? Argentinosaurus
Blue The letters TGFOP can be found on what? Tea
Blue The Napa Valley wine producing areas is in which country? United States
Blue The Pied Piper of Hamelin saved the town from? Rats
Blue The Quran is the central religious text of which religion? Islam
Blue The theory that the simplest explanation is usually the best is Occam's what? Razor
Blue The traditional gift from a trip is? A postcard
Blue The word Marathon originates from which country? Greece
Blue The world's fastest land mammal is The Cheetah
Blue The world's fastest mammal is The Cheetah
Blue Wasabi is a condiment used in the cuisine of which country? Japan
Blue What are prunes? Dried plums
Blue What are the coloquial names of the stone monsters which were put on medieval buildings? Gargoyles
Blue What are the names of Will Smith and Jada Pinketts kids? Willow Jaden
Blue What are the traditional eating utensils of China? Chopsticks
Blue What colour are dried vanilla pods? Black
Blue What colour Is associated with the Carlsberg logo? Green
Blue What colour is the circle on the Japanese flag? Red
Blue What colour is the inside of a watermelon? Red
Blue What completes the name of the car manufacturer Mercedes-...? Benz
Blue What does wearing cologne add? Scent
Blue What is a 'noob' a phrase often used in online gaming? Newbie
Blue What is a culprit? A criminal
Blue What is also known as Japanese horseradish? Wasabi
Blue What is soy flour made from? Soybeans
Blue What is the capital city of Connecticut? Hartford
Blue What is the capital of Missouri? Jefferson City
Blue What is the capital of the US state of Florida? Tallahassee
Blue What is the Chinese New Year often referred to as? The Lunar New Year
Blue What is the largest airline in the world by fleet size? American Airlines
Blue What is the largest whale in the world? The Blue Whale
Blue What is the last name of Kourtney, Khioe and Kim? Kardashian
Blue What is the last name of the American celebrity family that includes Kourtney, Khloe and Kim? Kardashian
Blue What is the main diet of a Koala? Eucalyptus
Blue What is the middle initial of the second US President Bush? W
Blue What is the most dangerous shark to humans? The Great White
Blue What is the name of the process in which food is submerged in hot oil? Deep frying
Blue What is the state capital of Arkansas? Little Rock
Blue What item did Gollum call 'my precious' in the Hobbit books? Ring
Blue What movie is the religion Jediism based on? Star Wars
Blue What religion is followed by both John Travolta and Tom Cruise? Scientology
Blue What videogame company gave us such consoles as SNES, Virtual Boy, N64, Game Cube, and Wii? Nintendo
Blue What was the name of Donald Trump's first wife? Ivana
Blue What was the name of the landing unit that set Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin down on the moon? Eagle
Blue What were the NFL players' uniform numbers based on? playing position
Blue What word means the energy and strength for continuing to do something over a long period of time? Stamina
Blue What word represents Q in the phonetic alphabet? Quebec
Blue What's the cost of unlocking the selling option in the Auction House? 1 Yellow Key
Blue What's the name given to the type of murder sometimes carried out within Asian communities in the UK? Honour killing
Blue Where do Jewish people go to pray? Synagogue
Blue Where is the Burj Khalifa, one of the world's tallest buildings? Dubai
Blue Where is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints based? Utah
Blue Where was the first Wal-Mart store located? Rogers, Arkansas
Blue Which animal is on the badge of Ferrari cars? Horse
Blue Which art do you associate with Beethoven? Classical Music
Blue Which country does Toblerone chocolate come from? Switzerland
Blue Which is the largest ape in existence today? Gorilla
Blue Which is the only US state to start with the letter P? Pennsylvania
Blue Which is the second planet from the sun? Venus
Blue Which kind of art is Beethoven known for? Classical Music
Blue Which of the following animals is believed to be the first to be domesticated? Goat
Blue Which of the following is a stroke in swimming? Butterfly
Blue Which of the following US States does not have a border with Mexico? Nevada
Blue Which of these is the guitarist amongst the pianists? Jimi Hendrix
Blue Which of these is the name of a bouncy stick? Pogo
Blue Which of these superheroes was not a member of the original Avengers? Wolverine
Blue Which of these was a famous chess player? Karpov
Blue Which presidents face is not sculpted on Mount Rushmore? Franklin D Roosevelt
Blue Which sauce is used in Eggs Benedict? Hollandaise
Blue Which serious illness is caused by insect bites? Malaria
Blue Which social network was founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006? Twitter
Blue Which tech company launched a game console called Stadia in 2019? Google
Blue Which US President was assassinated in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth? Abraham Lincoln
Blue Who is the author of A Series of Unfortunate Events? Lemony Snicket
Blue Who is the most decorated U.S. female gymnast of all time, with 30 medals between Olympic and World Championship medals? Simone Biles
Blue Who is the most decorated U.S. Olympic female gymnast of all time, with 16 medals? Shannon Miller
Blue Who is the Norse god of thunder? Thor
Blue Who is the world's largest online retailer? Amazon
Blue Who said 'Canada? I don't even know what street Canada is on'? Al Capone
Green 'Can we talk?' is a catchphrase associated with which of these? Joan Rivers
Green 'Old Dominion' is the nickname of what US State? Virginia
Green A 20th Century movement that reflects on the existence of human beings in the real world. Existentialism
Green Alessandro Conte Volta was a famous: Physicist
Green An Australian Cattle dog is also known as a what? Blue Heeler
Green Anthony Joshua is a famous: Boxer
Green Apollo was the Greek God of what? Art, Archery, The Sun
Green As of 2010, which city is the only US state capital without a McDonalds? Montpelier, Vermont
Green Aside from North Korea, what is the only other country around the world not to stock Coca-Cola? Cuba
Green Basil Spence designed which English Cathedral? Coventry
Green Bologna is the capital of which Italian region? Emila-Romagna
Green Bologna is the capital of which Italian region? Emilia-Romagna
Green Boy George was released from prison in May 2009 having served how long of his 15 month sentence? 4 months
Green Cee Lo Green was born in 1974, which industry is he famous for working in? Music
Green Children's fictional character Babar is which type of Creature? Elephant
Green Clinton was governor of which state before becoming US President? Arkansas
Green Clock Tower, Palace of Westminster is in which country? United Kingdom
Green Colin Maclaurin was a famous: Mathematician
Green Cory Aquino became president of which country in 1986? Philippines
Green Djimon Hounsou is a famous: Actor
Green Dolores Huerta is a famous: Labor leader
Green During World War 2 what colour badge were Jehovah's Witnesses forced to wear in the concentration camp? Purple
Green During World War II, which of these was not one of the first three foods to be rationed in the UK? Eggs
Green Eunice Shriver, who died in 2009, was a member of which famous family? Kennedy
Green Fela Kuti is a famous: Musician
Green Football team Sampdoria plays home games in which city? Genoa
Green For over 100 years what city has hosted the Rose Festival? Portland, Oregon
Green Gina Rodriguez is a famous: Actress
Green Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers was a famous: Astronomer
Green Hitler came into power in Germany in which decade? 1930s
Green How many astronauts were in the mission to the moon, Apollo 11? 3
Green How many different animals are there in the Chinese zodiac? 12
Green How many Freddy Krueger movies have there been? 9
Green How many naturally occuring noble gases are there in the periodic table? 6
Green How many squares are empty at the start of a game of checkers? 32
Green How old was acrtess Jane Seymour when she gave birth to twins in 1995? 44
Green How old was actress Sophia Loren when she appeared in her first movie? 16
Green In 1857 Joseph Gayetty invented which household item? Toilet Roll
Green In 1999 which fashion designer introduced her signature fragrance and cosmetic line? Anna Sui
Green In 2009, the governor of which US state was removed from office for corruption? Illinois
Green In 2009, who announced he was quitting his Radio 2 Breakfast slot? Terry Wogan
Green In 2011, whcih of these couples were the proud parents of three boys and a girl? Posh and Becks
Green In 2011, which of these couples were the proud parents of three boys and a girl? Posh and Becks
Green In Barcelona, what is the Sagrada Familia? Cathedral
Green In Japan, on New Year's Eve what do Buddhists do at temples 108 times at midnight? Ring the bells
Green In March 2009, daredevil Brazilian Pedro Olivia set a record by plunging 35m over the Salto Belo falls in what? Kayak
Green In medical history, what did Edward Jenner discover in 1796? Vaccination
Green In the UK in the 1930s, what was named after the Minister of Transport: Belisha Beacon
Green In what capacity did Barry Davies and John Motson become household names? Football commentators
Green In what month is Independence Day celebrated in the USA? July
Green In what US state was the first federal prison exclusively for women opened? West Virginia
Green In which century were borstals introduced for punishing young criminals? 20th
Green In which city did Radovan Karadzic face trial in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in 2008? The Hague
Green In which country was Ursula Andress born? Switzerland
Green In which European capital could you walk through the Brandenburg Gate? Berlin
Green In which famous building are rooms named Vermeil China Red Blue Green and Yellow Oval? The Whitehouse
Green In which field did Barbara Hulanicki make her name in the 1960s? What is the national dish of Romania? Fashion
Green In which organ is Vitamin A primarily stored? Liver
Green In which state was the toy company Mattel founded? California
Green In which year did Ferrari build its first car? 1947
Green In which year did J. Edgar Hoover become director of the Bureau of Investigation? 1924
Green In which year was Sergio Mattarella elected as President? 2015
Green Islam ranks where on the list of popular religions? 2nd
Green Italy first won the FIFA World Cup in which year? 1934
Green Jerome Silberman is the real name of which comic actor? Gene Wilder
Green Jurnee Smollett-Bell is a famous: Actress
Green Kaju katli' is confectionery from which part of the world? India
Green Kilimanjaro is in which country? Tanzania
Green Liliuokalani was a famous: Queen
Green Lincoln Cathedral is an example of what architectural style? Gothic
Green Lisa Leslie is a famous: Basketball player
Green Loretta Devine is a famous: Actress
Green Marcus Garvey is considered a prophet by which religion group? Rastafarians
Green Maschio Angioino is another name for the castle in which Italian city? Naples
Green Maxine Hong Kingston is a famous: Writer
Green Merce Cunningham died in 2009 - in which field did he make his name? Choreography
Green Michele Ferrero founded his chocolate company in which decade? 1940s
Green Miu Miu is a subsidiary of which Italian fashion label? Prada
Green Olivia Cheng is a famous: Actress
Green On what charges was Lord Haw Haw tried at the end of WWIl? Treason
Green Palermo is the largest city on which island? Sicily
Green Quinque is which number in Latin? Five
Green Richard Sherman is a famous: Fottbal player
Green Salli Richardson-Whitfield is a famous: Actress
Green Shani is a character from which range of dolls? Barbie
Green Singer Eros Ramazzotti records his music in Italian and which other language? Spanish
Green Sir James Hopwood Jeans was a famous: Mathmetician
Green Skopje is the capital of which European country? North Macedonia
Green Sophia Loren won Best Actress Oscar for which movie? Two Women
Green The 'Philadelphia lean' is the posture required for eating which food? Cheese steak
Green The Cairngorms Nation Park is in which country? Scotland
Green The Cairngorms National Park is in which country? Scotland
Green The default Internet browser on Microsoft Windows is what? Internet Explorer
Green The famous Blue Grotto is on the coast of which Italian island? Capri
Green The huge hit toy The Wombles was released in which decade? 1960's
Green The huge hit toy The Wombles was released in which decade? 70s
Green The international organised crime gangs called Triads come from which country? China
Green The letters TGFOP can be found on what? Tea
Green The national flag of which of these countries does not have any stars on it? India
Green The novels about Huckleberry Finn are set in which US state? Missouri
Green The old time caramel candy is called? Werthers Originals
Green The polka dot jersey in the Tour de France is worn by the rider who is best in which area? Mountains
Green The Rialto Bridge is in which European city? Venice
Green The young of the Impala are known as what? Calves
Green Thor was the Norse God of what? Thunder
Green Tony Hsieh is a famous: Entrepreneur
Green What 435carat diamond said to be the largest flawless perfectcut Canary Yellow diamond shares the name of a James Bond film? The Golden Eye
Green What animal uses echolocation to get around? Bats
Green What are foxtrot and quickstep? Dance
Green What are fragrance fixatives used for in cosmetics? Keeping a strong scent
Green What colour i the background on the flag of Brazil? Green
Green What crop failed in Ireland in the 1840s, creating a huge famine? Potatoes
Green What do the internal angles of a triangle add up to? 180
Green What does the letter C represent in Roman Numerals? 100
Green What entertainer's career fell apart due to his support of Communist causes? Al Jolson
Green What honour do Theodore Roosevelt Albert Schweitzer Martin Luther King share? Nobel Peace Prize
Green What is the chemical symbol for Potassium? K
Green What is the highest mountain in the USA? Denali
Green What is the last name of Spice Girl Mel B? Brown
Green What is the name for a collection of 'patches', which fix errors in a program? Service Pack
Green What is the name for a group of alligators? Congregation
Green What is the name of the company that created Beanie Babies? Ty
Green What is the name of the national historic landmark which is the iconic image of St. Louis? Gateway Arch
Green What is the process of putting food into boiling water then into cold water called? Blanching
Green What is the tallest animal in the world? Giraffe
Green What is the US State motto of Wisconsin? Forward
Green What is the world's largest bird? Ostrich
Green What is the world's largest food festival held for 10 days in Grant Park on the Lake Michigan shore? Taste of Chicago
Green What is xanthaphobia? Fear of the colour yellow
Green What job does the gaffer do in the film industry? Lighting
Green What must be done to a dry fondant to make it into a fondant? Add liquid
Green What nationality is Lady Gaga's mother? American
Green What nationality was Luciano Pavarotti? Italian
Green What percentage of the earth's surface is covered with water? 71
Green What religion is followed by Richard Gere, David Bowie and Joanna Lumley? Buddhism
Green What sort of pastry is used to make a chocolate eclair? Choux
Green What was banned in the USA during Prohibition? Alcohol
Green What was George Washingtons wifes first name? Martha
Green What was the christian name of the man who invented the Ferris wheel? George
Green What was the first item 'bought' at Stephen King's 'Needful Things'? Baseball Card
Green What was the name of a popular web hosting service until it shut down in the 2000s? GeoCities
Green What was the name of Pierre Curie's scientist wife? Marie
Green What was the name of the Greek woman whose face launched 1000 ships? Helen
Green What was the name of the one-eyed giants in Greek mythology? Cyclops
Green What was the title of Zhivago in the famous book by Boris Pasternak? Dr
Green What word represents Q in the phonetic alphabet? Quebec
Green what year was the Olympics last held in London? 2012
Green What's the last name of popular big band leader Jools? Holland
Green What's the name given to the type of murder sometimes carried out within Asian communities in the UK? Honour killing
Green Whats distinctive about a Cumberland sausage? Its in a long spiral
Green Where could you visit the world heritage site of Petra? Jordan
Green Where in a building would you find the Purlin? Roof
Green Where is Orange County Choppers from the 'American Chopper' television series' based? New York
Green Where is the Garret Mountain Reservation located? New Jersey
Green Where is the Union Pacific Railroad museum located? Iowa
Green Where is the world's largest music festival known as 'Summerfest' held every year? Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Green Where was Alexander Graham Bell born? Edinburgh
Green Where was the 1948 Tucker Sedan assembled? Chicago, Illinois
Green Which 'army' was created by Methodist preacher William Booth in 1865? Salvation Army
Green Which 80s singer has often been featured an an annoying popup known as rolling? Rick Astley
Green Which activist said 'The most potent weapon in the hands of the aggressor is the minds of the oppressed'? Steve Biko
Green Which animal is on the logo of Alfa Romeo cars? Snake
Green Which architect designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA? Gehry
Green Which B is an ice cream dish? Bombe
Green Which band's members are Adam, Larry, Bono and The Edge? U2
Green Which biblical character had a coat of many colours? Joseph
Green Which British actress dated Sam Mendes and Freddie Stevenson? Rebecca Hall
Green Which British monarch died in 1901? Queen Victoria
Green Which celebrity, who first found fame on Big Brother, sadly died from cancer at the start of 2009? Jade Goody
Green Which city had the United States first subway system? Boston
Green Which city is the home of Yale University? New Haven, CT
Green Which city would you be visiting if you flew into Barajas airport? Madrid
Green Which country hosted the rugby union world cup in 2019? Japan
Green Which country is ruled by a single dynasty for more than two thousand years? Japan
Green Which country postal stamps have the name Helvetia? Switzerland
Green Which country saw its Prime Minister kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in 1978? Italy
Green Which country uses the internet domain code tr? Turkey
Green Which country was beaten by France in the 2018 World Cup final? Croatia
Green Which decade was the character Popeye created? 20s
Green Which entertainer's career fell apart due to his support of Communist causes? Paul Robeson
Green Which famous American performer has 5 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Gene Autry
Green Which food has the highest levels of vitamin C? Yellow Pepper
Green Which food means 'immortal' when translated? Ambrosia
Green Which is the most common variety of bear found across the US? Black Bear
Green Which island do lemurs come from? Madagascar
Green Which last name is shared by operatic singer Elizabeth .. and American General Norman .? Schwarzkopf
Green Which last name is shared by operatic singer Elizabeth ... and American General Norman ...? Schwarzkopf
Green Which occurs on the third Monday in January of each year in the United States? Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Green Which of the following is the name of a candy bar? Smores
Green Which of these 'tools of the trade’ do you associate with lan Poulter? GoIf club
Green Which of these animals is associated with Chinese New Year? Rat
Green Which of these crime headlines of yesteryear appeared in newspapers before the others? Ruth Ellis Hanged
Green Which of these gameshow presenters started out in the 1970s on the show Tiswas? Chris Tarrant
Green Which of these is a fictional character and not a singer? Shrek
Green Which of these is a name of an animal that raids honey hives? Honey badger
Green Which of these is a prominent Puerto Rican with a Ph.D in psychology? Albizu Miranda
Green Which of these is not a herb? Tolage
Green Which of these is not a song by Jack Johnson? Winter
Green Which of these is the name of an animal that raids bee hives? Honey Badgers
Green Which of these is the name of toy trucks? Tonka
Green Which of these prominent women of the 20th century was a politician? Mrs Gandhi
Green Which of these was not a real video game console of the '80s? PlayGo 2100
Green Which part of her did Marlene Dietrich insure for $1m? Voice
Green Which president's face is not sculpted on Mount Rushmore? Franklin D. Roosevelt
Green Which rodent is the most popular as a pet? Hamster
Green Which Scottish mathematician invented logarithms? John Napier
Green Which ship that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth Massachusetts in 1602? Mayflower
Green Which ship that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620? Mayflower
Green Which sort of meat is used in the dish guard of honour? Lamb
Green Which spice is known as zeera (also spelled jeera) in Indian cuisine Cumin
Green Which spice is known as zeera also spelled jeera in Indian cuisine? Cumin
Green Which spirit's main base ingredient is white grapes? Cognac
Green Which stars divorce settlement in 2007 cost him over 150 million? Michael Jordan
Green Which White House position was held by Desiree Rogers in the first year of Barack Obama's administration? Social Secretary
Green Who founded the Amish movement. Jakob Ammann
Green Who invented the Barbie Doll? Ruth Handler
Green Who most famously partnered Ginger Rogers in the 30s and 40s? Fred Astaire
Green Who said 'I see no ships'? Lord Nelson
Green Who said 'If a lie is told in the White house Nixon gets a royalty'? Richard Nixon
Green Who said of Issey Miyaki 'So I asked Issey to make me some of his black turtlenecks that I liked, and he made me like a hundred of them'? Steve Jobs
Green Who used to puppeteer Sesame Streets Elmo from 1984-2012? Kevin Clash
Green Who was known as The Serpent of the Nile? Cleopatra
Green Who was the comedic partner of Eric Morecambe? Emie Wise
Green Who was the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle? Captain James Cook
Green Who was US President after Jimmy Carter? Reagan
Green Whose catchphrase is 'Can we talk'? Joan Rivers
Green Whose former husbands include Nicky Hilton Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton? Elizabeth Taylor
Green With which infamous news story of the 20th century are the names Bernard Barker and Frank Sturgis linked? Watergate scandal
Green Yandex is the most used internet search engine in which country? Russia
Red The Conservatives celebrated a record majority in the Bridgwater byelection in 1970 winning by a massive 10915 votes the largest in the constituency for 50 years It was the first time which demographic were allowed to vote? 18-20 year olds
Red To whom the warning 'Beware the ides of March' was directed at? Julius Ceasar
Red What does a philographist collect? Autographs
Red Which demographic were allowed to vote for the first time in the 1970's Bridgewater by-election, bringing a record majority win to the UK Conservative party? 18- 20 year olds
White Normani is a famous: Singer
White Sharon Stone is a famous: Actress
Yellow Andre Cassagnes invented which hit toy? Etch a Sketch
Yellow Aside from lending his name to a breed of dog, what did Jack Russel do? Clergyman
Yellow Carson City is the capital of which N? Nevada
Yellow Complete the title of the 2003 Evanescence hit, ‘Bring Me to….’? Life
Yellow Complete the well-known book title: 'Harry Potter and the Order of...'? The Phoenix
Yellow Dolce and Gabbana displayed their first time at fashion week In Milan in what year? 1985
Yellow From what threepart name did the British royal family change its name to Windsor? Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Yellow Herpetophobia is a fear of what? Snakes
Yellow How did Princess Diana die in 1997? Car crash
Yellow How many hairs does the average human head have? 100,000
Yellow How many questions does Duncan Bannatyne cover in his book '_____ questions everyone in business needs to answer'? 37
Yellow If you live in London and are going on holiday to Paris, which of these would not be a good way of getting there? Bike
Yellow In Japan, on New Year’s Eve people gather around the Zojoji Temple to release what? Helium Balloons
Yellow In the 20th century, Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky were arch rivals at what? Chess
Yellow In the 20th century, who came between Lady Bird and Betty? Pat
Yellow In what Post Code is Hoxton Square? N1
Yellow In which country was fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent born? Algeria
Yellow In which year was the Berlin Wall built? 1961
Yellow Lactation is another term for what? Breastfeeding
Yellow On an Italian menu, a dish described as 'picante' is what? Spicy
Yellow The common cold is what kind of virus? Rhino
Yellow The Earth's Equator is approximately how many millions of meters in length? 40
Yellow The end of which war was characterized by and era of 'perestroika' and 'glasnost'? Cold War
Yellow The octal numbering system consists of how many digits? 8
Yellow What are Dunbar Rover, Yukon Gold and Sharpe's Express types of? Potatoes
Yellow What are the standard colors of candy corn? Yellow, orange, white
Yellow What creatures in Greek mythology are described as man-eating giants with a single eye in the middle of their forehead? Cyclops
Yellow What did Francis Bacon call the purest of pleasures? Gardening
Yellow What did John Harrison invent in 1757? Chronometre
Yellow What do all the degrees in a rectangle add up to? 360
Yellow What does an anthropologist study? Human beings
Yellow What is a young swan called? Cygnet
Yellow What is Canada's national anthem? O Canada
Yellow What is something that is hackneyed? Overused and cliché
Yellow What is the capital of Angola? Luanda
Yellow What is the largest member of the Kingfisher family? Kookaburra
Yellow What is the term 'stonewash' usually applied to? Jeans
Yellow What is the term for heating a liquid to just below boiling point? Simmering
Yellow What is the world’s smallest bird? Bee Hummingbird
Yellow What letters do you have to swap in COMPUTER to become a traveller? P to M
Yellow What number has the square root (to the nearest four decimal places) of 1.4142? 2
Yellow What two letters in Scrabble give you 8 points? J and X
Yellow What word means 'getting pleasure from other people's misfortunes'? Schadenfreude
Yellow What year was the Berlin Wall built? 1961
Yellow Where was ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair born? Scotland
Yellow Which 1990 film saw Julia Roberts as the happy hooker Vivian Ward? Pretty Woman
Yellow Which Asian nation selects its head of state every 5 years from amongst nine different royal families? Malaysia
Yellow Which chemical symbol represents Gold? Au
Yellow Which fashion house has Karl Lagerfeld led since 1983? Chanel
Yellow Which former US Vice President campaigned against global warming? Al Gore
Yellow Which issue threatened to split the Church of Scotland in spring 2009? Gay priests
Yellow Which object can split light into separate colors? Prism
Yellow Which of these authors created the character Mrs. Marple Agatha Christy
Yellow Which of these is a car brand marque Cadillac
Yellow Which of these is a luxury car marquee? Cadillac
Yellow Which of these is a type of bird? Starling
Yellow Which of these numbers is not a prime number? 69
Yellow Which of these words is the adjective? Runny
Yellow Which product sold 25 bottles in its first year for $50 and cost $75 to make? Coca-Cola
Yellow Which real-life criminal is portrayed by Johnny Depp in the 2009 movie 'Public Enemies'? John Dillinger
Yellow Who created the character Mrs. Marple? Agatha Christy
Yellow Who was the author of the controversial Architecture Book 'Super City'? Alsop
Yellow With whom did Nelson Mandela share the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize? F.W. de Klerk