Golden OG Cubie
Golden OG Cubie Image
Golden OG Cubie Image
Flavor Text Only true OG's have this.
Class Elemental
Element Gold
Print Time 20 min
Blueprints 1144
Released 2021-05-29 Shop

The Golden OG Cubie Blueprint was created for all Beta Testers as a Thank You from the Developers.

  • Only one Blueprint per Player.
  • The Blueprint can only be used once. Once it is printed, the blueprint is destroyed.
  • The cost in the Shop was only 1 Green Key instead of the usual 2 Red Keys for epic Blueprints.
  • Only 2230 Blueprints were sold in the game. Only 1144 blueprints are left in the game as of February 11th 2022.

Golden OG Cubie Blueprint & Animation

Golden OG Cubie Blueprint
Golden OG Cubie Animation

First printed Golden OG Cubie

Player:ThaLoops printed the first Golden OG Cubie on 2021-05-29.
First OG Cubie printed.


Auction House Price History


Resource Market Price
2000 alt= Blue PaintBlue Paint CubieCoin 1870
1000 alt= Green PaintGreen Paint CubieCoin 2601
500 alt= Yellow PaintYellow Paint CubieCoin 870
10000 alt= ResinResin CubieCoin 3304
Cost to Print CubieCoin 8645