Remember remember the 5th of November, the UK Cubie and Mats - Victorian Hymn, mid-1700s


Guy Fawkes Day Event.

The UK Cubie Blueprint and its Resources originally dropped during the London Launch Event and will return for 2 days every November during the Guy Fawkes Day Event, only in the United Kingdom.

UK Resource Box


In-Game Event Info

Every Special UK Resource Box will have a chance for any of the following items:

Players not from the UK can still obtain the above Resources as long as the Vaults are in the UK.

Start of the Event

  • UTC: November 17th 12am
  • ET: November 16th 8pm
  • PT: November 16th 5pm

End of the Event

  • UTC: November 20th 12am
  • ET: November 19th 8pm
  • PT: November 19th 5pm

UK Cubie

Cubie BluePrint Name Tier Recipe Release Date
UK Cubie Rare

1000 Fish & Chips500 Cricket Bat5000 Resin

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 This Cubie Blueprint was exclusive to the 2021 [[{{{EventName}}}]] and will not return.
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