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Color Question Answer
Color Question Answer
Blue A mummified body was placed in what? Sarcophagus
Blue According to superstition, black cats are companions to whom? Witches
Blue According to superstition, spiders are companions to whom? Witches
Blue All of the following can destroy a vampire except? Silver
Blue Halloween was originally meant to celebrate? The harvest
Blue If a person has a unibrow, hairy palms and long middle fingers, what might they be? Werewolf
Blue In which Disney movie is a pumpkin transformed into a carriage? Cinderella
Blue In which Massachusetts town were the Witch Trials held? Salem
Blue Pumpkins grow on? Vines
Blue The fear of spiders is called? Arachnophobia
Blue Traditional Halloween colors include? Black and orange
Blue What are gargoyles believed to ward off? Evil spirits
Blue What evil creature sleeps in a coffin? Vampire
Blue What fruit is bobbed for on Halloween? Apples
Blue What is a carved pumpkin called? Jack-o'-lantern
Blue What is the name of Harry Potter's owl? Hedwig
Blue What three letters are often depicted on a tombstone? RIP
Blue What was Halloween once called? All Hallow's Eve
Blue What weather phenomenon brought Frankenstein's monster to life? Lightning
Blue What's the only holiday that surpasses Halloween when it comes to consumer sales? Christmas
Blue Where did mummies originate? Egypt
Blue Which creature uses a broomstick to fly? Witch or wizard
Blue Which evil creature has no reflection? Vampire
Blue Which evil creature is associated with a full moon? Werewolf
Blue Which evil creature is killed by a stake through the heart? Vampire
Blue Which evil ghost can be summoned by saying her name three times to a bathroom mirror? Bloody Mary
Blue Which famous magician died on Halloween? Harry Houdini
Blue Which Halloween decoration is a symbol of the harvest? Scarecrow
Blue Which nocturnal bird is most associated with Halloween? Owl
Blue Which of these are usually dipped in caramel? Apples
Blue Which of these is NOT another name for Halloween? Howl-o-scream
Blue Which of these is supposed to make a person transform into a werewolf? Full moon
Blue Which phrase is said to receive candy on Halloween? Trick or treat
Green A group of witches is called a? Coven
Green A person born on Halloween is said to have what ability? See and speak to the dead
Green All of the following movies were set in haunted houses except: The Purge (2013)
Green Complete the witchy saying: 'double, double, toil and___' Trouble
Green From point to base, what are the colors of a candy corn? White, orange, yellow
Green How does one become a werewolf? A werewolf bite
Green In what American state is it illegal to dress up as a priest or nun on Halloween? Alabama
Green Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas was what kind of creature? Skeleton
Green Seeing a spider on Halloween means? Dead loved one is watching
Green Vampires hate all of the following except: Blood
Green What color stripes does Freddy Krueger's shirt have? Green and red
Green What did the Celts put outside their doors to appease the spirits? Food
Green What does the color black symbolize when it comes to Halloween? Death and darkness
Green What Halloween costume does E.T. wear in the film? Ghost
Green What kind of creature is Beetlejuice? Poltergeist
Green What name do the trio of witches in Hocus Pocus go by? The Sanderson sisters
Green What sweet treat is commonly eaten during Dia de Los Muertos? Sugar skulls
Green Which 1990s mini series featured an evil shape shifting clown? It
Green Which evil character does not cast a shadow? Dracula
Green Which Michael Jackson music video features dancing zombies? Thriller
Green Which movie is set in a foggy town? Sleepy Hollow (1999)
Green Which of the following was thought to be cured by pumpkins? Freckles
Green Which of these is NOT another name for Halloween? Howl-o-scream
Green Which of these songs do the Sanderson Sisters perform in Hocus Pocus? I put a spell on you.
Green Which Stephen King inspired film is the highest grossing Halloween film as of 2020? It
Green Who is the villain in the Friday the 13th franchise? Jason Voorhees
Green Who wrote the novel, Dracula? Bram Stoker
Red Aproximately how many pounds of candy corn are produced every year? 35 million
Red Original name of Candy Corn? Chicken Feed
Red What do Scots call trick or treating? Guising