What is Happy Hour?

Every day one random hour is selected to be Happy Hour. When Happy Hour begins you will see a blue clock icon on the left of your screen underneath the trophy icon (see image below), you can click on it for information. During Happy Hour a random trivia category is boosted! You will be able to tell which category has been boosted as that category will have a special effect that outlines the category in a blue or green color as seen in image below. Selecting and answering this category during Happy Hour will result in a boosted reward.

Happy Hour Clock on in game Map Image.
Happy Hour Clock on in game Map Image.
Happy Hour Category Highlight Example Hunters Lodge in June 2021.

What is the Boosted Reward

If you answer the boosted category question correct and are given/choose a Resource Box:

This is a great way and time to stock up on paint, as paint can be very helpful in printing different Blueprints.

What determines the Boosted Category

The category that is boosted for only 1 hour is selected at random daily. You can find out if Happy Hour is happening by looking for the blue clock on your map screen, seeing a category highlight in an animated color or if you follow Discord, Reddit, or a Facebook Group that have members who announce it.

All players have the Happy Hour at the same time and the boosted category is also the same for everybody.

Help other players to announce a Happy Hour in Discord or Reddit if you see one being active.

Happy Hour and Vault Respawn time

Happy Hour only occurs once every 24 hours at 0:00 UTC (See Respawn Timers page for specific Timezones).

Normal Vault rewards and reset times can also be found here <https://coinhuntworldwiki.com/Vault>

Special Notes

During events, Happy Hour will continue happening when paint is dropping in game. For example, during the Veriblock Event, Happy Hour remained, as the paint resource boxes remained the same. Alternatively, if an event drops event-specific resources, such as the Halloween Event 2021, there is no Happy Hour. Once the event is over, Happy Hour returns as normal. ‎‎