Floating Hawaii Vault

Hawaii Vault

During the Hawaii Event, players will see a floating Hawaii Vault in the sky. This vault will show a countdown to May 8th 2021.

On May 8th 00:00 UTC, the vault will unlock and every player can click to interact with it. Once the vault is unlocked, you need to enter one Red Key to participate in the event!

When 100 players enter a red key, the Hawaii Vault will open and rewards will be distributed to participating players!

NOTE: If there are not 100 players to participate by May 10th the vault will not open and will disappear until next year. Your Red Key will return to your inventory.

What is inside the vault?

Once the vault is opened, every player that inserted a Red Key will receive a Hawaii Event box!

But be fast!

Only the first 100 players that enter a Red Key will receive this special Hawaii Event box.