Hunters Lodge Event

Chat with the Developers of Cubieverse and get a sneak preview of upcoming features! The Hunters Lodge is a live presentation on Youtube followed by a follow up live question and answer session. This event happens periodically but with no set schedule. It is hosted by Illusionweaver and Kookoopuffs.

Hunters Lodge 3 took place on November 29, 2021.


This is a summary typed up by Lepidoctora in real time during the event.

We are growing

  • UK launch on September 30th 2021
  • 2628 registered UK hunters
  • 6 months to get 1000 players in US, but only 1 month to get 1000 in UK
  • El Salvador already 500 users in 9 days


  • 700,000 VBK dropped to 736 players
  • 20,000 VBK interactions

Coming in December

New Event types

  • New: Celebrity NFT Events!

Celebrity events

  • Epic Celebrity Cubie
  • Collect resources
  • Find Cubie Blueprint
  • Print Cubie

CHW X Celebrity Collab

  • OpenSea
  • Have to do with the celebrity (so territory dependent)
  • Trade NFT Blueprint in Auction House or Mint NFT and burn Blueprint
  • Minted NFT will be transferred to your OpenSea account
  • Extension to how brands can interact in our CubieVerse

Pat Morita Cubie

  • Anyone can hunt and get the Pat Morita resources and cubie blueprint
  • Drops Pat Morita resources and low chance of cubie blueprint (epic chance)

First Celebrity NFT Event

  • Six unique NFT art pieces, 10 copies of each, are minted on OpenSea
  • the NFT blueprints will be hidden in the game for you to find
  • received from Pat Morita estate
  • only drop in Coin Hunt World
  • total 60 NFTs up for grabs
  • need to look for Large Torii Gates, taller than a building, with a golden disk in the centre of the red gate
  • placed in 6 locations significant to Pat Morita's life and accomplishments
  • Developers will release hints to help community track down gates
  • inside these 6 large gates are one of the six NFTs, 10 copies of each
  • hint: 5/6 are in California, 1/6 in Hawaii (this was later updated in the Medium article on the Pat Morita event to be: 4/6 in California, 1/6 in Hawaii, 1/6 in Wisconsin)
  • because relevant to Pat Morita's life
  • large Torii are local - you have to visit CA, WI, or HI to get the NFT, and you have to be among the first 10 players to any particular gate!
  • small Torii are global, anyone has a chance of getting the Pat Morita Cubie BP and printing the Pat Morita Cubie
  • Demonstration of another way for Intellectual Properties to interact with CHW
  • component will be for Charity - a portion of all the keys you are using for little or big Torii will be donated to Shriner's Hospital, where Pat Morita spent a lot of time recovering from a childhood illness
  • You can only hit a Large Torii once
  • You can hit small torii like Green Vaults (every 24 hours)

Christmas sneak peek

  • one new epic BP: No information yet

Key system changes (some time next year)

  • no more Keybooths
  • Supercharged Mystery Boxes (everyone has similar base inflow of keys)
  • new mechanics to earn additional keys each day:

Player Owned Structures (some time next year)

  • new construction system
  • replaces current system
  • existing Uservaults will be phased out over time
  • but they will exist in parallel for a long time
  • the plot of land around your UV is YOUR LAND
  • you will be the only one to build new Structures on this plot
  • 50m range around your UV is your territory

New Player Structures (some time next year)

  • Tag, Build, Operate
  • Tag: hunters will tag the world around them
    • e.g. fountains, banks, bus stops, walking/cycling path, coffee shop
    • CHW will continuously release new tags
    • we get a database of tags
  • Build: new type of BP called Construction Blueprints
    • each Construction BP has a list of compatible tags
    • each Construction BP has its own Construction Quests
    • CHW continuously releases new Construction BPs
  • Operate: all structures require a compatible Cubie to operate it
    • some structures require stocking resources (e.g. coffee beans for coffee shop, and you need to get stocked up, and maybe coffee beans only come from El Salvador)
    • all structures will earn keys for the owner

Example of Player Structures: Lucky Fountain

  • Tag: You can only place <fountain> tags on real world fountains
  • Build: purchase Lucky Fountain Blueprint
    • Find a fountain tag
    • claim the tag with the BP
    • complete the Construction Quest
    • assign a compatible cubie
  • Operate: once active, all players can see the Lucky Fountain
    • they can throw a key in the fountain for 1 hour luck boost
    • percentage of keys thrown into fountain will go back to owner
    • means that everyone who has a UV on top of a fountain, will be able to build a lucky fountain on the 50m of land around their UV
    • there will be specific structures that can only be built by rural players, e.g. barn, field, farm

Merch Updates

  • players who would like to run a CHW Merch shop can now apply for a license
  • send an email to
  • contract available for people to officially license the IP
  • CHW will work with you to promote your store
  • want to get to a point where you can buy merch with your keys, one of the goals for next year
  • right now using traditional payment systems


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Hunters Lodge #3 - Retrospective by Wrwilm