Hunters Lodge Event

Chat with the Developers of Cubieverse and get a sneak preview of upcoming features! The Hunters Lodge is a live presentation on Youtube followed by a follow up live question and answer session. This event happens periodically but with no set schedule. It is hosted by Illusionweaver and Kookoopuffs.

Hunters Lodge 4 took place on April 1, 2022.


This is a summary from notes taken during the event by ZiggyG.

We are Growing Fast

CHW en Español

  • First fully localized client active in El Salvador
  • Rolling out to Columbia and more Latin American countries in the future

Coming to the Philippines

  • Phase 1: Closed Beta starting in April 2022
    • 1,000 Early Access Slots
    • Discord Contests for closed beta, which will be carried over to Phase 2
  • Phase 2: Full Launch
    • Open to everyone (Android)
    • 2 Week Country-Launch Event (which will always include a Country Cubie and Purple Vault)

What’s coming in April 2022?

New Trivia

  • In English: New Categories including Math, History, and Fashion
  • In Spanish: Newly translated Categories: Automotive and Health and Medicine

Cubie Display Cases

  • Gives players the ability to show off their Cubie collections
  • Everyone gets a Common case, but other cases can be obtained with keys
  • Display Cases will be accessible through the leaderboards
    • To Edit Display Case, find your Display Case on the Leaderboard and select Edit

No more Key Booths

Updated Mystery Box Drop Rates

Daily Activity Quests: Walking

  • Earn keys by walking and reaching milestones
  • 8 Milestones per day, they are exponential in difficulty and reward
  • Additional activity quests will be added in the future (e.g biking, roller skating)
  • Milestone Key Rewards will pop-up over the cubies head and be available for only 10 minutes


  • Twitter Boxes are moved to the end of the flow and can be used to report an issue with the vault
  • Unlink Export Partner feature coming soon to allow the game to reward players who keep their rewards in the CHW ecosystem (this is far down the line)

What’s coming in May 2022?

Hawaii Event

  • 5 Cubies Available to hunt for, Hula Cubie, Surf Cubie, Sneaky Seal Cubie, Sea Turtle Cubie, and the randomizer Tiki Warrior Cubie.
    • 27 Tiki Warriors: 12 High droprate, 9 Medium droprate, 6 Low droprate
  • Hawaii Quest Chain, reduced RNG (outside of Hula and Surf Cubies)
    • Going to have to solve an exact number of vaults to advance through the quest chain and get the blueprints
    • Big Tickler and Hawaii Headquarters Skin Blueprint for completing the Quest Chain, as well as a Behind the Scenes NFT for the first five finishers in each country
Hawaii Event Participation NFT
    • First block in the Quest Chain is an NFT for 1 Blue Key
  • One Purple Vault during the event in a famous location in Hawaii

What’s Coming in June 2022?

Merch License

  • 5 will be approved in April, the rest will be approved in May
  • KKP mentioned a system that will give in-game item rewards for buying CHW Merch

Brand Integration

  • Landmarks coming to Los Angeles, New York City, and Las Vegas, they will have to be built by the community
    • New activities and unique rewards can be earned at these Landmarks
  • Premiere Brands, will start with the sushi restaurant Yamashiro’s in LA
  • NFT Cross Promotions, refer any friends to KKP!


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Hunters Lodge #4 - Retrospective by Wrwilm