Hunters Lodge Event

Chat with the Developers of Cubieverse and get a sneak preview of upcoming features! The Hunters Lodge is a live presentation on Youtube followed by a follow up live question and answer session. This event happens periodically but with no set schedule. It is hosted by Illusionweaver and Kookoopuffs.

Hunters Lodge 5 took place on July 15th, 2022.





Merch Shops Launched

  • Coin Hunt World Wiki Shop
  • 'Ladies of the Hunt' Store
  • Crypto Cornucopia on Etsy
  • Shout out to Peri, the intern who coordinated merch contracts for Kookoopuffs.
  • Sometime long in the future, merch will give in game benefits.
    • Imagine your purchase come with a QR code you can scan into the game.

Next Week

Trivia and Happy Hour Update

  • New Trivia in these categories:
    • English:
      • Books, Cinema, Geography, Word Play.
    • Spanish:
      • Math, History, Fashion.
  • 10 categories per-month starting August 1st, 2022.
    • On the 1st of each month, the 10 selected categories will change.
      • Later revised to middle of the month because there is “too much going on at the beginning.”
  • Merging some categories. (For example: Films and Cinema.)
  • Localized Trivia will work correctly. Each language will have their own Happy Hour category.
  • Since there are 10 Active Trivia Categories at any given time. There is now a 3/10 chance of getting a particular category during Happy Hour.

Level 5 HQ

  • Level 5 HQ next week
  • Gives the ability to apply any Headquarters Skin Blueprint
  • In the past we’ve been told that using an Headquarters BP will give Epic LBP
    • Unsure if still true.

Log Cabin HQ BP


El Salvador’s Annual Fiesta de San Salvador Event

Sushi Quest


Crystal Keys

  • “Early August”
  • Purchased through the Google Play Store or using your earned in-game crypto.
  • Occasionally may be given as prizes by the devs, but no other “natural” way to obtain in game.
  • 1 Crystal Key = 10¢
  • Can't be used in the Auction House
  • Used to buy Adventure Road or Construction Blueprints from the Shop
    • Possibly more things in the future


Adventure Road

  • First one starts September 1st.
    • Confirmed to be pushed back to October.
  • Two Tiers: Free and Premium
  • Premium will cost 200 Crystal Keys ($19.95 USD)
  • 3 new randomized daily quests.
    • Unknown if it daily quests are same for everyone.
  • A “ton of” rewards in the quest chain along the way
  • If you pay for "Premium", you'll get more rewards than the "Free" tier.
  • Every months Adventure Road will be different.
  • You have the full month to complete the full quest chain.
  • If you complete it AND pay for premium, you'll get a unique Rare Cubie Blueprint
    • This BP will be unique to this year/month and will never come back

New Chill Wheels Quest

  • Nearly identical to Walking Quests
    • Same LBP, same rewards
  • Moving faster than walking but still moving somewhat slow
    • Anything on wheels that does not go fast:
    • Skateboards, BMX, wheelchairs, roller skates, unicycles, etc
  • Every day you can pick either walking or chill wheel. You can't do both on the same day.

Choice between Reward Box or Crypto Boxes

  • “Early September”
  • This will be implemented for the Anniversary Event.
  • Unsure if this will apply to Uservault’s, Green Vaults, or Yellow Vaults.
  • It may or may not continue after the event.
  • You can get Cryptocurrency OR Resources, but not both:
    • 1/3rd chance of getting crypto box
    • 1/3rd chance of getting Resource Box
    • 1/3rd chance of getting the option to choose one or the other
    • No possible way to get both on the same Vault.

2nd Anniversary Event

  • Cubie Air Event
  • Blimps not planes in the Cubieverse. A new airline is just opening, and we’re having a big festival to celebrate.
  • Cubie Air Event
    • A blimp will float above your HQ
    • When you click it you'll see the Cubie Air LB
    • Hunting will have NO effect on the Cubie Air LB.
    • You need a Boarding Pass to start the Cubie Air Event.
    • Some boarding passes will drop in the Anniversary Event quest chain.
    • Additional passes can be purchased in the shop for 1 Red Key each.
    • You can do the challenge as many times as you’d like, just need to have a Boarding Pass
    • You have 4 “lives” and 10 questions to answer, in this order:
    • If you answer a question wrong, (or not in time,) you lose a life.
    • When you are out of lives, or finish the Red Vault Trivia Question, you are done.
    • You will get 1 crypto reward box.
      • It will be the amount from the best question you answered
        • For example, if you got all blues right, a Green Good, a Green Perfect, and a Yellow Good:
          • The Yellow Good pays the most ($3.50)
    • At the end you will get a score based on how long it took you to answer the questions, how far you got, and how many lives you had remaining
      • Score gets added to your Cubie Air LB (Each hunter will have 1 score that is NOT cumulative if more than 1 attempt is made)
    • A player spending a Red Key to buy a Boarding Pass does NOT activate a Referral bonus. Nor does solving the red tier question. No red referrals at all!
  • New Cubie BPs:


  • Sometime in September, after the Anniversary Event
  • In tag mode, you will see all the tags on the map instead of vaults
  • We need your help to improve the accuracy of the cubieverse map
  • Tag a wide variety of POIs
    • Bus station
    • Sushi Restaurant
    • Bank
    • Pizzeria
    • Fountains
    • Walking/Cycling Paths
    • Grassy open field (and how big is it? small, large, etc) - to tell them there's room for a big structure
    • Public Bench
    • Cool Graffiti
  • In the future they will use these tags as validation of where we can place Structures
  • Also they might use them for quests:
    • Example: go to ten Graffiti locations and take photos
  • Tags are placed by 1 player and confirmed by other players
  • Confirmations of accuracy from 3 other players are needed before the game accepts the tag as valid.

Later in the year


  • Cubiverse caters to different player types
    • Hunter (Template:BlocBoi has most LBP)
    • Trader (Template:Zach has most keys spent/earned on AH)
    • Producer (Template:Minel has most cubbies printed all time)
    • Explorer ooooSKCoooo has hunted in 4 countries)
    • Builder (will be for people who build the most structures)
  • It seemed like Illusionweaver was hinting that these should be separate LB in the future.
  • Someone asked a question and it was clarified: Builder LBP are separate from other LBP
  • 3 tiers of Structure Blueprints: common, rare, and epic.
  • Purchased with Crystal Keys
  • First 5 Structure Blueprints in the shop
    • Uservault (yes, in the future you’ll need a UV Structure BP to build a UV)
      • Common
      • Everyone will get one for free to get started
      • “They’re cheap”
    • Lucky Fountain
      • Common
    • Trade Shack
    • Resin Tree
      • Rare
    • Bank
      • Epic
      • Put your in game crypto into a bank structure (anyone’s, not just your own)
      • Stake crypto, get a yield in Keys.
      • Structure owner gets a kickback.
  • These Structure BP’s cannot be sold on the Auction House
  • Unknown yet if there's a limitation to how many BPs a player can buy at a time, but will probably be limited.
    • Confirmed there are limitations on how many can be held, exact details unknown.
  • 4 steps to building a Structure.
    • 1. Buy the BP with Crystal Keys
      • The 1st of the month the Shop gets replenished with a limited supply.
      • Now is a good time to note: The shop will be able to have more than one item for sale at a time.
    • 2. Activate the BP
      • Take inactive BP to a Printshop
      • Activate the BP with 1, 2/3, or 3/5 unique Stamps
      • Now the BP is "Active"
    • 3. Build
      • Go to a compatible tag
      • Insert active BP
      • Boundary checks (no nearby structures within the minimum radius; for example, maybe you can’t have banks within a mile of each other)
      • Select a Cubie to work that Structure (affects build time)
      • Construction team is idle, not building yet. Like an unfueled sleeping Cubiedozer.
      • Boost the construction speed
      • [ifTE|Structure]] is done
    • 4. "Operate"
  • A question was asked:

United Kingdom’s Annual Guy Fawkes Day Event

Early November. Same as other country events.

Next Year

These things are very loose, "hopes and dreams"


I fit most of the questions/answers into the info above, but here’s some Q&A that didn’t fit anywhere above:

  • They promised us to commit to not adding any new countries until crypto exports are solved for existing countries in the game.
  • Future: Cubie Display Cases will do more, but no plans anytime soon.
  • Level 5 HQ’s will eventually have additional functionality (like HQ booster antenna) but not anytime soon
  • Activity Quests could possibly have more than 8 milestones in the future but no plans at this time. Maybe someday.


Link to the original Hunters Lodge 5 live stream video: here.

The video embedded below is both the live stream and the Q&A, edited together by Wrwilm

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00m00s Right everybody. Welcome to Hunter's Lodge number oh five. I am an Illusion Weaver and
00m04s I have of course, Kookoo puffs with me here. And, uh, today we're going to show you a little
00m08s bit of what's coming ahead in Coin Hunt World. Okay. So Hunter Lodge five. I can't believe
00m13s we already had 5 Hunter's Lodges I love it. Let's uh, talk a little bit about the road
00m17s we have traveled so far.
00m18s We have come a long way. We are now active in six countries, America, Canada, UK, El
00m24s Salvador, Philippines, and Malaysia. We have 150,000 signups hosted 20 plus successful
00m31s events. We have also started to dabble with NFTs. We have, uh, 85 Coin Hunt World NFTs
00m36s minted on the, Ethereum blockchain also interesting though, is we have increased the team since
00m41s beginning over three times already, but we could not have done it without your help.
00m46s We have a thriving community. Thanks to you guys. And the community as a whole has 130,000
00m52s Cubies printed. We have 75,000 active user vaults, 80,000 auctions completed. And in
00m58s total we have sold 73,000, uh, blueprints in the shop. And we couldn't be happier.
01m02s Obviously I need to give a little shout out to Kevo strings here who made this beautiful
01m06s piece of art that literally is the perfect, uh, summary of how awesome our community is.
01m11s And, you know, the strong community is, is, um, the, the proof there is lies in the very
01m16s several strong community run projects that are popping up left and right.
01m20s And now we want to give a little shout out to, uh, a couple of them here. Obviously we
01m24s have the Coin Hunt World Wiki, which is, uh, for many hunters, an invaluable resource and
01m29s side companion to the game, as well as, uh, Anakura's Coin Hunt Map. And what's most people
01m35s don't know is that we also have over 40 local run, uh, fan discords and we have over 6,000
01m41s members on various Facebook groups on, on Facebook, obviously.
01m44s So, you know, we are just blown away by, by all these efforts done by the community. And
01m49s we're super, uh, thankful for this and, uh, together, it just makes the whole game stronger.
01m54s So thank you for that. And, uh, keep it up. We love it. Okay. Talking about the Facebook
01m58s groups, uh, the Facebook groups reach out to us that they want to do a contest. So I
02m02s think next week we are going to be running a contest on the, on the Facebook fan groups
02m06s and the rules you will find on the following four. These are the major four fan groups
02m10s on Facebook and, uh, there will be a contest there. So if you wanna participate and, uh,
02m15s you're into Facebook, go there, check the rules and, uh, you know, maybe you win one
02m18s of those prizes here.
02m19s All right. Also super stoked to announce, finally, we have our first licensed merch
02m24s stores going live, and I think they're all live today, actually. You know, this is the
02m29s first one here, which is the merch store from the Coin Hunt World Wiki team. So they did
02m34s a great job coming up with a bunch of cool merch.
02m36s So why did we do this? Instead of doing a Merch shop ourselves, we thought it would
02m41s be more fun to involve the community with this. So instead we created the licenses that
02m46s anybody in the community can apply for. And if you get approved, you get to officially
02m50s sell Coin Hunt World merchandise. So this is the Coin Hunt World Wiki shop, I think
02m55s it's live right now. We also have the Ladies of the Hunt. They also created their own merch
02m59s store with some really nifty items in there as well. And I think they're also starting
03m03s to sell today and we also have Crypto Cornucopia who is, who has an Etsy store, who is selling,
03m09s uh, variety of items with also this, um, super cool Cubie plushy.
03m14s So go check them out and, you know, support your, uh, fellow community members. Well,
03m18s I definitely wanna shout out to Peri who, um, you know, as our intern who spent a lot of
03m24s time working on the merch stuff, because obviously I failed at that. So, you know, she, she worked
03m28s with everyone to get the contracts updated and signed.
03m31s You know, we want to see what types of items, people like. We're gonna see how well the
03m36s shops are doing because the next step of this is we wanna do some integration with the game
03m41s itself. You buy a hat and maybe you wear the hat and take it to one of the monuments and
03m46s you could get extra stuff in the.
03m48s Maybe you just buy a shirt off of the website and you get a special Cubie in the game, or
03m54s even some in-game resources. So stuff like that, you know, we, we've got some really
03m59s cool ideas to tie the merch directly into the game.
04m02s Let's move on what is coming next week. First of all, we're gonna have new trivia next week
04m07s in the English client will have new questions for.
04m11s Cinema Geography and Word Play. And, uh, the Spanish client will have three, uh, entirely
04m16s new categories for them. They will have Math History and Fashion totally localized for
04m20s them. Next week, we will also do some Happy Hour changes. We're going to separate Happy
04m25s Hour per localized client, which means they will be a separate, happy hour for the El
04m29s Salvador players versus the rest.
04m31s Also what we're going to do, we're gonna be cleaning up our trivia categories. And, uh,
04m34s for example, here we have Cinema Films, Movies that should all be one category. And then
04m39s what we're going to do, we are going to always have a maximum of 10 categories that are active
04m43s and then every month we are gonna take a couple of out and swap in with a couple of others.
04m47s So we can kind of have a, a different, uh, flavor of trivia meta every, uh, month. That's
04m53s good for you guys too, because then, you know, there's always going to be, if it's Happy
04m56s Hour, you have one in 10 chance that your Happy Hour, um, Well, actually more, but,
05m01s you know, you'll have more chance that you're Happy Hour category will show up and we'll, tune this stuff
05m07s If we need to rotate more or less, you know, depending on how people are catching up to
05m11s the meta, you know, we'll do that. And of course, Renee does an incredible job of adding
05m15s new questions all the time. So that's gonna be pretty
05m17s exciting. So the goal is for us to keep it fresh for you guys and keep you on your toes.
05m21s So that's also happening next. We are not starting with the 10 categories here. So the
05m25s cleanup is gonna take a little longer, but, but next week, the separate Happy Hour per
05m29s client is going live. Also next week, we are going to be able to upgrade your HQs to level
05m34s five. This will cost you a hundred K resin, 500 purple paint, and you will have to equip
05m38s the purple Cubie to finish the quest line to.
05m41s Take your HQ from level four to level five. But once you do that will enable you to apply
05m46s your skin to your HQ. Uh, some of you guys already have skin from previous events, uh,
05m51s but for people who do not have, uh, skin yet at the same time, we will launch the log cabin
05m55s HQ skin in the store. So it'll be shop drop for one yellow key with a supply of 10,000.
06m00s So if you do not have any HQ skins, and you would like to have a different one, this is
06m05s your chance. So that is also happening next week. Here's a little demo of how that works.
06m09s Okay, so you will just go to your, uh, inventory where the, uh, construction blueprints are,
06m14s you will pick the blueprint you wanna apply.
06m15s Then you just say, build here and then boom. Now we have the Ginger bread HQ, which looks
06m21s really awesome by the way. So let's, uh, select another one. Let's try the Chinese New Year
06m25s HQ. Same thing. Just built that one. Wow. Now we have this one looks really good in
06m30s night mode. And then last one, uh, let's do the, uh, hunt, uh, the log cabin, and then
06m34s you'll have a cute little log cabin.
06m36s So, you know, not everybody wants a big mansion with five rooms, somebody, some people are
06m40s more humble. all right, so that's HQ skins. Okay. Then what's coming in August. First
06m45s of all August 1st, August 3rd in El Salvador, for all the El Salvadorians, we will have
06m50s the Fiesta de San Salvador event, which is their national event, like, uh, Canada Day
06m54s and 4th of July.
06m55s So during that time they will have this Cubie drop plus the Pupusas and the Surfboards.
07m00s And so if you haven't gotten it already, you know, that is your time to go get the resources.
07m05s And obviously this Cubie is pretty popular in auction house. So only the El Salvadorians
07m09s can create it and can feed it to the rest of the community.
07m12s So if you're an El Salvador hunter, I would try to hunt a lot during that event. What's
07m16s what else is coming in um, August. And this is early August, early August we're going
07m20s to do the Structures pilot program. This is like a beta test for us to be able to test
07m25s a restaurant type structure before the whole structure mechanism is released.
07m29s So instead of you building it, we will place it. And it's a Sushi Restaurant Structure
07m33s , which will be able to be built on top of real life Sushi Restaurants and, uh, doing
07m38s the sushi quest, you will be able to get, uh, resources which could contain the common
07m42s sushi Chef Cubie Blueprint. And it also could contain the super Rare Master Sushi Chef Cubie.
07m48s Yeah. And the resources drop. So you might have to come back multiple times. You can
07m53s do it once a week. And that's how we get that. So how does the Sushi Quest work? How does
07m58s the, the, the structure work at start? We are going to place this manually and just
08m02s because we need some testing done. So we are going to place one Sushi Quest Restaurant
08m06s on top of a real life sushi place in all, uh, capitals of each country.
08m11s We are active in think
08m12s about this as like a pseudo, uh, monument, right? So there'll be one in DC. There'll
08m16s be one, you know, in a couple of different cities
08m19s around the world, but, and eventually what we'll do is we'll, we'll. We'll give you guys
08m23s the Blueprint to make more Sushi Restaurants so everybody can then turn their local sushi
08m26s place into one of one of these.
08m28s Okay. So let's take a look how that works. Okay. So this works, you will just drive to
08m32s the place where it is, and you'll see this beautiful Sushi Restaurant Structure on the
08m36s map. And then, you know, you just go in there and you just have a meal. That's it. That's
08m40s the quest. You have to just have a meal there.
08m42s So you start the Quest at, when you sit down, you start the Quest, it looks like it costs
08m47s one Green Key, and then your Cubie is just gonna be eating there. And while your Cubie's
08m51s eating, you don't need to do anything else. Just put your phone down and enjoy your meal.
08m55s And then in 45 minutes later, you, uh, you will be able to just pick up the reward.
09m00s So enjoy your sushi. No screen time. and then 45 minutes later. Um, you claim your reward
09m09s and then you get a sushi resource box, which could have the blueprints or resources that
09m14s are needed to craft these Cubie. All right. So that's how the sushi quest
09m21s works. So, uh, I say Final Fight doesn't like sushi, but don't worry.
09m25s This is a, this is a pilot. So we're gonna, we're gonna slowly release new types of structures
09m29s into the game. And each of them will have unique rewards that you'll be able to, you
09m33s know, to get out of it.
09m34s So, for example, you can, we will absolutely have a pizzeria structure and every type of
09m39s restaurants, we will eventually have the structure for, uh, the sushi shops you can hit once a week.
09m44s All the restaurant structures will be a once a week timer, but there will be individual
09m46s timers. So that's how that works. So yeah, one more thing is this is just our first version.
09m51s We need to get some data on this. We need to fine tune it. Obviously we know that yes,
09m55s you can park your car right in front of the sushi restaurant and then just don't go inside
09m59s and just, you know, wait in your car for 45 minutes,
10m02s please don't do that. It's important for us that, that we have good data out of this,
10m06s because this is one of our revenue sources that are, that is very important to the longevity
10m10s of, uh, Coin Hunt World and, and also if we see too many people cheesing the system, we
10m14s will just make it uncheesable and it's gonna be less fun for you guys.
10m17s So, you know, just saying that also coming early August or somewhere in August, we will
10m22s have a new, uh, in game currency, Crystal Keys. It's called. And, uh, the only way to
10m26s get crystal keys is by either using your in-game collected crypto or via the, uh, app store
10m32s system inside Google store. These crystal keys are pretty special because you can't
10m36s buy them with regular keys.
10m37s You can't transfer them in any shape or form to regular keys and you can't use them on
10m42s the auction house. You can use 'em for two things at the start, they will be used to
10m46s buy the Adventure Pass, which I will explain short. And it will also be used to purchase
10m51s the Construction Blueprints, which I'll explain later.
10m54s So that's coming new in-game currency, Crystal Keys. Okay, here we go. Adventure Pass is
10m58s our version of the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass system is, uh, a chain of rewards that
11m03s you can work your way through by just playing the game a lot. So we will have a free and
11m07s a premium part, meaning that even without buying the Adventure Pass, you'll still get
11m12s a ton of reward from the free part.
11m13s But if you do buy the premium pass, then a lot premium rewards get added on top of the
11m18s regular rewards and you progress through it by two things you can just by hunting will
11m22s progress you but very slowly, but you can get a big chunk of progression done by doing
11m27s daily quests. That will be randomized every day.
11m30s So every day when you, uh, at reset time, there will be three new daily quests that
11m34s will be served up to you. And if you do those quests, you will make big leaps in the Adventure
11m39s Pass throughout the question. A lot of rewards will be in there. There will be HQ, skins,
11m44s et cetera. So if you manage to get to the end of an adventure pass before the month
11m47s is finished, then you will get a Rare Cubie blueprint every month.
11m51s So we are aiming to get our first to get started with the first month of an active Adventure
11m56s Pass in September. And it'll cost 200 Crystal Keys, which is, uh, $19.95 (USD) I believe.
12m02s So that's the Adventure Pass.
12m03s Oh, and let's just say, there'll be other ways to. Earn Crystal Keys. It won't just
12m08s be by purchasing them.
12m10s We'll give them away as prizes and things, you know, just like we give away other keys.
12m14s Okay. So that's August. So let's take a look what we're gonna be doing in September early
12m19s September. Of course we'll have the new Activity Quest Chill Wheels, Chill Wheels is, uh, works
12m24s exactly like our current activity quest, which is the walking quest, except, uh, instead
12m29s of walking, you need to be on wheels, but you need to be, slow. So everything that is
12m33s on wheels, but not super fast will work for the chill wheel quest also every day you will
12m38s have to pick which one of the two you can do. You can't do both so you can mix and match
12m42s the way you will like it. So your, um, ankles get a little bit of a break and it gives you
12m46s a little bit more variety to everybody.
12m49s Also coming early September is a new reward system during the Canada Day. And the 4th
12m53s of July, we already experimented with a new reward system where, uh, all the vaults were
12m57s only giving resources and no longer crypto. So, this is a next experiment we want to do.
13m02s And in this experiment, every time you solve a vault, you will have an equal chance to
13m06s either get crypto or a resource box, or you will get offered the choice to pick, and then
13m12s you can choose that way you, you can kind of, uh, define.
13m15s Today, during events. I see a lot of people go for more resources, maybe when there is
13m20s no event going on. And, and there is a big dip in, in crypto. Maybe people will go more
13m24s for crypto boxes. And of course, early September, we will have our Second Anniversary Event,
13m29s which is called Cubie Air. Of course the Cubie verse needs to have an airline and Cubie Air
13m34s is the airline of, of the Cubie verse.
13m36s Of course, uh, Cubie verse does things differently, so they don't use planes, they use Cubie Blimps
13m40s like you can see here. And so imagine that new airline. Just opening and it's going to
13m45s launch a big festival, uh, to celebrate their new airline. Let's take a look. So during
13m50s the anniversary event, Cubie air, we will have five new blueprints, one Common, one
13m54s Rare randomizer with a twist, one Epic randomizer with a twist, one Epic and one Legendary.
14m00s Let's take a look at all of them. This time, I'm not keeping any beans. I'm spilling all
14m03s of them because it's just too much. First one, the first one is the Zach, the Air Traffic
14m08s Control Cubie, which is the new Common Cubie. This one will drop from the Quest Chain and
14m12s should be super accessible to anybody. Let's take a look at the next one.
14m15s The new Rare randomizer Blueprint is the Flight Attendant. Cubie. This is like a randomizer.
14m20s Every time you print, you're either going to have Nathalie, Jamie or Angela. However,
14m24s the blueprint does not get consumed on print. You can just keep on printing and this one
14m29s will just drop randomly from vaults, right? And the new Epic Blueprint is of course the
14m33s Pilot Cubie and that's another randomizer.
14m36s So every time you print this one, you are either going to have George or you're going
14m39s to have louder. Okay. And this one also drops randomly from vaults. Next one is an Epic
14m44s one. The Wombat Cubie which is, if you see the animation you're gonna freak, it's incredible.
14m49s The Wombat Cubie does not drop from vaults and it does not drop from the Quest Chain
14m53s you have to be in the Top 500 of the leader boards at the end of the event of the air,
14m58s the Cubie Air Challenge Leaderboards, which I will explain later all.
15m01s And of course, what are we missing here? We are missing the Legendary. So a little bit
15m06s of context. We only release one Legendary, per year, and it only has one Blueprint. So
15m11s it goes to one player last year, it went to Zach who got the Architect and he had to literally
15m16s sell everything. He, he got to get it. So this year it's time for the Second Legendary,
15m21s which is drum roll, Ace, Ace Cubie legendaries have a passive buff.
15m26s And this guy has one too and who, how to get this one? Well, whoever is the number one
15m31s spot on the Cubie Air Challenge. Leaderboard, get this one. That's it. So. We
15m35s reserve the right to do a couple more legendaries a year, but there will always be like one
15m41s of one, you know, I wanna put that out there because we haven't decided what we're gonna
15m45s do for Coin Hunt Fest yet, so, oh yeah.
15m47s True. We should have Legendary there. So it's time to talk about what is this mysterious
15m51s Cubie Air challenge, right? Cubie Air during the event, you'll see the Cubie Air Blimp,
15m56s uh, hovering in the air over your HQ and you can tap on it. And when you tap on it, that's
16m01s how we enter the Cubie Air challenge. You need boarding passes to, uh, to do the challenge.
16m06s So for every boarding pass you have, you can do the challenge. So there will be a couple
16m09s of boarding passes you can get from the quest chain and then you can buy additional boarding
16m13s passes from the shop, but they will cost one red key per additional boarding pass. You
16m17s will answer a series of trivia questions, divide into four rounds.
16m20s Each round gets harder and harder, and the farther you get, the higher score you get.
16m25s And with that score, you go onto the leaderboards and also during your entire run, whatever
16m29s was your best answer. That one will also reward you with crypto. Here's how it works. So I
16m34s let's say I start and everybody starts with four lives, right?
16m37s So I, I start round one and, and in order to complete round one, I have to answer four
16m42s blue tier trivia questions correctly. Every time I get a question wrong. I lose one life.
16m48s Once I lost all my lives. It's game over once I solved four, correct blue tier questions,
16m54s I move on to round two and now I'm going to have to solve three green tier questions in
16m59s order to move on to round three, which will then make me solve two yellow tier questions.
17m05s And then I move on to the final tier where I have to solve one red tier question in order
17m10s to get to the finish line. Let's say I busted out at the first yellow question and, and
17m15s during my whole run, my best answer was a perfect green. That means I will get the crypto
17m20s from, from a perfect green. If I manage to get to the end and I have a perfect red, you
17m25s will get the crypto award from a perfect red.
17m26s A whole bunch of things factor into, uh, how your end score is calculated. Like all the
17m32s lives remaining, how many, um, perfects you have, et cetera, uh, that all calculates into
17m38s the final score. And then your final score goes on to leaderboard so you can always just,
17m42s you know, run the, run the, uh, uh, Cubie Air challenge again, to try to get a higher ranking
17m48s And like I said, before, top 500 gets to, uh, Wombat Cubie number one gets Ace. Does
17m52s he get Ace and the Wombat yes. Yes. Okay. So also coming in September after the Anniversary
17m58s Event, we will do tagging. So you already know this little icon here in the menu bottom,
18m02s right? That is now disabled. That will become the tagging icon.
18m05s And when you tap on that, icon the game will switch between game mode to tag mode. And,
18m09s uh, in tag mode, you'll see all the tags on the map. We need your help to improve the
18m14s accuracy and the, the level of detail in the Cubieverse right. We, of course, right now,
18m19s we, we. You know where big things are like a church and things like that.
18m23s But you know, the, the map data that we use, for example, does not know where, where a
18m27s beautiful graffiti artwork is in the city. So example, tags bus stations, sushi, restaurants,
18m31s banks, pizzerias, fountains. Is this a like walking, cycling parts, but also more obstruct
18m37s things like grassy open fields, small grassy open fields, large, right?
18m40s It could be, we will have tools in the game where you can define. This is a park and this
18m44s park has a big open field and it's at least 300 meters radius. So we can put a grass open
18m50s field, medium tag in here, which we then can use, use later in the game to put like a big
18m55s structure on top of that. And so on.
18m56s Right. So tagging is like the prerequisite for structures. We need to have that in the
19m01s game. So you guys can tag everything for us. And then, and then you can start building
19m05s on top of these tag. Okay. Now what's coming at the last part of the year. Structures.
19m09s Okay. This is a really, really big thing. And this changes the game, the Cubie verse
19m13s is, um, is a big place and we wanted to cater towards different play styles.
19m18s We already have the hunter play style. You know, everybody knows about that, but since
19m21s the auction house, you already start to see that some people really, really enjoy the
19m25s trading aspect of the game. And so there is also like a type of hunter, that came to be,
19m30s let's call it a trader. And we also have a producer, like who, who, uh, people that enjoy
19m36s obtaining Blueprints and then creating Cubies and selling them to other players.
19m40s Uh, we just started working towards the Explorer type with the monument in, uh, on the volcano
19m45s quest in Hawaii. And we will. Uh, work more on that next year, but that is also a separate
19m50s part that we are thinking about. But for the rest of the year, we wanna focus on the building
19m54s part. What we, why we have in mind, there is a certain percentage of our players set
19m57s is going to be really into building.
19m59s And that building process will be very elaborate, but, but so not everybody enjoys it, but that
20m03s is fine because the people who build are building it for everybody. If I build a structure,
20m07s that structure is not just for me, every player will be able to enjoy that structure. So in
20m11s essence, a percentage of our player base are going to building out the Metaverse so everybody
20m16s else can enjoy the wide variety of structure that you, that you will find on their hunts.
20m21s Next year, when you go on a hunt, you'll have a wide variety of things to do with different
20m24s rewards, et cetera. So, as an example, I'm gonna guide you through the process of, uh,
20m29s what it will take to build a bank. So four steps. First step is buy the blueprint. Okay.
20m34s So to buy the blueprint, there will be an Construction blueprint shop, and that will
20m37s sell blueprints with crystal keys.
20m39s We will have Common, Rare and Epic tier Blueprints, but we will only trickle a certain amount
20m44s of blueprints in the shop every month. So, uh, when they sell out, they sell out and
20m48s then you need to wait until the first of the month until they get replenished. Of course,
20m52s we will have way more Common ones in the store versus Epic.
20m55s So some of these blueprint, it will be very rare because we don't want, you know, a bank
20m59s every 10 meters everywhere. However, one thing to keep in mind is once you buy a blueprint,
21m04s the blueprint you have is an inactive blueprint. The second step is now you need to activate
21m09s that blueprint. How do you do that? Oh, sorry.
21m10s I forgot one slide here. So here are the first five blueprints that we will be selling in
21m15s the shop. So we'll have the user vault, which is the new version of the current user vault.
21m20s So we will have a transition system where you can still have your old user vaults, but
21m24s eventually everybody will have to transition to the new user vaults.
21m26s We'll have a fountain which will do something with a buff. We'll have rare structures, the
21m30s trade shack and the Resin Tree. Let me talk a little bit about the trade shack, the trade
21m33s shack is a rare level structure that will take a green key, but in return you will get
21m39s a box with a big chunk of rare or epic resources.
21m43s So during events, epic resources will no longer drop or have a super small chance to drop
21m48s from the regular user. And instead you will need to go hunt these trade shacks for them.
21m52s And then you will have one epic structure to launch, which is the bank. And, uh, what
21m55s a bank will allow you to do. The bank is for people who cannot export or have chosen not
22m00s to export yet and is sitting on like a nice chunk of in game crypto, they can stake that
22m04s crypto in anybody's bank.
22m06s They don't need to build their own bank. Eh, If any, somebody builds a bank in your, your
22m09s neighborhood, just go use their bank. You can stick a bunch of crypto in the bank, and
22m13s that will start earning you yield in keys.
22m15s And, and actually, and someone was asking on the stream about like, why you would build these structures.
22m21s It's similar to the user vaults today. As people use your structures and put keys into it,
22m25s you get a kickback in keys. Yeah. So pretty much every structure that will get used by other players, the owner
22m30s of the structure will get some kind of benefit out of that. Yeah. And before you, uh, start,
22m34s uh, uh, crying, this is, this does not make the game pay to win.
22m39s This is pay to build big difference. Now we, we bought this blueprint, but it's an inactive
22m43s blueprint. In order to make it active. Step two is I need to get it stamped. You take
22m46s your inactive blueprint to a print shop. Oh, first, sorry. Sorry. First I need to explain
22m50s what stamps are. Stamps are going to be dropping in the game very soon.
22m53s Uh, I think early August and stamps will drop from a low chance on green vaults, a high
22m58s chance on yellow vaults. And it'll also, uh, drop as a premium rewards in the Adventure
23m03s Pass. One specific thing about stamps though stamps. And so Canada will only drop Canadian
23m09s stamps. Philippines will only drop Philippines stamps.
23m13s Okay. So what you do then with these stamps, take your inactive Construction Blueprint
23m16s to a print shop, and it'll tell you, okay, for this construction blueprint, you need
23m20s three unique stamps. If you only have USA stamps, you will need to use auction house
23m24s to get stamps from your fellow coin hunters from other countries.
23m28s Once you have the correct amount of stamps, a Cubie. will stamp it for you. Now we have
23m31s an active construction blueprint. Step three. Now I can start the build process in order
23m35s to do the build process. You just take your active blueprint to the tag that that is compatible
23m41s and you wanna build it on, let's say I have a bank blueprint and I know that there is
23m45s a bank tag down the streets.
23m46s I just go there. And if nobody else has built a bank yet there I can start the building
23m51s process right there. And this is how it works. You start by inserting your active blueprint.
23m55s Then the game is gonna do a couple of boundary checks, which just means like it's gonna check.
23m59s If it's a bank, no other bank is allowed in a one mile radius or something like that.
24m04s Or no other structure can be closer than 10 meters. So it's gonna do a couple of boundary
24m07s checks to make sure you are good to go here. Third part is you need to select a Cubie that
24m12s is going to be the project leader for this construction project. And you can only use
24m16s the construction family Cubies and depending what Cubie you put to work there, the it'll
24m20s have an effect on the total build
24m22s time it'll take to finish this structure. If you put in a regular construction, Cubie
24m26s gonna be slow. If you put in architect, it's gonna be fast. So at that point, once you
24m30s have, uh, uh, assigned a Cubie to start the building process on the map, there will be
24m35s an, uh, idle construction team sitting there, it, the dozer sleeping stage.
24m38s And at that stage, we are now collecting resin. So everybody, again, like it is now everybody.
24m43s Add resin to the construction project. And then once the resin is completely filled,
24m47s then the, the construction side become active. All the Cubies go to work and they start building
24m51s the bank. Now that's not finished yet.
24m53s So now the, the bank will be there and you'll see like a sign coming soon bank, project
24m57s owner, uh, Marlov of. You will also have a, a ability to speed up. So other players who
25m02s just come across this build side say, oh man, Marlov is building a bank here. That's cool.
25m06s I wanna help out because I want to use this bank.
25m08s Every player can add one of their construction Cubies to the crew and the more player to
25m12s do that, to shorter the construction. Time becomes. And of course, you know, if you drag
25m16s in a foreman, it's gonna speed up more than if you're dragging a regular construction,
25m20s Cubie. This does not burn the Cubies. Once the construction is finished, all the Cubies go back to their owners.
25m25s But while your, Cubie is working, it is out of your inventory. So you cannot use it at,
25m31s in an other construction side or for your own building projects, et cetera. So eventually.
25m35s The time will reach zero and then the construction is complete and then your bank will now appear
25m41s on the map to everybody.
25m42s However, the bank will be closed. Okay. And that is because we need to do step four and
25m46s step four is operate. The bank is there, but it's closed. It's. So now I need to put somebody
25m51s to work in there. Each structure has to be operated by at least one Cubie and each structure
25m55s will have a list of compatible Cubies.
25m57s However, some Cubies will have an additional bonus effect when you equip them into a certain
26m02s structure, uh, and will, will leave. To you guys to, to find all these different combinations,
26m06s but I'm gonna give you one example. If you build a fountain, you will be able to put
26m10s any rare Cubie to operate it. But if you put a sorry, the water elemental Cubie in there,
26m15s you will get an additional bonus.
26m17s And of course, Cubies that are working in one of your structures. They are no longer
26m20s part of your inventory. And then keep in
26m22s mind that, you know, this is the first layer we're gonna have leveling of Cubies and leveling
26m26s of structures as well. So that'll further differentiate the Cubie. So not every water
26m31s Cubie will be the same because some of them will be higher level than others.
26m35s Yeah. So, uh, like I said, I think I made it clear, like not everybody has to build
26m39s that. You can just sit back, let other people build and then just use their structures.
26m42s That's a very valid uh, uh, viable strategy. Uh, but some people, some people really enjoy
26m48s the building process. And again, the, the reason why we are doing this is because we
26m52s want you guys to build the Cubie verse instead of us, which I think is a lot more fun.
26m56s We could just place everything ourselves, but where's the fun in that right? Raynstorm
27m00s asked a question about, you know, if you can destroy a structure once you've placed it,
27m04s our vision for this is that you'll be able to trade structures. So if you, if you go
27m09s through the process of building a fountain, but you don't wanna own it anymore, then,
27m14s well, we're gonna come up with a way where you can put it on the auction house for other
27m22s people to bid on and, and take control.
27m24s Um, UVS, somebody's asking about UVs uh, UVS will be very, very cheap and, uh, everybody
27m25s will get one UV blueprint for free to get started. So now we're gonna talk a little
27m29s bit about what's on our vision for next year. One little caveat though this is like a little
27m34s far ahead. So these things might definitely change, but at least, uh, we'll give you like
27m37s the big bullet points of what we are hoping to achieve, uh, next year.
27m41s So I see one question that's interesting. There are no leaderboard points for. Instead,
27m45s there will be builder points. So there will be a separate leaderboard for builders and,
27m49s uh, but are completely separated from, uh, the current leaderboards. The current leaderboards
27m54s are hunting leaderboards. So that's different.
27m56s Yeah. I mean, if you think about what we're trying to do here, we wanna, we want to re
28m00s we want the current game mechanism of hunting to be free for. So, you know, there, you just
28m07s go out and you do the same thing that you're doing today. Hopefully the rewards will start
28m11s to get bigger. Um, you know, as things get built out, but that's what the current game
28m16s mechanism, uh, is going to stay.
28m18s And then building is a separate layer, you know, that's separate and it's optional for
28m21s you to participate. You don't have to participate, but you get the advantage of it. It's. Somebody
28m25s in your neighborhood is doing it.
28m27s Okay. So 20 23, we have, uh, one big secret. We can't talk about it yet, but the plan is
28m32s to reveal it in December.
28m34s So I just wanted to give a little tease, add up. We are gonna have something big to announce
28m37s in December. Next year we are, we will have an intro tutorial for new players. We weren't
28m40s too worried about it right now, because we are still in like, you know, tweaking mode.
28m44s Uh, but early next year, uh, we will get that done.
28m46s We'll have more different export options. We're talking to a couple of different partners
28m50s for that. Right now we will have achievements in a wide variety of activities to do in the
28m54s game. We'll have tribe structures and tribe quest. You'll be able to level up your structures.
28m57s You'll be able to level up your Cubies.
28m59s You will be able to level up or mint Cubies and blueprints as NFTs. And then you'll be
29m04s able to import an export those NFTs inside and out of, out of the game. And, uh, one
29m08s more thing for next year. We will have the very first Coin Hunt World Fest in Las Vegas,
29m14s Q1 20 23. More details on that, but I'm, uh, looking forward to meeting a lot of you guys.
29m20s I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. One other thing that's not on the slides is that we
29m24s are refreshing the user survey and we'll be sending that out as well. So, um, expect that
29m29s we'll start doing the user survey, uh, towards the beginning of August, you know, so we can
29m35s collect feedback on the various events.
29m37s Collect feedback on some of these ideas that are coming up and then just like everything
29m40s else. The, the reason that we're sharing these ideas with you early is that we do want feedback.
29m46s So what we've shown may not be the ultimate design once, uh, once it's deployed, because
29m52s we're listening to what the players are saying.
29m54s Yep. Okay. So that is it for Hunter's Lodge number five. Thanks everybody.
30m03s The first question from general chat is, will the choice between crypto or a resource box
30m10s be only during events or all the time? I don't know yet. So we will start by testing it during
30m16s the anniversary event. Cubie Air and after that, we'll see, one more thing, though. If
30m21s we do decide to do it all the time, that will give us, uh, a buffer to put more crypto rewards
30m27s in other parts of the game, which we kind of need, because with all the quests and structures
30m32s coming, you know, that might be handy.
30m35s Okay. And another question from general chat is can people still have 10 user vault structures
30m41s if they purchase the blueprints or a user vault going away completely? Uh, yes. Maybe
30m47s not 10, but you will have more than 10 structures you, so there will be a system where you can
30m52s buy structure slots and the more you buy, uh, eventually it gets pricier and pricier
30m58s and then we will, but you will have, you will be able to own much more than ten structures.
31m02s However, there will be certain rule sets for each structures. For example, you can only
31m07s own one bank. Yeah. And for example, maybe you can only own five user vaults. Uh, and
31m14s but the old system and the new system will coexist for a, a little time.
31m17s So not all the Uservaults are certainly going to be gone. Uh, so they will just fade out
31m21s while the new Uservaults fade in. Okay. And another one is, can you get straight crypto
31m28s for answering trivia still? I dunno what that means. Uh, I also don't know what that means.
31m35s Uh, I think the answer is yes. Yes. You can go to a vault.
31m39s Yeah. You can open a vault and get the crypto. Yeah, for sure. Okay. We have another one
31m45s from W R Wilm who's kindly, uh, videoing everything for us. Uh, can you access the Cubie Air challenge
31m51s from anywhere or is it just from your headquarters? Well, um, if some of the OG hunters here will
31m57s probably remember the floating vault, which worked a little bit the same.
32m01s And one of the issues we had with the floating vault is the floating vault would always be
32m04s circling around your location. So it wouldn't matter where you were. It would always be
32m10s there. The problem was is a lot of people then thought that they had to go and catch
32m13s it. So they were literally chasing it with their car for an hour.
32m18s Uh, So that's a little bit of a problem. And another problem is we wanna make sure that
32m22s people are very stable connections when they do the Cubie Air Challenge, right? Because
32m27s it's, you, you have to pay a red key. And if you get disconnected halfway through, you
32m30s know, you lost your key. So in order to do that, I think what we wanna try, at least
32m35s in the beginning is just keep the Cubie Air Blimps circling around your headquarters.
32m39s No worries. Only you can see it, obviously. Nobody else can see it. Uh, so, um, and then
32m45s at least we'll know that people will be in a good connection in order to do the challenge.
32m49s Okay. Thank you. And another question from WR Wilm is can a player purchase multiple
32m54s of the epic structure, blueprints and monopolize them?
32m58s Yeah, we don't know yet. I know we know that there is going to be a limit on how much,
33m03s how many epic structures you can own. I don't know yet how many you can buy. It's probably
33m08s a good idea to put some limit in there as well, but I don't know, have the exact number.
33m13s Okay, thank you. And this is the last of the people who cannot speak for themselves, uh,
33m19s for the Cubie Air challenge.
33m20s Will we be able to see the leaderboard during the event and that's from Zennie ABC? Yes,
33m25s absolutely. You, you will be able to see the leaderboard before you even start the Cubie
33m29s Air as soon as you tap on the blimp the first thing you'll see is the leaderboard, the current
33m34s rankings. Okay, thank you. And we're gonna invite Korkio to the stage.
33m39s Korkio please accept the invite. Hey everyone. Can you hear me? Yes. Hi, Korkio hey, uh,
33m45s wonderful Hunters Lodge. Uh, just have to say that so much information. I think all
33m50s of our heads are spinning. I don't even know how to come up with questions about all the
33m56s new stuff. So my question is about merch, I know that we've heard for a while, that
34m01s there will be integration within the game.
34m03s Do we need to make sure to keep track of the people that are buying stuff now? Or are we
34m09s expecting that integration stuff will just be like products purchased in the future and
34m17s integration will be for stuff in the future. Okay. So the stuff that people are purchasing
34m23s now is just for their merch and not with game integration.
34m28s That's right. So what's gonna end up happen. We, we have a, um, a team that we're working
34m33s with, the idea is that, uh, we will integrate unique QR codes into items that will be supported
34m42s within the game. And then you'll have to scan those QR codes into the game. So imagine like
34m48s you, you have a water bottle, each water bottle issued a specific QR code that you could stencil
34m54s into the water bottle, or however you're gonna do it.
34m57s And then, uh, and then you would scan that water bottle in the game and you'd get whatever
35m02s item you're gonna get. Like it could be an in game water bottle, which, who knows. Awesome.
35m07s And will the merch sellers have like, kind of leeway of how to handle that because some
35m13s of us are using, well, I, I know, uh, the merch shop and I are both using drop shippers,
35m19s so we don't actually have access to the packaging and, and the stuff going out, like, will we
35m23s be able to electronically send that to people and stuff like that?
35m27s Probably we'll have to kind of see on a case by case basis. So the, the, the team that
35m33s we're working with, who, um, who do these, like it's, it's called ??? They do like basically
35m39s physical NFT. They have a way to like insert themselves into the manufacturing process.
35m46s So they, they have APIs where, when you, when you go to print a, a shirt, you would call an API.
35m54s And then that API will generate a QR code that you could then put on the shirt somehow.
35m59s So they, they already have merchants that they work with where this is integrated. And
36m03s we'll just have to see, we'll have, we may have to work with your merchants that are
36m08s printing, uh, your items to see if they're capable of supporting their, uh, digitals APIs.
36m14s Okay. It's all an experiment. Like we're gonna, we're gonna start very slow. So we'll, we'll
36m19s probably pick like one item from each merchant and try to do, uh, the you know, the in game
36m26s integration. Okay, great. We'll move on to aura. Aura, come up on stage. Hey. Hey. Um,
36m33s so my question is about using a red key for QDR and if that activates, uh, the referral bonuses.
36m40s No, it does not. Okay. So is there any way to get the, uh, red vault referral bonuses
36m47s without red vaults? Um, no. We need to rework that, um, that, um, referral bonus. And we'll
36m55s probably rework it. We might rework it. So it works with the Cubie Air, but, uh, yeah,
37m00s we have to revise that for sure. Thanks. Hi Spooky. Hey, can you hear me?
37m05s Yes. Yeah. I was just wondering with the, uh, added gamification coming to the game.
37m11s Any thoughts on what the chances of the iOS app store approving it? Yeah. So this is actually,
37m16s uh, something that we hope will help us get approval app store. Um, you know, if there
37m21s is a, uh, in app purchases and apple can get their cuts, they might be a lot more interested
37m25s in talking to us than they are now.
37m26s So yeah, fingers crossed. We can't make any promises, but I mean, you know, let's see
37m31s what happens. All right. Cool. Thanks. Can we have Toasties please? And you're promoted
37m36s Toasties. Hey Toasties. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes. Yep. All right. Perfect. So my question
37m44s is about the UVS. You mentioned, uh, that we'll have one free UV at some point when
37m50s the structures take over.
37m52s So does that mean that, if players don't elect to purchase new structures to replace their,
38m00s you know, 10 UVS, the number of UVS out there would decline or would everyone always have
38m06s access to 10, you know, UVS to, to put out? No, we will, there will be a long period,
38m12s probably like let's say three months of, uh, where the old UVS will still work.
38m16s So we'll just keep reminding people to change and you will, you will make sure they wanna
38m20s change too, because in the system. You'll be able to upgrade your UVS and the old system
38m24s won't. Also the new system, UVS will have a, a much higher, uh, key, uh, kickback than
38m29s the old systems. So, you know, you will definitely wanna upgrade your UVS, but we'll give you
38m34s plenty of time to do so.
38m35s So don't panic now. And another thing is, um, the ground around your UVS right now.
38m42s Any tags on that ground, you will have the first right to build anything on that. So
38m47s you, in essence, everybody with UVS right now has claimed that territory for the structures.
38m52s Hey Zach, Hey. Exciting hunters, Lodge guys. My question is around structures and build
39m00s times, and I noticed there weren't specific build times.
39m03s So I was wondering if you could give us any indication for instance, how much, uh, time
39m07s it takes to build a structure by default. I imagine it's different based on the structure
39m11s and the rarity, but then part two of the question is how much is the build time reduced by for,
39m19s um, contributors like the construction foreman?
39m22s Yeah. So we're still, we, we have to tweak those numbers during testing and we are not
39m26s at that stage yet. So I can't really say that. Um, but one thing I can guarantee is gonna
39m31s be a lot longer than what it is now. So the one hour build time is gonna be much, much
39m36s longer. Every structure is gonna take a lot longer than, than one, uh, hour.
39m40s And obviously like the rarer the structure more than likely the longer it's gonna take
39m46s to build. Yeah. So like really rare structures can easily take a month of building time.
39m50s Hello LALA PUBJEE good evening. How are you all? Good, good stuff. No GIF. So you'd be
39m59s happy to hear that, but my question is, uh, you mentioned all the events are happening
40m04s this year, but there was nothing in relation to the UK event.
40m07s So is that not happening or it is, but it'll be just a, it totally is. I forgot. I forgot.
40m12s Yeah. Yeah. So a Guy Fawkes Day there will be the, the yearly, uh, UK, uh, event a hundred
40m17s percent. Yeah. Sorry about that. That's all I that's fine. I need to print those UK cubies.
40m24s Yes, exactly. thank you. No worries. So we're gonna move on to Luc vend.
40m29s Hi, Luc vend. Hi. Okay. Sorry. Forgot, push to talk. Uh, uh, it's a bit of follow up about
40m37s the referral system. Um, it will be appreciated if there's any plans about reviewing how the
40m43s referral stats are, uh, displayed in the game app. Because with all the changes with, uh,
40m50s the HQ system and things like that, uh, we never get to see a referral, a key blue key
40m56s or something like that.
40m57s So is there any plan to change that as well? Yeah, we need to, we wanna do an entire revamp
41m02s of the referral system. It, it works right now, but it definitely a lot of room for improvement.
41m07s Um, so that is definitely on the list, uh, for us to, you know, just redo the whole thing
41m11s from scratch and make it a lot better.
41m13s I don't really have an ETA on that, but it's definitely, uh, coming. Great. Thanks. Okay.
41m20s And we're gonna invite Selmio to the stage. Hey guys. Hi Selmio hey, thank you very much.
41m28s Really enjoyed it. It was pretty mind blowing stuff. Um, my question is, are there any plans
41m34s to even things off a bit so that players who live in like rural areas will have equal access
41m42s to vaults and green vaults and yellow vaults and things.
41m44s Or is it, or is there still gonna remain a, a, a city based sort of advantage? No, now
41m53s that we have the structure system, what I, what I can, what I would like to do, but I
41m57s don't have any details yet, but maybe some, maybe some blueprints can, will only be sold
42m02s to, uh, to players in rural areas. And, and, and that will, you know, give you some sort
42m07s of an advantage, Thank you very much.
42m08s Thanks you guys. So we're gonna move on to Khag hey guys. Great presentation. Hey Khag
42m19s I am shocked at how much new stuff you managed to squeeze in there. I'm looking forward to
42m23s all of it. Um, I wanted to go back to two things mentioned at the last Hunters Lodge,
42m29s um, or between then and now, I suppose, are you guys able to, uh, commit to not adding
42m35s any new countries until exports are working in the current countries?
42m39s Yes. Okay. I thought I had saw that in the Discord. I don't know if it was said in the
42m43s presentation today, but I think that that's awesome for, for the people that are, uh,
42m48s anxiously awaiting their crypto and, uh, uh, Cubie display cases were like a big thing
42m54s in the last Hunters Lodge. I thought that was really cool.
42m56s Um, they've been out for a couple months and at, at the present time, they're just purely
43m00s cosmetic. I haven't heard anything about plans for those, for the future? Will they ever
43m05s be more than just cosmetic? Like you gotta have a certain display case with certain Cubies
43m09s in it to advance a quest chain, for example, I would, I would reckon, yes.
43m15s I don't have any active plans to do that right now, but I, but you know, next year I can
43m19s totally see that happening. And also I wanna kind of extend it, uh, a little more. It would
43m24s be nice to, it would be nice to, instead of, if you tap on a button to go to somebody's
43m29s display case, well, okay. This is like the long term vision, right?
43m32s Imagine you'll browse through the leaderboards and you find, for example, you know, um, Fr33Yayo
43m38s and now you tap on, uh, on a little button on, on his leaderboard position. And it goes
43m43s to another screen where you see is HQ, but just this HQ, not the location, obviously.
43m48s And then you can. You can literally go inside his HQ and you will see art, like NFT artwork on the wall.
43m55s You'll see inside the house, you will see like a big display case with all the cubies.
43m59s You'll see, uh, like, um, awards. He has won, you know, a whole thing to like, show of all
44m04s your accolades in the game that that's like the long term vision of, of that system. And
44m09s the, the current Cubie display case is just like a little baby step in that direction.
44m13s Let's have rydale up. Hello. Hello. Right. Um, yeah, I was just wondering if with the
44m20s sushi restaurants, if they are gonna be, if the UK, is that just London or would it be
44m25s the individual countries within the UK? All of them. So, you know, Edinburgh Glasgow,
44m32s um, the whole shebang, they will all have one. Yeah. Can y'all hear me?
44m38s Yes. Okay. So I saw that, you know, y'all are rolling out, um, HQ level fives, um, with
44m45s the skins. Do y'all have any plans to give level five HQ's additional functionality?
44m50s Yes. Um, but we need our structures for that first. So I, it will have additional functionality,
44m56s like access to the, uh, HQ booster antenna, but we don't have that system in the game yet.
45m01s So yes. And Rudy t00dy you've been invited, please accept the invite at the top of your
45m05s screen. Hey Rudy. Hey, what's up guys? My question is regarding the Cubie Air leaderboard,
45m13s um, will hunting affect that leaderboard or will it just be those specific four uh, categories?
45m20s And if that's the case, um, what happens if everyone like multiple people get all perfect on that?
45m28s It'll not hunting will have zero effect on the Cubie Air challenge, leaderboard. It's
45m31s purely going to be running the, the challenge and the way we created it. It's I doubt it.
45m38s That there's gonna be many people with a maximum score. I, you don't know the details yet,
45m43s so, and I can't really say it because we are in testing right now, but, um, yeah, once
45m48s we get closer to release, those details will be revealed and then you'll understand that
45m52s it's, it's gonna be hard for anybody to have the same score.
45m55s Yeah there's, there's a lot of ways to differentiate people. You know, it, it could even come down
46m01s to even within perfect, how quickly are you answering questions and things? So there there's
46m06s gonna be multiple ways to differentiate scores.
46m11s Oh, hello. Uh, so I have a question around the building, uh, system that's coming out soon.
46m19s Uh, how will inactive players and generally folks who've just quit the game, uh, be handled
46m24s through this new system and as crowding occurs, uh, how will new players be able to contribute
46m31s to building. Uh, I'll answer your second part first. Like that is not a bad effect in our
46m39s opinion. Um, like, and this happens already today.
46m42s If today you start playing in downtown Toronto, you're not gonna find any space for a user
46m47s vault. So that's already the case. And that is not necessarily bad idea because it also
46m51s means a new player. If I start there, I will have a wide variety of stuff to do instantly.
46m56s Um, so the building phase is. Is, uh, not going to be something that is going to be
47m02s everywhere forever, right.
47m04s In an area where there's lots of hunters. There will be a lot of building going on when
47m07s we release it. But five years down the line, it'll all be fully built. Right. And we might
47m12s just, you know, then, and then the upgrade system becomes more into play, obviously.
47m16s So of course it's going to be definitely, um, A, uh, rush to, to, and a sort of real
47m22s estate grab in the beginning of the, um, structure system.
47m26s So that's the first part. Oh, the second part. And then the first thing is, is like, uh,
47m31s what you do with people, stop playing or get banned. For example, what we're thinking is
47m34s that if you don't, there will be some kind of upkeep maintenance with your structure.
47m38s Like it may be, you need to use it yourself, six times a month.
47m41s We, we'll figure out the details. And if you fail that upkeep, uh, your structure will
47m46s go up for auction and it'll be a public auction for everybody that is, that can, uh, be at
47m52s that location. Generally speaking, I think it's, you know, it's, it'll be good if, um,
47m59s least this age, if people, uh, if some player are leaving the game, then others will be
48m05s able to take their real estate.
48m08s Yep. Hi KSG hello. All right. Uh, thank you for all the content that you're gonna join,
48m15s um, into the game. It's gonna be a lot of fun to stream it and create more content.
48m19s Um, that segues into my question. Uh, you spoke about promoter roles for content creators
48m24s in the past. I was wondering if you can elaborate on this.
48m27s Yeah, it's something we want to do. Uh, just, it's just one of the things that went back
48m32s through the backlog and, and we, we kind of need to re dig it back up and to be honest,
48m37s I don't think we'll be able to get to it until next year. Um, This like from now until the
48m43s end of the year, we're gonna be focused on structures, but it, it will, we will come
48m47s up with something a hundred percent.
48m49s So I, I, I just can't tell any timing right now. Okay. And we have a few more questions
48m56s from people who cannot speak. Uh, first question, are you planning on any API for the auction
49m01s house? If so, when? Yes. Before the end of the year we'll have the first first version.
49m09s Thank you. And, uh, we have another question for the structures.
49m14s If we have a UV set somewhere, will that make it so that it holds our place and someone
49m19s else isn't able to place a structure there? Wait, I'm sorry. Sorry. Can you say that again?
49m25s If there's a UV in a position, will that hold that Hunter's place so that no one else can
49m30s put a structure there? Yes. So, so, okay.
49m33s Let's assume I have a UV. In a little in a, in a, in a corner of a mall, for example,
49m41s 50 meter radius around that UV. Um, that is my territory. Everybody can place tags on
49m47s my territory. That's not a problem because tags are anonymous. There is there. No, nobody
49m52s owns tags. Everybody can tag everything. That's not a problem.
49m56s However, um, if somebody wants to build something on a tag that is on my territory, they can't.
50m01s I have first right of, of building. This will not last forever though. So eventually this
50m05s will also fade away and then everybody can build anywhere. So it's in your own interest
50m09s to as soon as the system comes out, starts migrating towards this new system.
50m13s Um, but, um, yes, you will have the first right to build on any tags that they, that
50m20s are on your property and your property means each of your UVS, 50 meter Radis around. This
50m27s question from Despair is will the Cubie blueprint that you get from the monthly pass, be limited
50m33s to that one month or will it come back some other time. Limited to that month and Sun
50m38s devils, you've been invited to the stage.
50m42s Hi Sun devils. Hi guys. Um, just a quick question, uh, for the Cubie air, um, blimp, are we able
50m50s to complete that, um, that trivia questline multiple times. Uh, so say we use, uh, a red
50m58s to buy a, uh, boarding pass and then we're able to complete all, all the trivia questions,
51m03s get the crypto associated with it. Are we able to do it again to get crypto or would
51m09s it just be to improve our leader board points?
51m12s So you can do it again as many times as you want. And every time you do it, you get a
51m17s crypto word of your best answer during the entire run. Okay. Perfect. Thank you. I have
51m22s this question from Sam Laroche. Is there a minimum of tags confirmed by players required
51m29s for a tag location to be confirmed? If I'm the only one who tags something, will it be accepted?
51m36s Yes, there is a minimum of tags, it will not be accepted if you're the only one and we
51m40s have to do this or else it does not scale. So one of the big problems we have right now
51m44s is that a lot of people, they submit Uservaults in really poor locations, and this is creating
51m49s a tremendous amount of work for our live op team.
51m52s Um, we have to manually check all these things. So in order to combat that, this is why we
51m57s have this system where you need at least three, uh, let's call it approvals from three other
52m02s hunters that, that will, you know, State like, okay, this is exactly, this is indeed a bank.
52m08s This is indeed a pizzeria this is a good location.
52m11s Before it goes to the live OPs teams for final approval. We have to do this else it doesn't
52m16s work. Okay. And we have one more question from someone who can't speak with the trading
52m21s structures. Will we see a monthly auction house leader board, and will there be rewards
52m26s or just, uh, reputation and status? Hold on, hold on.
52m30s What , what will there be a, I guess structures, leaderboard. Um, yeah, yeah, yeah. Build,
52m37s yeah. Yeah. There will be a building, a builders leaderboard. Yes, yes. And they will have
52m42s rewards as well. Yep. So there will be you, there, there is no connection between construction
52m48s blueprints and leaderboard points of on the current leaderboards, not at all, but there
52m53s will be a separate leaderboard for the builders.
52m58s And there will also be a separate leaderboard for the, uh, explorers by the way. So, but
53m02s that's, that's next year. Okay. Well, I see Smooshie has a question. Let's let's have
53m08s him last. Okay. Let's get Smoosh up. Hi, Smoosh. Hello? Hello. Can you hear me now? Yes, we
53m15s can. Wonderful. Thank you for the awesome Hunters Lodge. That was fantastic as always.
53m20s I'm super excited about all those beans. I have a one, possibly two part question for
53m24s you. Okay. Uh, for the walking quest, do you have any plans to add a goal beyond the eighth
53m32s goal? It only takes about two to three hours. Uh, seems to be roughly 12 to 13 kilometers.
53m38s Is there any chance of perhaps a once a week or once a month?
53m42s Like 20 K 30 K 40 K walk challenge. That would be so cool. Uh, I really like that idea, so
53m49s I, I think we should do that. Woohoo. . I dunno when though, and probably it would be
53m54s cool if we could get a little marathon runner, Cubie blueprint as a reward for doing that.
53m59s But also we don't want people to, uh, you know, to die playing this game.
54m03s So maybe we need to be careful with it, but yes, it's a cool idea. Yeah, please. Nobody,
54m09s uh, die from playing this game. Thanks everybody. That's it. That's a wrap for Hunters Lodge
54m15s number five and yeah, we'll um, we'll get all these things we talked about out to you
54m20s guys, as soon as possible. We can't wait to see what you guys are gonna do with it.
54m24s And, uh, like I said, the first thing starts happening next week. So keep on hunting bye
54m30s everybody, bye everyone.