Keys are used to open Vaults in Cubieverse and to unlock Quest Chains during Events.

Green Keys for instance are also used to destroy your Headquarters in the event you want to move it.

Types of Keys

Picture Color Drops from: Forged from:
White Key alt= Mystery BoxMystery Boxes, Walking Quests, alt= White VaultWhite Vaults and alt= Blue VaultBlue Vaults -
Blue Key alt= Mystery BoxMystery Boxes, Walking Quests, alt= Blue VaultBlue Vaults and alt= Green VaultGreen Vaults 10 alt= White KeyWhite Keys
Green Key alt= Mystery BoxMystery Boxes, alt= Blue VaultBlue Vaults (very rare) and alt= Green VaultGreen Vaults (rare) 10 alt= Blue KeyBlue Keys
Yellow Key alt= Green VaultGreen Vaults (very rare) and alt= Yellow VaultYellow Vaults (rare) 10 alt= Green KeyGreen Keys
Red Key alt= Yellow VaultYellow Vaults (very rare) and alt= Red VaultRed Vaults (rare) 10 alt= Yellow KeyYellow Keys
Purple Key alt= Red VaultRed Vaults (very rare) and alt= Purple VaultPurple Vaults (rare) 10 alt= Red KeyRed Keys
Crystal Key Can be purchased from phone App Store or collected in-game using alt= CubieCoinCubieCoins via a vending machine -

Regarding the White Key: On August 15, 2021 Kookoopuffs shared on Discord "For lower income countries, we’ll likely have a lower tier of vault. Advertising budgets are scaled to local income levels. But I expect there to be 1 to 2 more tiers below blue that we will deploy in lower income countries."

Regarding the Crystal Key: In the Hunters Lodge 5 on July 15, 2022 Illusionweaver introduced this new key type to be integrated in-game in "early August".

Acquiring Keys


  • Activity Template:Quests (such as Walking/Running Quest/Goals) reward players with keys for completing certain milestone goals.
  • Green Vault Quests: not active, details unknown.


Keybooths were in the game for over a year and a half and allowed players to pick up a free key once per day. They were removed in mid-April 2022.

Prize Boxes

Players can receive bonus keys from Prize Boxes. Prize boxes come most often from solving vaults, but are also given in some other instances.

Forging Keys

Players can use the Forge on their inventory screen to create a higher tier key from 10 lower tier keys. For instance, 10 Blue Keys can be forged into one Green Key.


Players receive 1 Blue Key for every 20th key inserted into one of their Uservaults. These extra keys are sent to the player's Mail Box.

In-App Purchase

Crystal Keys can be purchased from phone App Stores or with collected in-game at Vending Machines via CubieCoins.