Keybooths were an in-game objects that provide one Blue Key every 24 hours. After a player collects the key, the keybooth turns into a Forge until the key respawns. Keybooths were eliminated from Coin Hunt World when Walking Quests were introduced in April 2022.

Key Forging

Previously, you could only forge keys by tapping on a Forge at a keybooth and following the instructions. Forging keys converts keys of one colour into the next higher tier. For example 10 Blue Keys can be forged to make 1 Green Key. 10 Green Keys can be forged to make 1 Yellow Key, etc. Since the removal of Keybooths, players are now able to forge keys in their inventory with the same mechanism.

Interaction Radius

You need to be within 30 metres of a Keybooth or a Forge in order to interact with it.