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Color Question Answer
Color Question Answer
Blue A cake that's been dipped in three different types of milk? Tres leches
Blue After which political leader, known as 'The Liberator', is the country Bolivia named? Simon Bolivar
Blue Argentina's name derives from the Latin word 'argentum', meaning: Silver
Blue Argentine Tango, the dance, originated from which country? Argentina
Blue Brazilian square dancing? Quadrilha
Blue Cha-cha-cha, the dance, originated from which country? Cuba
Blue Cumbia, the dance, originated from which country? Columbia
Blue Guatemala's name comes from the Nahuatl word, 'Cuauhtēmallān', meaning 'place of many...': Trees
Blue In 1529, what disease wiped out two-thirds of the remaining natives in Cuba? Measles
Blue In Brazil, who does the holiday Our Lady of Aparecida Day, celebrate? The Virgin Mary
Blue In the Dominican Republic, whose feast is celebrated on January 21st? Lady of Altagracia
Blue In the New World, what Spanish word was corn called? Maize
Blue Juan and Isabel Peron were Argentina's president/vice president. How were they related? Husband and wife
Blue On what day do the children in Latin America typically receive presents? Three Kings Day
Blue The commemoration of All the Faithful Departed is also known as which holiday? All Souls' Day
Blue The first Spanish colony in the New World was called La Isabela. Which country was it in? Dominican Republic
Blue What 19th-century super-country included Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama? Gran Colombia
Blue What color underwear is said to bring good luck if worn on New Year's Eve? Yellow
Blue What country did Ecuador separate from in 1830? Columbia
Blue What day is usually the day before All Soul's Day? Día de Todos los Santos
Blue What day is usually the day before All Souls' Day? Día de Todos los Santos
Blue What does the name Costa Rica mean? Rich coast
Blue What is Columbus Day called in many Latin American countries? Dia de la Raza
Blue What is the capital of Cuba? Havana
Blue What is the capital of Paraguay? Asunción
Blue What is the capital of the Dominican Republic? Santo Domingo
Blue What is the national dish of Colombia? Bandeja paisa
Blue What is the national dish of Peru? Ceviche
Blue What is the national dish of Venezuela? Pabellón criollo
Blue What is the official language of Dominican Republic? Spanish
Blue What is the official language of Guatemala? Spanish
Blue What is the official language of Honduras? Spanish
Blue What Latin American celebration marks a girl's 15th birthday and transition to adulthood? Quinceañera
Blue What name has been used since colonial times for 'one of European and Indigenous blood'? Mestizo
Blue What toy animal is hung on front doors for good luck in the new year? Lamb
Blue What was the series of CIA-backed coups in South America from 1968-1999 called? Operation Condor
Blue When is All Souls' Day held in Latin America? November 2nd
Blue When is Malvina Day celebrated in Argentina? April 2nd
Blue When is Pan American Day celebrated in South and Central America? April 14th
Blue Where is Saint George's Caye Day celebrated? Belize
Blue Where is Saint John's Day celebrated? Puerto Rico
Blue Where is Tiradentes' Day celebrated? Brazil
Blue Which Brazilian festival features colorful costumes, samba, and parades? Carnival
Blue Which Brazilian stringed instrument closely resembles a ukulele? Cavaquinho
Blue Which Chilean-American actor is famous for his roles in 'The Mandalorian' and 'Narcos'? Pedro Pascal
Blue Which Colombian-American actress is famous for her role in the TV series 'Modern Family'? Sofia Vergara
Blue Which country is Dia de los Muertos mainly observed in? Mexico
Blue Which country is known for its cars, cigars, and salsa dancing? Cuba
Blue Which country is known for its coffee and emeralds? Colombia
Blue Which country is known for Salar De Uyini and being landlocked? Bolivia
Blue Which dance originated along the natural border of Argentina and Uruguay, Río de la Plata? Tango
Blue Which day for remembering the dead is widely celebrated in Latin America? All Souls' Day
Blue Which Dominican founding father's birthday is celebrated on January 26th? Juan Pablo Duarte
Blue Which is the only Latin American country that joined the Korean War as a member of the UN? Brazil
Blue Which Latin American civilization is said to be the first to develop of 365-day calendar? Maya
Blue Which Latin American folklore creature is said to attack and drink the blood of livestock? Chupacabra
Blue Which national hero of Uruguay defeated the Spanish in 1811 at the Battle of las Piedras? Jose Gervasio Artigas
Blue Which Peruvian celebration honors the sun god? Inti Raymi
Blue Which Puerto Rican singer is 'Livin' la Vida Loca'? Ricky Martin
Blue Which saint did Christopher Columbus name Puerto Rico after? Saint John
Blue Which two Indigenous tribes are believed to have inhabited Venezuela first? Caribs and Arawaks
Blue Which two Spanish-speaking islands did Venezuela break relations with in the 1960s? Dominican Republic & Cuba
Blue Which woman, who's called the Mexican Virgin Mary, is honored every Dec.12th? La Virgen de Guadalupe
Blue Who first claimed Argentina in the name of the Spanish crown? Juan Diaz
Blue Who is known as the 'Queen of Salsa'? Celia Cruz
Blue Who were the Tainos from Puerto Rico already at war with when the Spaniards arrived? Caribs