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Color Question Answer
Blue 1980s hairstyles can best be described by which word? Big
Blue A '5 oclock shadow' is referring to which of these? Facial Stubble
Blue A doctor of the mind is called what? Psychologist
Blue A lack of water can lead to what? Dehydration
Blue A shallot is a type of what? Onion
Blue A spray-on fragrance made for men is called what? Cologne
Blue A sunburn is caused by overexposure to what kind of ray? Ultraviolet
Blue Aching muscles are one of the ways to tell a flu from what? A Cold
Blue Alopecia is an illness that causes severe what? Hair Loss
Blue An omelet is most often cooked in what? Frying pan
Blue Blood in your spit after you clean your teeth is often the first sign of what? Gum Disease
Blue Bulging and/or painful veins are called? Varicose Veins
Blue Caviar is what? Fish eggs
Blue Chanel No.5, Allure, Coco and Chance are perfumes made by a company founded by whom? Coco Chanel
Blue ChapStick is a balm applied to help soothe dry and chapped what? Lips
Blue Complete this common issue that men have. 'Male ____ Baldness'. Pattern
Blue Coty Beauty produced a men's fragrance line named for which three-striped shoes? Adidas
Blue Dialysis is needed when which organs are failing? Kidneys
Blue Focaccia bread originates from which of these countries? Italy
Blue How does a traditional game of Draughts end? When one player can't move a piece
Blue How many blank tiles are there in a Scrabble set? 2
Blue How many dice are used in the game of Monopoly? 2
Blue How many pieces of fruit and veg are we told to eat daily? 5
Blue How many players can participate in a game of Draughts? 2
Blue How many units of alcohol are women told not to exceed per week? 14
Blue If you eliminate an opponent in Risk, what do you receive? That opponent's cards
Blue In which season does hair grow the fastest? Summer
Blue Indigestion can present which symptom? Heartburn
Blue Overstretching the skin, often times with pregnancy or weight gain, causes what? Stretch Marks
Blue TB is a shortened term used for which lung disease? Tuberculosis A
Blue The instructions 'lather-rinse-repeat' would most likely be found on which beauty product's label? Shampoo
Blue The pattern of criss-crossing strips of pastry on top of food is called a what? Lattice
Blue What ailment could prevent you from becoming a pilot? Colour Blindness
Blue What are freckles caused by? Pigmentation In The Skin
Blue What colour does your skin appear to be when suffering from jaundice? Yellow
Blue What common kitchen ingredient can work well if toothpaste is not available? Baking Soda
Blue What cosmetic purpose is ethyl acetate used for? Nail Polish Remover
Blue What decreases in the body as it ages causing loss of skin elasticity? Collagen
Blue What does a human adult do about 23,000 times a day? Breathe
Blue What is 'plague' in oral hygiene? Film Formed In Mouth By Secretions
Blue What is a bob a form of? Hairstyle
Blue What is a doctor who treats skin conditions called? Dermatologist
Blue What is a hairstyle with two ponytails one on each side of the head called? Pigtails
Blue What is a skeletal photograph called? X-Ray
Blue What is a small hairpiece to cover partial baldness? Toupee
Blue What is a spa treatment for the feet called? Pedicure
Blue What is another name for a type of makeup sometimes called 'rouge' applied to the cheeks? Blush
Blue What is the body function that dictates how quickly you burn off fat? Metabolism
Blue What is the final step before baking that allows a dough to rise? Proofing
Blue What is the only way to truly get rid of split ends? Cut Them Off
Blue What is unbaked bread often called? Dough
Blue What kind of makeup will not smear or come off when wet? Waterproof
Blue What oil is used most in Mediterranean cooking? Olive Oil
Blue What product is used along with toothbrush and toothpaste to keep teeth healthy? Floss
Blue What products are the mainstay of the 'Coppertone' brand? Sun Tan Lotions
Blue What skin condition commonly associated with teens results in blemishes on the skin? Acne
Blue What vaccine is usually given after an injury when the skin is punctured? Tetanus
Blue What year did Jose Padron create the very popular Padron cigar brand? 1964
Blue Which are benign lumps under the skin? Cysts
Blue Which medical profesional specializes in prevention and treatment of mental disorders? Psychiatrist
Blue Which muscle in the human body is the most flexible? Tongue
Blue Which of these are lumps under the skin? Cysts
Blue Which of these breads is usually long and thin in shape? Baguette
Blue Which of these is a ring shaped bread? Bagel
Blue Which of these is a type of bread? Sourdough
Blue Which of these is an American bagel shaped fried cake? Doughnut
Blue Which of these is not a toothpaste brand? Secret
Green A custard baked in a mold in the oven is often called a what? Flan
Green A small bread or bread roll is often called a what? Bun
Green An embolism is an obstruction in a what? Artery
Green Aqua Velva is a skin soother men apply after doing what? Shaving
Green Avon came out with a new perfume in 2004 that makes everyone happy. What's its name? Smile
Green Bakewell tarts originate from which country? UK
Green Bananagrams is what type of game? Word Based Board Game
Green Brazilian company Natura’s 'Mamae e Bebe' product line was aimed at whom? Women And Children
Green Carcassonne is a best selling game in Australia. Where is the town of Carcassonne? France
Green Chapatti bread originates from which country? India
Green Cindy Crawford and which actor were once named 'People' Magazine's 'Sexiest Couple Alive'? Richard Gere
Green Clue is based on which party game? Murder in the Dark
Green Condensed milk is an ingredient in which of these desserts? Banoffee pie
Green Discoloured toenails are a sign that what kind of infection is present? Nail fungus, Onychomycosis
Green Fenty Beauty is a cosmetics line by which celebrity? Rhianna
Green Frangipane is a filling made from or flavored with what? Almonds
Green From which country does anpan, a sweet bread usually filled with bean paste, come from? Japan
Green Gillette's 'Right Guard' and 'Soft & Dri' are what type of personal care products? Deodorant
Green Go is purported to have originated in which country 4000 years ago? China
Green How are fritters cooked? Fried
Green How does a castle/rook move on a chess board? In a straight line
Green How does an opponent's draught get captured in a game of Draughts? Piece gets jumped over
Green How many 'canine' teeth does an adult have? Four
Green How many checkers does each player begin with in a game of backgammon? 15
Green How many doors does the Ballroom have on a Clue game board? 4
Green How many pairs of ribs are in a typical human body? 12
Green How many player characters are there in the original Clue? 6
Green How many players can participate in a game of Draughts/Checkers? 2
Green How many squares are there on a chess board? 64
Green How many squares are there on a UK Draughts checkerboard? 64
Green How many ways is there to end an untimed game of Chess? 3
Green How much do you get for passing go in Monopoly? 200
Green How much does one railroad station cost in Monopoly? 200
Green How much is the fine to get out of jail in Monopoly? 50
Green How much money does each player start with at the beginning of a game of Monopoly? 1500
Green If a Draughts/Checkers piece reaches one of the squares at the far end of the board, what does it become? A King piece
Green In 2000, Naomi Campbell was involved in a public feud with what fellow Brit? Victoria Beckham
Green In Absolute Balderdash, what is the leader of each round called? Dasher
Green In Backgammon if your first roll is a 6 and 4 how can you move? All of the above
Green In Chess, bishops can move in which direction? Diagonally
Green In medical terms, what does the suffix '-genic' mean? Producing
Green In which country did the baguette originate from? France
Green In which season does hair grow the fastest? Summer
Green Macarons are usually flavoured with what? Almond powder
Green Mastopexy is the technical name for what cosmetic procedure? Breast Lift
Green Painful stones can form in which small organ? Gallbladder
Green Palmolive was the best selling _____ in 2000? Soap
Green Quiche Lorraine contains which of these ingredients? Bacon
Green Rubella is the medical term for which disease? Measles
Green Secret' was once billed as a deodorant 'strong enough for a man', but made for whom? A Woman
Green Sir Alexander Fleming is credited with this discovery? Penicillin
Green Tarte tatin is a dessert that originates from which of these countries? France
Green The Alberto, VOS5, and Tresemme product lines are designed for what part of the body? Hair
Green The depreciation of which protein brings the first sign of ageing? Collagen
Green The most common cause of sinusitis in adults is? Viral
Green To which of these celebrities has Tyra Banks not been linked romantically? Nelly
Green What ailment could prevent you from becoming a pilot? Colour Blindness
Green What Calvin Klein scent, launched in 1994, was aimed at both men and women? CK One
Green What comes with every bottle of 'Miami Glow' fragrance? Charm Bracelet
Green What common medicine cabinet compound is helpful in removing eye make-up? Petroleum Jelly
Green What common vegetable is often used on the eyes to reduce puffiness? Cucumber
Green What did cosmetics manufacturer Nu Skin call their line of skin enhancements? Nu Colour
Green What eye ailment could prevent you from becoming a pilot? Colour Blindness
Green What facial feature were the ancient Egyptians most famous for decorating? Eyes
Green What haircare product is helpful in removing ink stains from fabric? Hairspray
Green What in the human body is thought to attract other humans like an aphrodisiac? Sex Pheromones
Green What is 'blepharoplasty' in plastic surgery? Eyelid Surgery
Green What is another name for an inverted French braid? Dutch Braid
Green What is another name for the beehive hairstyle? B52
Green What is the common name for a constant ringing in the ears? Tinnitus
Green What is the English translation of the French term 'eau de toilette', a lightly-scented substance? Toilet Water
Green What is the only way to truly get rid of split ends? Cut Them Off
Green What is the process of removing dead skin cells from the body called? Exfoliation
Green What is the term for dyeing only partial sections of the hair? Highlighting
Green What kind of makeup is used to add shade or highlights to the area around the eyes? Eye Shadow
Green What kind of makeup will not smear or come off when wet? Waterproof
Green What natural object is the most harmful to makeup's freshness? Sun
Green What type of cosmetic is used to define the shape of the lips? Lip Liner
Green Which of these cakes does not include egg yolks? Angel food cake
Green Which of these fruits does not grow on trees? Kiwi
Green Which of these is a Japanese dessert containing red bean paste? Yokan
Green Which of these is a small confection originally created to use excess oven heat? Petit fours
Green Which of these is a sweet bread originating from France? Brioche
Green Which of these is a thin, hard Christmas biscuit originally from Switzerland? Tirggel
Red What year were the Salem Witch Trials 1692
Red What's the minimum amount of letters for an acceptable word in Boggle? 3
Red When auctioning a painting in Masterpiece the bidding must start no less than which amount? 1000000
Yellow A builder working on the roof crashed through the ceiling during which London Fashion Week show in 2014? Topshop
Yellow A rich, usually multilayered, cake has which if these names? Torte
Yellow A tomato is what type of food? Fruit
Yellow A traditional loaf of bread is cooked in what way? Baked
Yellow A traditional New England clambake involves cooking in what? Fire pit
Yellow Abernethy biscuits contain which flavouring? Caraway seed
Yellow According to falklore which drink was made by the monks of dom perinion Champagne
Yellow Adding rennet and bacterial starter to milk makes an unripened cheese called what? Farmer cheese
Yellow Alexander McQueen is a famous name at London Fashion Week, but what was his real first name? Lee
Yellow An accident at which designer's show in 1994 prompted the move of New York Fashion Week to Bryant Park? Michael Kors
Yellow Approximately how many people are employed in the UK fashion industry? 400,000
Yellow At Alexander McQueen's 2010 London Fasion Week show, what did the models refuse to wear? 12 inch heels
Yellow At what Manhattan park were most New York Fashion Show events held until 2010 Bryant Park
Yellow Basmati rice is popular in Indian cuisine, but what does 'basmati' mean? Fragrant one
Yellow Beanie Weenies ingredients include which of the following? Baked beans, hot dogs
Yellow Both Marc Bolan and David Bowie are synonymous with which fashion look? Glam rock
Yellow Bouillabaisse is a soup made with ...? Fish
Yellow Brioche is a type of what? Bread
Yellow Buttermilk is traditionally used to make which of the following? Ranch dressing
Yellow Butternuts are also known as what? White walnut
Yellow Cafe-da-manha refers to which meal of the day in Brazil? Breakfast
Yellow Calabrese is a variety of which vegetable? Broccoli
Yellow Claudia Schiffer launched her cashmere collection at which Fashion Week in 2011? Paris
Yellow Desigual a designer brand from fashion week is from which country? Spain
Yellow Diane Von Furstenburg, who first had a show at New York Fashion Week in the early 1970s, is famous for which garment? wrap dress
Yellow During the first eight weeks of a pregnancy, what is the name of the cell that develops into a human foetus? Embryo
Yellow Elie Saab, who often has shows during Paris Fashion Week is from which country? Lebanon
Yellow Fashion Week in Portland, Oregon focuses on which sort of clothing? Eco-Friendly
Yellow Gucci hired which designer to launch a ready to wear line at the Fashion Weeks in 1990? Tom Ford
Yellow How many shows are held during a standard Milan Fashion Week? 40
Yellow How old was the youngest fashion blogger to be invited to London Fashion Week in 2012? 12
Yellow If child birth requires intervention and the baby needs vacuum extraction which of these terms would describe it? Ventouse
Yellow In 2011 Victoria Beckham launched a lower-priced fashion range at New York Fashion Week. What is it called? Victoria
Yellow In Chess, how does a pawn capture another piece? Diagonally
Yellow In Chess, the Knight moves in what letter shape? L
Yellow In Chess, which of these can a pawn NOT become when it advances to the opponent's side? King
Yellow In Clue, which room does the Study have a secret passage to? Kitchen
Yellow In Cosmic Encounter, how many colonies must a player establish on planets outside of his/her solar system? 5
Yellow In Draughts, how does a regular piece move during a non-capturing turn? Forward Diagonally to the nearest
Yellow In fashion terms which of these best describes a kind of pocket? Patch
Yellow In scientific terms, whole blood minus the cells is known by what name? Plasma
Yellow Jasper Conran often shows his diffusion line at London Fashion Week. What is it called? J
Yellow Shoes that are made of canvas and rope are known by which of these terms? Espadrilles
Yellow Shoes with red soles are associated with which designer? Christian Louboutin
Yellow Stonewashed is a term that describes a kind of what fashion item? Jeans
Yellow The adrenal gland is located by which organ? Kidney
Yellow The adrenal glands are situated by which internal organ? Kidneys
Yellow What fashion house produced the iconic ‘safety pin’ dress made famous by Liz Hurley? Versace
Yellow What form of clothing are Lyle and Scott famous for? Knitwear
Yellow What is the 'coccyx' known as? the tailbone
Yellow Where is fashion designer Antonio Ortega from? Mexico
Yellow Which designer is famous for produced hats? Philip Treacy
Yellow Which of these buns is often topped with fondant icing and half a glace cherry? Belgian bun
Yellow Which shape of a diamond is named after a fruit? Pear cut
Yellow Who is the sponsor of graduate fashion week? George