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Color Question Answer
Color Question Answer
Blue A fathom is a measure of? Depth
Blue A letter or shape that represents a number is known as the? Variable
Blue A polygon with four unequal sides is known as a? Quadrilateral
Blue A rhombus that has right angles is a? Square
Blue An improper fraction is always greater than what number? 1
Blue Any number raised to the power of 0 equals? 1
Blue Besides degrees, angles can also be measured in? Radians
Blue Distance is defined as the space between ___ points. 2
Blue Half the diameter of a circle is known as the? Radius
Blue How is the number 7 written in Roman numerals? VII
Blue How long is a fortnight? 14 days
Blue How many cups are there in a US quart? 4
Blue How many degrees are in a circle? 360
Blue How many degrees are there in a right angle? 90
Blue How many dots are on a D6 dice? 21
Blue How many fluid ounces are in a cup? 8
Blue How many grams are there in one kilogram? 1000
Blue How many inches are there in a foot? 12
Blue How many items are in a baker's dozen? 13
Blue How many items are in a gross? 144
Blue How many months are there in a century? 1200
Blue How many objects are in a grand? 1000
Blue How many objects are in a score? 20
Blue How many pints are there in a gallon? 8
Blue How many pounds are in a US ton? 2000
Blue How many seconds are there in an hour? 3600
Blue How many sides does a circle have? Zero
Blue How many watts are in a megawatt? One million
Blue How many zeros are there in one billion? 9
Blue If a number is 'cubed' it's multiplied by itself how many times? 2
Blue If a number is cubed, what value is the exponent? 3
Blue If the temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, what is it in Celsius or centigrade? 0
Blue In algebra, the x is known as the? Variable
Blue In the number 1952, what is the place value of the '9'? Hundreds
Blue In the UK, how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? 3
Blue One liter is equivalent to which of the following? 1000 milliliters
Blue The amount of liquid a container can hold is its? Capacity
Blue The branch of maths that deals with shapes is called? Geometry
Blue The likelihood that something will occur is called its ___. Probability
Blue The measurement of an object from one end to another is its? Length
Blue The point where a line crosses the x-axis is known as the? x-intercept
Blue The point where a line crosses the y-axis is known as the? y-intercept
Blue The sum of adjacent angles on a line is equal to? 180 Degrees
Blue The top number of a fraction is known as the? Numerator
Blue What are you solving for if you divide the adjacent by the hypotenuse? Cosine
Blue What does the prefix 'giga' represent? A billion
Blue What geometric shape is most commonly used for stop signs? Octagon
Blue What is 1/5th as a decimal? 0.2
Blue What is a polygon with nine sides called? Nonagon
Blue What is an integer? Whole number
Blue What is one fifth as a percentage? 20%
Blue What is the closest prime number to 100? 101
Blue What is the closest whole number to 1273.4? 1273
Blue What is the correct name of the infinity symbol? Lemniscate
Blue What is the highest number in a Sudoku puzzle? 9
Blue What is the median of the following numbers: 48, 9, 26, 13, 4 13
Blue What is the only even prime number? 2
Blue What is the other name for the perimeter of a circle? Circumference
Blue What is the smallest number formed by the digits 7,3,2,6? 2367
Blue What is the smallest perfect number? 6
Blue What is the value of Pi to four decimal places? 3.1416
Blue What kind of tool is used to measure angles and degrees? Protractor
Blue What kind of triangles has three equal sides and angles? Equilateral
Blue What number does a century represent? 100
Blue What number has the same number of letters as its meaning? Four
Blue What shape has twenty equal sides? Icosahedron
Blue What symbol is represented by a line with one dot above and one below? Division
Blue Which of the following is a composite number? Four
Blue Which of the following is a three-dimensional shape? Pyramid
Blue Which of the following numbers is associated with the term squared? 2
Blue Which of the following numbers is largest? Googol
Blue Which of the following options is longer? 1 mile
Blue Which of these is equivalent to one yard? 3 feet
Blue Which of these is not a whole number? 1.1
Green A straight line touching a circle is called a? Tangent
Green A triangle that has two sides of the same length is known as a/an? Isosceles
Green An angle measuring less than 90 degrees is a/an? Acute angle
Green An angle measuring more than 90 degrees but less than 180 is a/an? Obtuse angle
Green Approximately how many centimeters are in an inch? 2.5
Green Circles that share the same center are called? Concentric
Green How many feet are in a furlong? 660
Green How many miles are there in a league? 3
Green How many straight edges are there in a cube? 12
Green How many years are there in a septennial? 7
Green How many years does a silver anniversary celebrate? 25
Green In statistics, the middle value of an ordered set of values is called what? Median
Green Numbers on the opposite sides of dice all add up to __. 7
Green Numbers on the opposite sides of dice all add up to __? 7
Green The branch of maths that deals with relationships between the sides and angles of triangles is called? Trigonometry
Green The Brannock device is used to measure a person's? Shoe size
Green The longest side of a right-angled triangle is the? Hypotenuse
Green The word 'cordate' refers to what shape? Heart
Green Two pints equal one what? Quart
Green What are you trying to find when you divide the opposite by the adjacent? Tangent
Green What are you trying to solve if you divide the opposite by the hypotenuse? Sine
Green What does the A in 'BODMAS' stand for? Addition
Green What does the D in 'BODMAS' stand for? Division
Green What does the M in 'BODMAS' stand for? Multiplication
Green What does the S in 'BODMAS' stand for? Subtraction
Green What does XL represent in Roman numerals? 40
Green What is six-hundredths as a decimal? 0.06
Green What is the most popular 'lucky number' in the world? 7
Green What shape is planet Earth? Spherical
Green Which civilization invented negative numbers? Chinese
Green Which country's cup has the most volume? United Kingdom
Green Which country's tablespoon has the most volume? Australia
Green Which of the following numbers is largest? Googol
Red A series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers is a? Fibonacci sequence
Red An 'enneadecagon has how many sides? 19
Red How many items are in a myriad? 10,000
Red Which of the following number systems does not have a symbol for zero? Roman
Yellow A parallelogram in which all sides are equal is a? Rhombus
Yellow After the year 2002, what will be the next palindromic year? 2112
Yellow Finish this sequence: million, billion, trillion... Quadrillion
Yellow How many feet are there in a fathom? 6
Yellow How many items are in a brace? 2
Yellow How many liquid gills are in a liquid pint? 4
Yellow How many liters can be found in a hectoliter? 100
Yellow How many square inches are there in a square foot? 144
Yellow How many times does one come across the number 7 between 1 and 100? 20
Yellow How many times does the 7 digit appear between 0-100? 20
Yellow How many trigonometric functions are there? 6
Yellow How much does D represent in Roman numerals? 500
Yellow How much does the Roman numeral C represent? 100
Yellow In what direction are positive angles measured from their base? Counterclockwise
Yellow One quintal is the equivalent of? 100 kilograms
Yellow Supplementary angles add up to which of the following? 180 degrees
Yellow The point where two or more line segments meet in a shape is called a ? Vertex
Yellow Two angles that add up to 90 degrees is called a what? Complementary angle
Yellow What do you call a triangle in which none of the sides are the same length? Scalene
Yellow What does linear algebra study? Vector spaces
Yellow What is a 14-sided polygon called? Tetradecagon
Yellow What is the highest common factor of 16 and 24? 8
Yellow What is the name of the square and circle hybrid? Squircle
Yellow What is the only number that is twice the sum of its individual digits? 18
Yellow What kind of polygon has 14 sides? Tetradecagon