Water Monolith
Monolith Icon

Monoliths (also referred to as a Shrine in-game) spawn randomly during the Elemental Invasion Event in September 2021. Once spawned, the player receives a notification and a ping similar to the Buddy Quest, with the color of the ping matching the Element (air=yellow, earth=green, water=blue, fire=red). Only the player that triggered the spawn of the Monolith can see the ping. But the spawning player can inform others of the location so they can interact with the Monolith as well. Other players can also find spawned Monoliths on the map by chance without the help of the ping.

How they work

  • Monolith last for approximately 60 minutes before they disappear.
  • Players can spawn an unlimited amount of Monoliths a day by opening vaults. But only 1 per player can be active at any given time.
  • Players can increase the chance of seeing Monoliths by hunting in groups, as every player has a chance to spawn a monolith while opening vaults.
  • Fire Monoliths can only spawn from opening a green or higher tiered vault.
  • After the last Invasion stage increase, the yellow and higher tier vaults spawn a guaranteed monolith of any element.

Monolith Types

There are 4 different Monoliths which drop 1 Heart of the corresponding element for free for each player that clicks on it:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire

Resource Drops

Elemental Hearts are used to print Elemental Cubies:

Illusionweaver confirmed that the references to the term Shrine are from early development of the feature and they are not intended to be named Shrines.