Cubieverse was released as a closed beta in The Philippines on April 20th 2022, making it the fifth country where CV released after the USA, Canada, UK and El Salvador. During the closed Beta access was granted to the first 1000 hunters to sign up.

During the closed beta, CV will be hosting a variety of fun contests for the beta testers with over $1000 in cryptocurrencies as rewards! These contests will take place in the #philippines-hunters channel of the CV Discord server.

Later this year, CV will exit beta in The Philippines and organize a big launch event with tons of extra rewards, the exclusive Philippines Cubie, a Purple Vault containing $1000 of Bitcoin or Ethereum, and much much more! We do not have an exact date for this yet, as it depends on how the beta goes, so stay tuned!

Happy Hunting & Welcome to Cubieverse, Philippines!

For more information for the Cubieverse Philippines release check the following links:

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Click "Play Now", install the game, and use a wiki-contributor's in-game name (e.g. "Marlov") as referral to receive 2 bonus Mystery Boxes once you upgrade your Headquarters to level 3.

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Gameplay in The Philippines is pretty different from other countries because the base tier for keys and vaults is White instead of Blue, and will receive Green Keys instead of Yellow Keys when completing Buddy Quests. However, Resource Box still drop the same amount of resources and Uservaults are still blue.

White Keys

White Keys can be found around the map in The Philippines and can be used to open White Vaults. 10 White Keys can be Forgeforged into a Blue Key

White Vaults

White vaults can be found around the map in The Philippines and cost one White Key to open. If you answer the trivia question correctly, you will receive up to $0.01 USD in cryptocurrency and (sometimes) a Resource Box.

Higher tier vaults

Blue Vaults and Green vaults also exist around the map in The Philippines and work as usual.

Headquarters, Auction House

The cost associated to creating a Headquarters and unlocking the Auction House menu's are the same as usual, which means these actions are more expensive for players in The Philippines, relative to players in North America and Europe.

Buddy Quests

Completing a Buddy Quest in a White Tier country such as El Salvador or The Philippines rewards 5 Green Key instead of 1 Yellow Key.

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Local Community Groups

Please let me know if you want to see your Community Group here. Mention it on Discord and ping @marlov or send me a message on Discord (marlov#4181).



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