A Photo Quest is a photo-based game mechanic built into Cubieverse to help prevent cheating. Players can be prompted to complete a Photo Quest when they interact with a Vault.

Camera Permissions

Granting camera permissions is necessary to be able to send photos when prompted to do a Photo Quest.

For more information, you can refer to this reddit post by Template:Anakura: Why does CHW need camera permission?

Photo Quest vs. Twitter Box

The Twitter Box is another photo-based mechanic but, unlike the Photo Quest, which is required to prevent cheating, the Twitter Box is optional.

Completing a Photo Quest

Photo Quests are easy to do. Simply take a picture of the Vault location, but make sure to include your hand in the frame, showing a thumbs up. This helps prove that you are a human playing the game fairly.

A player is asked to complete a Photo Quest in-game.

Photo Quest while in the Car

The Developers mentioned numerous times on Discord that they prefer that people play Cubieverse in an active way like walking, jogging, skating or using a bicycle. But playing while being in a car will not get you banned. Please do not play and drive if it is illegal in your jurisdiction. If you get the Photo Quest as a passenger make sure your hand is in the frame. It doesn't matter if you take the picture a few hundred meters or yards away from the vault. The developers want to make sure you are actually in that area. If you ignore Photo Quests or fail to show your hand in a good quality picture you will be banned after a few unsuccessful requests. Please contact the Mods on Discord if that happens by mistake. They are willing to help out if it was an honest mistake.

Reward for Completing the Photo Quest

Every time you complete a Photo Quest successfully, you will be awarded one Resource Box.


  • Photo Quests were introduced in CHW v0.8.3 on March 12, 2021.
  • Before CHW v0.9.0, only the first photo quest that a user completed would reward a Green Key. Changed from Green Key to Mystery Box reward.
  • Red Vaults and Purple Vaults always require photo quests prior to completion.