Pizzeria Image
Pizzeria Image
Tier Premium
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Structure Type Functional
Requirement Blue User Vault
Max per Player 1
Blueprint Base Cost ¹ 5000 alt= Crystal KeyCrystal Key
Build Resources 12000 alt= White PaintWhite Paint

12000 Green Paint

12000 Purple Paint

350000 Resin

Unique Stamps 3
Days to Build 20
Same Structure Radius 1000m
Any Structure Radius 10m
ReleaseDate 2024-04-01
Tag Compatibility
Category Food & Drink
Tag Restaurant
Type Pizzeria
Association Any
Staffing Requirements
Cubie Rarity Any
Cubie Class Any
Cubie Element Any
Cubie Zodiac Any
Cubie Affinity Pizza

¹ Crystal Key base cost has to be multiplied by the Country Modifier.


  • Pizza Quest for all players
  • Branded Pizzerias can turn CubieCoins into gift cards.
  • Owner gets 5% kickback when structure is used:
  • Can provide gift card exports if at least level five, and is Branded. See Brands below.

Pizza Quest

Pick up a pizza. (Stay there for 5 minutes) Upon completion you get:

  • Medium chance to get the Rare Pizza Chef Cubie Blueprint
  • Very Low chance to get the Epic Master Pizza Chef Cubie Blueprint
  • 100% Chance to get Pizza Resources


If you build a Pizzeria on a restaurant that does not have a partnership at the time of building you will get a 'Generic' Pizzeria.

If you build a Pizzeria on a restaurant that is a partner at the time of building you will get a 'Branded' Pizzeria.

If the Pizzeria you built was generic and that restaurant becomes an export partner in the future, your structure will automatically change to a Branded Pizzeria.

United States brands

  • Domino's

United Kingdom brands

  • Pizza Hut


The Pizzeria was the first structure that could be leveled beyond basic User Vaults.

Level Resin Chromatic Paint
1 - -
2 90,000 1,600
3 99,000 1,760
4 108,000 1,920
5 117,000 2,080
Total 414,000 7,360

Level 5 structure enables gift card exports for branded Pizzeria's like Domino's (US) or Pizza Hut (UK)

Level Resin Chromatic Paint
6 126,000 2,240
7 135,000 2,400
8 144,000 2,560
8 153,000 2,720
10 162,000 2,880
Total 1,134,000 20,160

Leveling beyond 5 provides an increased drop chance for epic Blueprints / Materials