The referral program for the Cubieverse game changed compared to Coin Hunt World.

After installing the Cubieverse app, new players can add an existing player name as referral and receive the same bonuses as in Coin Hunt World.

Click the blue icon on the top left side in the map overview and use "Marlov" as referral.

The details for the Cubieverse game will be updated in the Wiki as soon as possible.

Outdated information: Players can invite new players to Coin Hunt World using a referral link, or by clicking on a "Play Now" button on the Wiki. New players must use the referral link before upgrading their Headquarters (HQ) to Level 3 in order to receive their rewards. The CHW! referral system has been revamped and is now even better!

It is not possible to use a Cubieverse referral after successfully obtaining the Level 3 of your Headquarters. Make sure to pick an existing player's name before building your Level 3 Headquarters to not miss out on additional prizes.

If you are a new player, or if you have not yet achieved HQ level 3, you can use "Marlov" as player name to support this wiki and you will receive 2 Mystery Boxes after you level up your Headquarters.

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Coin Hunt World Referral Link

Click "Play Now" to receive a bonus 2 Mystery Boxes after you sign up and upgrade your Headquarters to level 3.

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Using a Cubieverse referral code (Player name) provides rewards (LBP and Keys) to both the invited player and the inviting player.

Please be aware that for some rewards to trigger, the invited player needs to build Headquarters level 3 first. If the invited player solves a green or higher vault before they built HQ3 they will need to solve another vault after building HQ3 to trigger the rewards for the inviting player (referrer).

New player does this New Player Receives Referrer Receives HQ3 Required
Solves their first alt= Photo QuestPhoto Quest 1 alt= Resource BoxResource Box 1 alt= Resource BoxResource Box

Green Tier Leaderboard Points

Upgrades their alt= HeadquartersHeadquarters to Level 3 Access to the alt= ShopShop

Access to Auction House (Buying only)

2 alt= Mystery BoxMystery Boxes

Yellow Tier Leaderboard Points

Prints their first alt= Red CubieRed Cubie alt= Red CubieRed Cubie

150 Leaderboard Points

3 alt= Mystery BoxMystery Boxes

Red Tier Leaderboard Points

Solves their first alt= Green VaultGreen Vault 1 Green Prize Box

1 Tier 2 Resource Box Green Tier Leaderboard Points

1 alt= Green KeyGreen Key

Green Tier Leaderboard Points

Solves their first alt= Yellow VaultYellow Vault 1 Yellow Prize Box

1 Tier 3 Resource Box Yellow Tier Leaderboard Points

1 alt= Yellow KeyYellow Key

Yellow Tier Leaderboard Points

Solves their first alt= Red VaultRed Vault 1 Red Prize Box

1 Tier 4 Resource Box Red Tier Leaderboard Points

1 alt= Red KeyRed Key

Red Tier Leaderboard Points

Solves their first alt= Purple VaultPurple Vault 1 Purple Prize Box

1 Tier 4 Resource Box Purple Tier Leaderboard Points

1 alt= Purple KeyPurple Key

Purple Tier Leaderboard Points


Finding your referral link

Cubieverse has no referral link anymore. Referred players will need to type in the referrer's in-game name after installing the game.

Referral QR Code

Referral QR codes are not working anymore in Cubieverse.

Support & Help

If you run into issues and need help, please contact us through the Discord or on Twitter through @cv_wiki.

Limit for Referral linking

After upgrading Headquarters to level 3. It is no longer possible for a new player to obtain a reward by using a Cubieverse referral