Supported countries

The game is currently available in the following countries:

If your country is not listed here, check the Not Available in Your Area page.

Future releases

  • Worldwide release is planned for Cubieverse sometime soon for the full launch of the game. See Hunters Lodge 11 for more details.
  • The game will be released worldwide in the future. Cubieverse release dates outside of Canada, USA, London, UK, and El Salvador include the Philippines Beta Launch.
  • Kookoopuffs on Discord on Jan 2, 2022: We’ve changed our launch roadmap a bit. We’re going to be focusing on English speaking/reading Asian countries and Latin America before circling back to Europe.
  • Illusionweaver announced during Hunters Lodge #4 that the next Latin American country could be Columbia.

Supported platforms

  • Android: Android version is officially released on Google Play Store: Play Now
  • iOS: iOS version is officially released on the App Store: Play Now
  • Tablet and PC: This game is designed for mobile platforms and there are no plans to develop a Tablet or PC version.

Supported languages

  • Currently, English and Spanish are supported: the game uses the phone system language, defaulting to English when it is any other language. There is no in-game method to choose your language.
  • No information available for any other language support.

Release History





  • Canada: Beta release on December 30th







  • Philippines: Soft Launched to 1,000 players on April 20th 2022.

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