This is a collection of recently added features, upcoming features, and developer ideas confirmed though Discord or other official game sources.

Recently Implemented

The 5 latest major additions to the game.

Major Confirmed Features

Collection of major confirmed features.

Hunters Lodge Features

Unreleased features announced during Hunters Lodges.

Hunters Lodge 7

  • Announcement of new game titled: Cubieverse.
  • Cubie Stats
    • All Cubies will have the additional following attributes
      • Level
      • Class (Magic, Chill, Predator.)
      • Element (Moon, Water, Grass.)
      • Zodiac Sign (Based on Print Date)
      • Stats
  • 4 Structure Types
    • Decorative
    • Functional
      • Resin Tree
        • Tag: Tree
        • Cost: 50 Crystal Key
        • Stamps: 1
        • No Cubie Required
        • Details:
          • Can shake to collect Resin once a week.
          • Grows over time yielding more Resin.
            • Growth rate is determined by city size.
      • Trade Shack
        • Tag: Any
        • Cost: 100 Crystal Key
        • Stamps: 1
        • 1 of Any Cubie
        • Kickback: 5%
        • Details:
      • Fountain
        • Tag: Fountain
        • Cost: 100 Crystal Key
        • Stamps: 1
        • 1 of Cubie with specific Class and Element
        • Kickback: 5%
        • Details:
          • 1 Blue Key gives 3 Categories and allows the player to choose one to always show up for any Trivia for 1 Hour.
          • 1 Blue Key re-rolls the Categories
      • Vending Machine
        • Tag: ATM or Post Office
        • Cost: 100 Crystal Key
        • Stamps: 1
        • 1 of Cubie with specific Class and Element
        • Kickback: 5%
        • Details:
          • Payment required to Print
          • Shorter Print Times
          • Used to Stamp Premium and above Structures
    • Premium
      • Pizzeria
        • Tag: Pizzeria
        • Cost: 1000 Crystal Key
        • Stamps: 3
        • 1 of Cubie with specific Class and Element
        • Kickback: 5%
        • Details:
          • Adds Pizza Quest (Similar to Sushi Quests)
          • Costs 1 Green Key
          • Chance to drop the following new Items
            • Rare Pizza Cubie
            • Epic Pizza Cubie
            • Pizza-Related Resources
          • Branded Pizzerias such as Pizza Hut and California Pizza.
      • Flower Shop
        • Tag: Flower Shop
        • Cost: 1000 Crystal Key
        • Stamps: 3
        • 1 of Cubie with specific Class and Element
        • Kickback: 5%
        • Details:
          • Buy a Flower Arrangement to send to another player that receives a 24 Hour Cosmetic Boost.
          • Examples of Boosts:
            • A pet that follows you around.
            • Turns any area you travel in-game “beautiful”.
            • Allows other users to see where you are.
      • Coffee Shop
        • Tag: Coffee Shop
        • Cost: 1000 Crystal Key
        • Stamps: 3
        • 1 of Cubie with specific Class and Element
        • Kickback: 5%
        • Details:
          • Allows you to purchase a Drink for 1 Green Key
          • Drinks give specific gameplay boosts.
        • Branded Coffee Shops such as Starbucks
    • Iconic

Hunters Lodge 6

Hunters Lodge 5

  • Template:Chill Wheels Quest (September 2022)
    • Players get to choose between Walking Quest and Chill Wheels Quest
    • Supports the Following Activities
      • Skateboards
      • BMX Biking
      • Wheelchairs
      • Roller Skates
      • and More…
  • Cubie Air Event
    • Ace Cubie
      • Originally intended to release during Cubie Air pt. 2’s Gauntlet. Is now slated to release via a random draw from Hunters with ProHunter status (staying at RW) during Coin Hunt World Fest 2023.
  • Template:Tagging (September 2022)
    • Planned Points of Interest (POIs) Include
      • Bus Stations
      • Sushi Restaurants
      • Banks
      • Pizzerias
      • Fountains
      • Walking/Biking Paths
      • Public Parks
      • and More…
  • Structures (Q4 2022)
    • Purchase Blueprints through the Shop with Crystal Keys
      • Specific limited amount released in the Shop monthly.
      • Purchased Blueprints will have to be activated with Country Stamps prior to building.
      • Activated Blueprints will be able to be constructed on any non-occupied active Tag.
        • If Tag is approved, then the builder must choose one of the Builder Set Cubies to Build.
        • Build speed is determined by which Cubie is selected.
        • After all prior steps are completed, the Structure has begun construction and will be in the build stage until all the required Resin has been provided by players.
        • Construction time can be lowered by other players adding their own Builder Set Cubie to aid in construction. The size of the reduction is determined the same as Build Speed.
          • Does not burn the Cubie however it is removed from your inventory.
          • When construction is done it will be sent back to your inventory.
        • Once construction is complete, the owner must enter a compatible Cubie to operate said Structure.
    • First 5 Structure Blueprints are as follows.
  • Upcoming Features for 2023

Hunters Lodge 4

Hunters Lodge 3

Possible Features

Features that the developers have spoke about but aren’t necessarily confirmed to be upcoming features.



  • There will be a limited amount of Structure slots available much like the current 10 User Vault slots
    • Users can purchase more but the cost goes exponentially up
  • New Global, Monthly, and Local, Leaderboard specific for Builders with Prizes
    • Builder LBPs can be earned by helping build other users Structures
  • Possibly a way to lease out Cubies
  • India launch likely in 2023
    • Will likely be tested around a major University before nationwide launch
  • Some type of Biking Quest
    • Will have users bike through a series of checkpoints based on accepted tags to get rewards
    • Will not release until after Template:Tagging and Structures have released
  • Candy Shop Structure
  • Some type of Airport Structure that will allow trade-routes
  • Obtaining items will be split up overtime so that users can’t get Crypto, Resources, Resin, Keys, & Blueprints, all from 1 Blue Key
  • Possibly the following Structures
  • The Shop will have a new Common Cubie Blueprint that will aid in Structure construction and is permanently in the Shop
  • There are more features to come for the Architect Cubie
  • They are planning to allow users to change the names of Structures including Uservaults but it will cost Keys and be a one time only change.