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Color Question Answer
Color Question Answer
Blue A buffalo is which of these? Herbivore
Blue A cat's tongue has which of these features? It is rough
Blue A flow of electrical charge is known as a what? Current
Blue A mushroom is a what? Fungus
Blue A person who studies biology is known as awhat? Biologist
Blue A place that offers free Wi-Fi access is known as a what? Hotspot
Blue A shark is a what? Fish
Blue A space rock that enters the Earth's atmosphere is known as a what? Meteor
Blue A USB Flash Drive is used to store what? Digital information
Blue All substances are made up of what? Atoms
Blue Astronauts in space can only drink liquids that are what? Packaged
Blue Au is the chemical symbol for what? Gold
Blue Bill Gates founded which company in Albuguerque New Mexico in 19757 Microsoft
Blue Butterflies are a type of what? Insect
Blue Dairy products are generally made from what common liquid? Milk
Blue Dogs' unique relationship with humans mean they are referred to as man's best what? Friend
Blue Elephants large ears help them to what? Keep cool
Blue Felis cattus is the scientific name for which animal? Cat
Blue From which word does the abbreviation of the top-level domain extension '.com' come? Commercial
Blue Gunpei Yokoi invented which hand held gaming device? Gameboy
Blue How are domesticated felines more commonly known? cat
Blue How are hormones transported around the body? Blood Stream
Blue How many centimetres are there in a metre? 100
Blue How many volts of electricity is in a bolt of lightning? Millions
Blue How many Watts are in a Kilowatt? 1000
Blue HP and IBM are brands of which product? Computers
Blue I'm a large cat that's sometimes called a cougar or a puma. Who am I? Mountain lion
Blue I'm poor sighted mammal with a tentacled nose that senses vibrations. Who am I? Mole
Blue In 1986, which Soviet town was the location of a nuclear explosion? Pripyat
Blue Most dinosaurs were what? Herbivores
Blue Movement of solute from high concentration to low is known as what? Diffusion
Blue Movement of water from high concentration to low is known as what? Diffusion
Blue Owls can't see anything within a few inches of their eyes because they are what? Far-sighted
Blue Pelicans have long what? Beaks
Blue Pure water has a pH level of around what? 7
Blue The leaf from which plant is on the Canadian flag? Maple
Blue The solid state of water is known as what? Ice
Blue The study of forests and woods is called what? Forestry
Blue Toucans are famous for being what? Colourful
Blue Trees are what? Plants
Blue Trees that shed their leaves every year are called what? Deciduous
Blue What did carnivorous dinosaurs not eat? Humans
Blue What did herbivorous dinosaurs not eat? Cereal
Blue What do all animals including dinosaurs and humans need for energy and growth Food
Blue What do chromosomes carry? Genes
Blue What is the back of the neck called? Nape
Blue What is the common name of the orca? Killer Whale
Blue What is the correct name for modern man? Homo sapiens
Blue What is the daily recommended calorie intake for an adult male? 2000
Blue What is the name for an animal who only eats meat? Carnivore
Blue What is the name of the long appendage that hangs from an elephants face? A trunk
Blue What is the national dog of Mexico? Xoloitzcuintli
Blue What is used to look at tiny cells? Microscope
Blue What keeps the water in swimming pools clean? Chlorine
Blue What probably caused the dinosaurs to go extinct? A Meteorite
Blue What type of energy is needed for photosynthesis to happen? Light
Blue When a gas changes into a liquid it is called what? Condensation
Blue When solids reach their melting points they become what? Liquids
Blue When was the element bohrium discovered? 1981
Blue Which animal is the odd one out? Elephant
Blue Which animal is the odd one out? Loach
Blue Which animal is the odd one out? Walleye
Blue Which of these animals hibernates? Bears
Blue Which of these does not lay eggs? Deer
Blue Which of these is a well known cave-dweller? Bat
Blue Which of these is not a root? Chestnut
Green A 'buckyball' is an allotrope of which element? Carbon
Green A circuit with more than one path is known as a what circuit? Parallel
Green A gizzard is what part of a bird? Stomach
Green A Kingfisher is a type of what? Bird
Green A molecule that can act as an acid or a base is described as what? Amphoteric
Green A particle whose substructure is unknown is called a what? Elementary particle
Green A predator species is most likely to have what? Eyes at the front
Green A salamander is what type of animal? Cold blooded
Green A stegosaurus had which of these? Eyes
Green A unit of length equal to one billionth of a metre is known as a what? Nanometre
Green About how many stars are in the Milky Way? 100 billion
Green Acceleration is determined by the force acting on it and what else? Mass
Green All the members of a single species that live in a habitat is called the what? Population
Green All these birds participate in colonial nesting execpt? Hummingbirds
Green An antiparticle has the same mass as the particle but a different what? Charge
Green An average male alligator weighs how much? 1,000 pounds
Green Animals as a whole are often referred to as the animal what? Kingdom
Green Apple juice has a pH value closest to what? 4
Green Apples are wrapped in paper to preserve them What is this an example of? Neither
Green Approximately how many different organic chemical compounds are currently known? 2 million
Green Asbestos feldspar and clay are all examples of which type of mineral? Silicate
Green Bakelite is an early form of what material? Plastic
Green Beyond humans which is most intelligent mammal? Dolphin
Green C is the symbol of which chemical element? Carbon
Green Carl Sontheimer introduced the Magimix 1800 what into North America in 1973? Food processor
Green Cell body, axon and dendrite are part of what? Neurons
Green Chemicals secreted by glands are known as what? Hormones
Green CO2 is the chemical formula for which gas? Carbon dioxide
Green Crocodiles have no sweat glands They use which part of their body to release heat? Mouth
Green Crocodiles have no sweat glands. They use which part of their body to release heat? Mouth
Green Crystals are made up of what? Lattices
Green CuSO4 is the chemical formula for the blue/green crystals of which compound? Copper sulphate
Green During growth in the cell cycle which of the following increases inside the cell? Organelles
Green Electric current is calculated by charge divided by what? Time
Green Electric current is typically measured in what units? Amperes
Green Electric power is typically measured in what units? Watts
Green Electrical charge is caused by the movement of what? Electrons
Green Electricity is often produced using what? Fossil fuels
Green Electron configuration was first conceived by which model? Bohr model
Green Flyable model aircraft are controlled by what? Radio controller
Green German physicist William Roentgen discovered what in 1895? X-Rays
Green Google's new microconsole is called what? Nexus Orbit
Green H20 contains how many elements? Two
Green HCI is what sort of compound? Acid
Green Hertz is a unit of what? Frequency
Green Horseshoes are usually made from what? Metal
Green How long can an alligator survive without eating? 2-3 years
Green How many carats are there in chemically pure gold? 24
Green How many electrons does carbon have in its outer shell? 4
Green How many naturally occurring noble gases are in a periodic table? 6
Green How many servicing missions have been launched to repair or upgrade Hubble as of 2015? 5
Green How many stars are in the milky way galaxy? 100 billion
Green How many times hotter than the sun is a lightning bolt? 4
Green How many volts of electricity is in a bolt of lightning? Millions
Green I was a large, armored, herbivorous dinosaur with a tail like a club. Who was I? Ankylosaurus
Green I'm a common marsupial in Australia who is either called a jack or a jill. Who am I? Possum
Green I'm a cute hopper who lives in underground tunnels called warrens. Who am I? Rabbit
Green I'm a member of the big four who is also called the spectacled cobra. WHo am I? Indian cobra
Green I'm a small bird with head plume and I can lay 10 to 20 eggs at a time. Who am I? Quail
Green I'm a solitary nocternal hunter who inspired an X-Men character. Who am I? Wolverine
Green I'm a thick-coated, native Artic mammal with heavy keratin horns. Who am I? Muskox
Green I'm an African blood-sucking fly who causes sleeping sickness. Who am I? Tsetse fly
Green I'm an aquatic mammal who lives in the Amazon and survives on frogs and fish. Who am I? Pinkl dolphin
Green I'm the bird who is the mascot of Baltimore's professional baseball team. Who am I? Oriole
Green I'm the birtd who is the mascot of Baltimore's professional baseball team. Who am I? Oriole
Green I'm the second fastest land mammal in the world. Who am I? Pronghorn
Green If a substance is described as anhydrous, what does this mean? It does not contain water
Green If you press Control and the letter V while using a Windows application what will happen? Paste
Green In 1977 the first complete DNA genome sequenced was that of a what? Bacteriophage
Green In an element the number of protons is equal to the number of what? Electrons
Green In August 2018, a 228 million year old fossil confirmed turtles lived without what in the past? Shells
Green In chemistry, protons, neutrons and electrons basically make up which sort of elements? All of them
Green In chemistry, regarding solutions, what is the opposite of 'dilute'? Concentrate
Green In chemistry, what name is given to a positively charged ion? Cation
Green In degrees Celsius at what temperature does the sea start to freeze? -1.9
Green In physics the turning effect of a force is called the what? Torque
Green In physics, a 'dyne' is a unit of what? Force
Green In physics, what property of an object is calculated by its mass times its velocity? Momentum
Green In physics, which Greek letter is used to denote wavelength? Lambda
Green In the phrase 'MRS GREN', what does the 'M' stand for? Movement
Green In what era did dinosaurs live? Mesozoic era
Green In what year did Mendeleev create the framework for the modern periodic table? 1869
Green In which direction does conventional current flow? Positive to negative
Green In which habitat does a toucan live? Rainforest
Green Insects make up what percentage of the world's animals? 80
Green Male crocodiles are known as what? Bulls
Green Of these elements, which is the most toxic to humans? Lead
Green Owls can't see anything within a few inches of their eyes because they are what? Far-sighted
Green Oystercatcher birds hunt mussels and are classified as stabbers or what? Hammerers
Green Plasticizers are added to PVC to make it more what? Flexible
Green Sea lions have what? Flippers
Green Steel is a what? Alloy
Green The amount of mineral matter per square centimetre of bones is known as what? Bone density
Green The bone at the base of your spine is known as the what? Coccyx
Green The disadvantage of animals relying on simple reflexes is that they can't what? Respond to new stimuli
Green The largest dinosaurs were what? Herbivores
Green The periodic table is arranged in a series of columns, called what? Groups
Green Triceratops may have travelled in what? Herds
Green Typically, a non-metallic element will be which of these things? Highly electronegative
Green U is the symbol of which chemical element? Uranium
Green Used in baking, which of these chemical elements is NOT found in bicarbonate of soda? Nitrogen
Green Water freezes at what temperature in Celsius? 0 degrees
Green What are the names of the genetically identical cells produced in mitosis? Daughter cells
Green What can happen if the number of individuals of a particular species becomes low? Extinction
Green What chemical element is named after person who devised the theory of relativity? Einsteinium
Green What class of animal do humans belong to? Mammals
Green What does oviparous mean? Lays eggs
Green What does survival of the fittest mean? Best adapted survive
Green What happens to iron oxide in a blast furnace? Reduced
Green What holds root, and therefore the plant, to the ground? Gravity
Green What is a group of greyhounds called? Leash
Green What is a group of nightingales called? Watch
Green What is a group of skunks called? Stench
Green What is a male tiger and female lion hybrid called? Tigon
Green What is an amount of biological material known as? Biomass
Green What is aquaculture? Fish farming
Green What is Hg the chemical symbol for? Mercury
Green what is oviparous Egg laying
Green What is the atomic mass of oxygen? 16
Green What is the atomic number for magnesium? 12
Green What is the chemical symbol for uranium? U
Green What is the common British name for zinc carbonate? Calamine
Green What is the main constituent of limestone? Calcium carbonate
Green What is the more common name for sodium hydroxide? Caustic Soda
Green What is the most electronegative element in the periodic table? Fluorine
Green What is the name for a two legged animal? Biped
Green What is the national aminal of Somalia? Leopard
Green What is the national animal of Romania? Lynx
Green What is the natural habitat of a gerbil? Desert
Green What is the opposite of alkaline? Acid
Green What is the pH value of seawater? 8.1
Green What is the pH value of washing soda? 11
Green What is the process of removing dead skin cells from the body called? Exofoliation
Green What is the second element in the periodic table? Helium
Green What is the second most abundant element in the Universe? Helium
Green What material was made lead-free using a method discovered by Eugene Houdry in 1970? Petrol
Green What must an element readily gain or lose in order to be classed as 'reactive'? Electrons
Green What name is given to a substance which reacts with an acid to form a salt plus water? Base
Green What name is given to any substance which cannot be broken down any further by chemical methods? Element
Green What name is given to atoms of the same element that have different atomic weights? Isotopes
Green What name is given to horizontal rows of elements in the Periodic Table? Periods
Green What name is given to vertical columns of elements in the Periodic Table? Groups
Green What sort of organisms can be genetically engineered? Plants and animals
Green What two chromosomes determine the sex of a bird? Z and W
Green What type of fur would a saber-tooth cat most likely have had? Like a cheetah
Green What type of substances do we get from substances called ores? Metals
Green What was a saber-tooth cat's average weight? 750 pounds
Green What was the average length of a saber tooth cat 5 feet 5 inches
Green What word describes how living organizms rely on each other to exist? Interdependence
Green What would be the best equipment for sampling plants in a big area? Quadrat
Green When a gas reaches its condensation point it becomes a what? Liquid
Green When do plants photosynthesize? In the light
Green When someone breathes in radioactive radon gas, we say they have been what? Contaminated
Green When was the element bohrium officially discovered? 1981
Green When was the element hassium discovered? 1984
Green Which animal's scientific name is Corvus brachyrhynchos? Crow
Green Which animal's scientific name is Ursus maritimus? Polar bear
Green Which bird has the highest intelligence? Crow
Green Which class of animal do humans belong to? Mammals
Green Which element was named after goblin ore? Cobalt
Green Which frog was equipped with vomerine and maxillary teeth for biting? Pac-man frog
Green Which insect is red with black spots? Ladybug
Green Which is the largest muscle in an adult human? Gluteus Maximus
Green Which is the world's 2nd largest barrier reef of the coast of South America? Mesoamerican Reef
Green Which meat contains the most protien? Chicken
Green Which of the following is a sign that an insect is probably safe to eat? Dull colour
Green Which of the following is not a type of stem cell? Fat Cells
Green Which of these could a bear be classified as? Omnivore
Green Which of these is a type of dolphin? Bottlenose
Green Which of these is both a flowering woody plant of the olive family and also a color? Lilac
Green Which part of the brain regulates physiological stability in the body? Hypothalamus
Green Which year was penicillin invented? 1928
Green Who invented the first whole artificial heart in 1969? Domingo Liotta
Red An object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an outside force is Newtons First Law of Motion
Red ESA shuttles have found over 1000 volcanoes on which planet since 2006? Venus
Red For every action there is an equal? Newtons third law of motion
Red How much did the International Space Station cost to build? $100 billion
Red In biology, which in not a type of immune cell? chloroplast
Red In biology, which is not a phase of mitosis? Semiphase
Red What are the most abundant gases in the atmosphere? Nitrogen & Oxygen
Red What would be the weight on earth of earth's largest artificial satellite? 480 tons
Red Which chemical process converts glucose to pyruvic acid? Glycolysis
Red Which is not a subatomic particle? Protein
Red Which of these is not a phase of mitosis? Semi-phase
Red Which planet is a gas giant? Jupiter
White What is a group of stingray called? Fever
Yellow A blue tit has what coloured breast? Yellow
Yellow A trumpeter swan has what coloured beak? Black
Yellow At 11ft 11in, which bird has the largest recorded wingspan? Wandering Albatross
Yellow At what depth does the Dragonfish live? 2 km
Yellow Bowie Seamount is what? Undersea volcano
Yellow Capillary action refers to the movement of which substance? Liquids
Yellow Confusingly, what is the predominant colour of the female Black Redstart? Grey
Yellow Except for size, what is one of the distinct differences between pigeons and doves? Tail Shape
Yellow Except for size, what is one of the distinct features between pigeons and doves? Tail Shape
Yellow Fallows and Lutinos are which type of caged bird? Budgerigars
Yellow From which plant do we get linseed oil? Flax
Yellow HMS Coventry was sunk in which conflict? The Falklands
Yellow How do penguins often move fast across ice? Glide On Their Stomachs
Yellow How fast can a Sei Whale swim? 50km
Yellow How high can a dolphin jump out of the water? 25ft
Yellow How long can a sea snake live? 10 years
Yellow How long have jellyfish been in the seas? 500 million years
Yellow How long have mussels been cultivated for approximately? 800 years
Yellow How much heavier is an ostrich than a ruby hummingbird? 800
Yellow How old is the Milky Way? 13.2 billion years
Yellow How old was John Glenn when he flew into space in 1998? 77
Yellow How tall is the highest mountain on Venus? 7 miles
Yellow If a chemical compound's name ends in '-ate' as in 'calcium carbonate' which element does it contain? Oxygen
Yellow If a substance has a pH of 6, what is it? slightly acidic
Yellow If a substance is weakly acidic, what colour will it turn universal indicator? Yellow
Yellow In 1693 Giovanni Zupi observed that which planet actually orbited the sun? Mercury
Yellow In 1968, which space pioneer was killed in a crash of a MiG-15 on a routine flight? Yuri Gagarin
Yellow In chemistry what does a Bu group indicate Butane
Yellow In relation to body size which bird lays the largest egg? Kiwi
Yellow In which century did the dodo bird become extinct? 17th
Yellow In which sort of habitat are you most likely to see a great crested grebe? Lake
Yellow In which west coast US city is the Space Needle located? Seattle
Yellow Is it the male or female cuckoo that makes the 'cuck-oo' call? Male
Yellow Jupiter is what numbered planet from the Sun? 5th
Yellow Jupiter's orbit around the sun? 11.8 years
Yellow Laika the dog was aboard Sputnik 2, what does 'Laika' mean in Russian? Barker
Yellow Lobate scarps are a feature of which planet? Mercury
Yellow Mariner 10 in the 1970s was sent to visit which planet? Mercury
Yellow Mariner 4 was the first ship to flyby which planet? Mars
Yellow Menthol can be obtained from which oil? Mint
Yellow More distant galaxies are moving how? Quickest
Yellow Most asteroids are found between which planets? Mars and Jupiter
Yellow Most wild ducks fly south for the winter, but what are they doing in the north in the first place? Breeding
Yellow Olympus Mons is a large volcanic mountain on which planet? Mars
Yellow One in five of all birds live in which region of the world? Amazon rainforest
Yellow One of the main problems with viruses is that they do what to host cells? Feed on them
Yellow Phototropism has what effect on a plant's chances of survival? Increases
Yellow Plant sap is contained in what part of the cell? Vacuole
Yellow Proteins are packaged up what organelle before they leave the cell? Golgi Body
Yellow Strangely, what do oystercatchers never do? Catch oysters
Yellow The blood of lobserts is which colour? Clear
Yellow The Chelae is what part of a crab? Pincers
Yellow The Codfish Island fernbird, native to New Zealand, has become endangered due to which animal? Possum
Yellow The control centre of a cell is said to be the what? Nucleus
Yellow The heart is made up of which type of muscle? Cardiac
Yellow The highest ocean tides in the world occur off the coast of where? Canada
Yellow The inability to control cell growth and division is known as what disease? Cancer
Yellow The Labrador current is in which ocean? Atlantic
Yellow The love apple is the original name for what? Tomato
Yellow The man made island of Palm Jumeira is off the coast of which country? UAE
Yellow The movement of pollen from the anthers to the stigma of a flower is known as what? Pollination
Yellow The muscle type most associated with lining the organs is what type? Smooth
Yellow The part of a plant stem between nodes is called? Internode
Yellow The patella is the scientific term for which bone in the body? Knee Cap
Yellow The windhawk is another name for which bird of prey? Kestrel
Yellow Titan is the moon of what planet? Saturn
Yellow What bird boasts the biggest eyes of any land animal? Ostrich
Yellow What constellation can you find in the Crab Nebula? Taurus
Yellow What do pigeons usually eat? Grains, Fruits and Berries
Yellow What does an incubating penguin eat? Doesn't Eat
Yellow What former member of the pigeon family gave rise to a common expression referring to something no longer existing? Dodo
Yellow What is a bird's keel? The Breastbone
Yellow What is one ability pigeons are famous for? Homing Instincts
Yellow What is the smallest penguin? Little Blue Penguin
Yellow Which bird has the biggest eyes? Ostrich
Yellow Which planet has the largest gravitational pull? Jupiter