Street lights
Street lights
Street lights Image
Street lights Image
Tier Decor
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Structure Type Decorative
Requirement None
Max per Player 0
Blueprint Base Cost ¹ 10 alt= Crystal KeyCrystal Key
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Unique Stamps 1
Days to Build 0
Same Structure Radius 0m
Any Structure Radius 0m
ReleaseDate 2023-11-24
Tag Compatibility
Category Parks & Nature
Tag Street Lamp
Type Any
Association Any
Staffing Requirements
Cubie Rarity Any
Cubie Class None
Cubie Element None
Cubie Zodiac None
Cubie Affinity None

¹ Crystal Key base cost has to be multiplied by the Country Modifier.

Pre-Release information - Subject to change

Not staffed by a cubie. Street Lights come in a pack of five.


  • Look Pretty