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Green As of Jan 2022, how many members are on SUKU's Telegram? 40k
Green As of January 2022, how many Twitter followers does SUKU have? 60K
Green How does InfiniteWorld link a digital asset to the blockchain? NFC Tags
Green How many Advisors does SUKU have ? 7
Green How many co-founders does SUKU have? 3
Green How many DUKE alumni are on the SUKU team 2
Green How many partners are in the SUKU ecosystem? 9
Green How many team members on Suku team 11
Green How many ways can individuals participate in SUKU DeFi? 3
Green James Bower, co-founder of SUKU, worked in which of these gaming companies? Gamevice
Green On what public distributed ledger are InfiniteWorlds NFT's Minted on ? Hedera Hashgraph
Green SUKU brings DeFi to whom ? Supply Chain Participants
Green SUKU has a partnership with what University DUKE
Green Suku is powered by what technology? Blockchain
Green Suku just completed an interest rate campaign on what exchange KuCoin
Green SUKU Omni help consumers find Truthful, Transparent and ... ? Verified Products
Green SUKU provides transparency to True Tribes product's. What is their main product? Swimwear
Green SUKU worked with what partner to provide transparency solutions during the COVID pandemic Avery Dennison
Green TextMeCrypto can allow users to send crypto via what? Text
Green What company did Lucy Lui found (paraphrased)? Coinbase
Green What company do the majority of the SUKU team come from? Deloitte
Green What does InfiniteWorld combine ? Virtual and Physical World
Green What does suku omni help companies connect with Conscious customers
Green What does suku stand for Supply chain to customers
Green What fashion item does infiniteWorld Marketplace verify authenticity of? Sneakers
Green What food product did SUKU provide transparency for at Cencosud? Beef
Green What is SUKU custodian partner? Coinbase
Green What is SUKU's slogan? Truth verified
Green What is the advantage of infinite world NFTs? Carbon neutral
Green What is the bright colour in the Suku logo? Green
Green What is the colour of the infinite world logo? Black & white
Green What is the SUKU Website ?
Green What is tracked by SUKU Sustain Carbon emissions
Green What NBA star did SUKU partner with to launch a crypto sneaker NFT? Spencer Dinwiddie
Green What pajama company did SUKU partner with to bring transparency to their products? Pour Les femme
Green What publication rated SUKU as one of the top 100 blockchain companies? Forbes
Green What wine company did SUKU partner with? JCB
Green What word-renowned artist did InfiniteWorld drop a special photography NFT collection with? May Pang
Green when did InfiniteWorld (@infinitebysuku) join twitter 44176
Green When did SUKU join twitter 2018
Green Where is SUKU trying to bring transparency and authenticity Physical and digital world
Green Where was SUKU founded? Florida
Green Which is one of the first InfiniteWorld partners The Aria Group
Green Who is part of the consortium Aria exchange
Green Who is SUKU tag partner Smarttag
Green Who is the CEO Yonathan Lapchik
Green Who on the SUKU team is a US Air Force veteran? Shannon Coble