Summer Cubie
Summer Cubie Image
Summer Cubie Image
Flavor Text Sunscreen, sandals, shorts and Coin Hunt World!
Class Athlete
Element Sun
Print Time 10 min
Blueprints 3389
Released 2022-06-21 Shop

The Summer Cubie Blueprint was released in the Shop on June 21st, 2022.

  • Only one Blueprint Shop purchase per Player. Additional Blueprints can be purchased from other players in the Auction House.
  • The Cubie Blueprint can be used more than once to create Summer Cubies.
  • Future Shop drops will require CubieCoins to purchase. The amount is not yet known.
  • Only 10,000 Summer Cubie Blueprints are available in the game. Expected to return each summer until sold out.

Blueprint Availability

The Blueprint was first available in the Shop on June 21st, 2022 for 5 days. It is expected to return every summer until it is sold out.

Summer Cubie Blueprints returned to the shop for a special 'shop drop week' on August 5, 2023 and was for sale for 24 hours.

Summer Cubie Blueprint & Animation

Summer Cubie Blueprint
Summer Cubie Animation

First printed Summer Cubie

Player:MistaSage printed the first Summer Cubie on 2022-06-21. This print happened 10 minutes after the Blueprint was released in the Shop.

Auction House Price History


Resource Market Price
1000 alt= Yellow PaintYellow Paint CubieCoin 1740
500 alt= Red PaintRed Paint CubieCoin 574
5000 alt= ResinResin CubieCoin 1652
Cost to Print CubieCoin 3966