Trade Shack
Trade Shack
Trade Shack Image
Trade Shack Image
Tier Basic
Abbreviation TS
Structure Type Functional
Requirement White User Vault
Max per Player 3
Blueprint Base Cost ¹ 500 alt= Crystal KeyCrystal Key
Build Resources 6000 alt= Blue PaintBlue Paint

6000 Yellow Paint

6000 Red Paint

50000 Resin

Unique Stamps 2
Days to Build 7
Same Structure Radius 200m
Any Structure Radius 5m
ReleaseDate 2023-11-07
Tag Compatibility
Category Any
Tag Any
Type Any
Association Any
Staffing Requirements
Cubie Rarity Any
Cubie Class Any
Cubie Element Any
Cubie Zodiac Any
Cubie Affinity Any

¹ Crystal Key base cost has to be multiplied by the Country Modifier.


  • Pay a Blue Key and answer a blue tier trivia question for a 250 primary paint drop.
  • There is a small chance (currently 2%-7% dependent on staffed cubie level) chance of an additional drop (Bonus Box) containing half of one of the resources required to print the blueprint of the staffed Cubie.
  • Common resources are more likely to appear then rare, and epic resources have an extremely low chance to appear.
  • Unique epic resources drop as a single unit, even for Legendary Cubies.
  • Cooldown of three UTC 0:00 between uses.
  • Structure owner receives 5% of blue keys used in that Trade Shack.

Odds of a bonus Box


2% is with a level one cubie staffing. 7% is with a level ten cubie staffing. Levels in between are linearly adjusted.


There are a limited number of blueprints for a Trade Shack dropped per country, currently this is 1000. When the United States sold out another 1000 were made available thereby reducing the rareness. For a player to buy a Trade Shack Structure Blueprint that player must have at his disposal, a White User Vault that is at level 10 and that Uservault can be built on any Tag. This structure Blue Print requires two stamps, and must be stamped at an Advanced Printshop.